Tributes Photography

Credit: Allen Pearson Photos, All Rights Reserved

One of the hardest challenges in life is losing your dog or cat to a terminal illness.  A year or so prior to losing my dog to cancer, I began thinking I might lose him to "old age" and began photographing as much as I could. Am thankful I did, as I've got some great photos of him.

A co-worker was losing her dog to an illness so she hired a photographer to photograph the dog in Washington D.C.  Unhappy with the his attitude and the work he did, she mentioned trying to find me to photograph as she knew I would be able to bring out the beauty in her dog.  

"Tributes Photography" was created in 2009 to offer dog and cat parents a photography service for their pet diagnosed with a terminal illness. A special session as due to the short time often involved, I  try to clear my schedule to work with you.

Session includes:
  • Photo Session.
  • Blog Post written by you with our assistance.
  • Induction to the "Tribute Gallery."
  • Assistance with ordering specially designed products.
  • Special pricing is available. 
For pricing and detailed information, please contact me at


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