Guest Writers Guidelines

"From The Dog's Paw"

Guest Writer Guidelines
(Page being updated)

Thank you for contacting us to share your writing.  "From the Dog's Paw" is an educational blog for new pet parents to learn how to care for their dog or cat.  We share events in the community which could be of interest to pet parents as well as fundraisers which benefit a local rescue.  On Friday's, we share a column, "Friday's Friend" featuring dogs and cats from local rescues looking for "Forever Homes."

“From the Dog’s Paw” accepts guest posts from bloggers who maintain their own active pet blogs and/or work in the dog or cat pet industry.  The name and URL must be included in your request to write for us.

Please do not contact us if you and your client do not have experience in these areas:
  • Veterinarian, Veterinarian Technician, Veterinarian Assistant
  • Pet Sitter, Pet Day Care/Pet Care 
  • Pet Professional 
  • Trainer, Assistant Trainer
  • Pet-Related Business
  • Pet Blogger promoting their blog (preferably dog, cat and horse bloggers)
First, we do not accept guest or sponsored posts from puppy mills or selling dogs or cats on the internet.  Local Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland Rescues and Shelters should read "Friday's Friend" page. 

To be considered for a Guest Blog Post, you must do the following:

  • Include your name, job/position title and business website in initial contact email.
  • Read through these Guest Writers tab at 
  • Should you agree with these requirements, please submit ideas for ideas for consideration.
  • If the first item is NOT included in your first initial email to us, the email will be deleted. 

If your line of work is not listed, but you are working in the dog- or cat-related field, please feel free to contact us with questions.   ALL posts must be dog or cat related. Author MUST be in field or similiar field to be considered. The author's link must be cat or dog related.  NO EXCEPTIONS. Please note: we do not reply to email without complete information nor to those not in the dog-or cat- field of work.

Thank you for selecting our blog to share your writing. Before submitting a request to write for us, please take the time to read several posts to become familiar with our focus, style and tone. While you are not expected to follow the humorous tone or style, as we use in “From the Dogs Paw,” a less formal writing would be best.

Please keep your posts family-friendly, no profanity, no violence or strong discussions inappropriate for young children. Please do not submit pornographic material or anything which portrays or describes animal cruelty or violence.

“From the Dog’s Paw” is about tips for new dog and/or cats pet parents. You’re welcome to share pretty much anything you think would benefit the new pet parent. We feature two weekly features which focus on dog and cat rescue, “The Paw Calendar” every Thursday and “Friday’s Friends” every Friday.

Shelters and Rescue Associations are invited to submit items for “The Paw Calendar” or “Friday’s Friends.”  Please read the Friday’s Friends page about submitting information.

When requesting to write for us, please keep the following in mind:
  • Post must not links in the body – You may use a link for the author in the foot of the post. A Sponsored Post may be available to advertise products. 
  • Quality – Only quality, well written, good grammar posts are accepted. I will not accept posts that do not meet this qualification. 
  • Editing – I will read your submission before it is posted. Too many spelling or grammar errors, the submission will not be posted. I do not edit. 
  • Exclusive - Every guest post must be original and not published elsewhere. Posts should be written for my blog and audience. 
  • Photos or Images – Images or photos are permitted provided appropriately credited. The post may be illustrated by my photography work or graphics.   Please note:  I reserve the right to use my photography or graphics with your post.
  • Word Count - The word limit is best limited to 1000 words or less. 
  • Time - I can take 30 days to read a guest post you submit. It is usually quicker, however, things to come up. Please do NOT send me email reminders as it will not help me get to your submission any faster. I will respond to your request if you meet guidelines. 
  • Publishing - My editorial calendar is often filled for the next 15-30 days. If I agree to publish your writing, it will be as time is available and subject to change up to the day before publication."
  • Blog/Website - Please include the name of your blog, website, or business, and your position when contacting us.
  • Advertisements - No guest posts which read like a commercial advertisement for your business or work. We offer sponsored posts. 
  • Author Bio/Profile - For consistency, all guest posts must include a short bio or profile of the writer.  No exceptions.  
Please include a short detail about your business or blog in the email you send to requesting write for our blogs.

No posts are guaranteed to be published. Thank you for your submission.

Thank you for your interest in guest writing on "From the Dogs Paw." We look forward to reading your post(s)! Have a great day!


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