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Product Review Policy 

ATTENTION VENDORS: We have temporarily stopped reviewing products. 
We may resume at a later date. 

A letter to my readers-

Hello Human, Dog, and Cat Friends!

Barkingly, I would like to share my policy concerning product reviews. After reading several emails and instant messages about "other bloggers" product reviews of inadequate or inferior products and learning how some bloggers review products and their policies, I decided to share my policy with you.

My humans love me incredibly and rely on my pawsome companionship every day of their lives.  They would be lost and bored without me. Knowing this, my humans will not review just any product which comes along or is sent to our studio with a request to review.  We reserve the right to refuse to do the review even after a product has been sent to us.

Paws, we are not paid nor do we accept payment to review any products so you can know what we share with you is honestly what we think. Please note, occasionally we will share a product by a "Sponsored Post" for which we believe you might be interested.  A "Sponsored Post" means we are paid to feature their post or we write it. You can learn if a product is a sponsored post by a statement at the top of the page.

Barkingly, my human attempts to learn whether a product is one we can review by visiting the manufacturers or vendors website. If he learns that it is a product we will review, the vendor is notified with the option of denying a review should the product turn out to be inferior.

Our criteria for reviewing:
  •  Safety for all targeted dogs and their humans is our #1 priority!
  • User-friendly - easy to use and not complicated for targeted humans.
  • Family-friendly - we are family-friendly in all we do so packaging, language, graphics must represent a family-friendly tone.
  • Usefulness - Is the product useful for humans or dogs?
  • Quality - Is the product of excellent quality?
Why all this?  We seek, to be honest, have integrity, and must be happy with ourselves at the end of the day by sharing what we do.

Barks, Paws and Dog Licks!

For vendors, manufacturers requesting a Product Review:
Do you have a product you would like a dog to review? My human and I will consider reviewing products costing over $75 to purchase.

Our practice in reviewing products:
  • Effective May 1, 2018: We schedule (1) review a month. When you contact us, we will let you know what month we can have the product reviewed and posted on our website. We DO NOT review products, except for travel-related items, May through August.
  • Please keep in mind, when you ask us to review a product, we will be evaluating your product and pawing an honest to doggy review with the safety of humans and dogs or cats everywhere in mind. 
  • If I don’t think we can bark together for a product review, I will let you know and save you the expense. Please note, should you send the product anyway, it does not guarantee a review. Nor will we return the product to you at our expense. 
  • Further, I don’t bark or paw recommendations. In other words, it is what it is so I don’t bark to go out and buy the product or not- my readers are able to decide for themselves whether the products suits their needs or no. 
  • My human will photograph, or video (additional cost), the product or me using it as appropriate and if I am being cooperative that day. BARK!! Photography or video may be used in your advertising per licensing agreement. 
  • I require a minimum of 90 days from receipt of the product to review it and post my blog piece. While it probably will not take 90 days, I paw to let you know the pawsibility. Products are not returned. Here’s where my human does some work, he posts the reviews to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Other social networks as they become available. 
  • We share images of the product(s) on Instagram and Pinterest. 
  • I won't review every product that comes my way, so I reserve the right to decline even after receipt of the product. Please inquire with me, Noah.
Paws to you for reading through our requirements for Product Reviews. We look forward to working with you. 

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