Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

It's FRIDAY!  And, the WEEKEND is coming!  And, I'm having a dog PAWTY with my friends "Lab Lady" and several Labarador Retrievers that need adopting.  Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc. are the friends who are caring for these great dogs until they find a "Forever Home."

Two are better than one- as you will see, and maybe adopt, in this post featuring "Pairs" from Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

At first, I thought I was seeing double- you may too - once you meet these Grizzly and Meeko!

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
Grizzly and Meeko are one year old Chocolate Labrador Retriever brothers. Barkingly, they do not have to stay together but they would benefit from a "Forever Home" with another dog.

These guys are healthy though they could stand to gain some weight! WOOF!!!!

They are still growing boys. House trained. Excellent riding in a car.

Its hard to tell these two guys apart since they share the same gorgeous golden eyes and soft brown fur! These photos really do not do them justice!

Grizzly and Meeko are friendly, affectionate, love squeak toys and being petted. The guys are current on vaccines and heartworm negative.

Meet my pair of friends, Marley and Doogie!
"Marley and Doogie"
(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. 
Marley and Doogie/Mo are a bonded pair of 17 month old male Labradors! 

Marley is a 59 lbs. Chocolate Labrador Retriever and Doogie/Mo is a 58 lbs. Black Labrador Retriever.  They are a sweet bonded pair! 

These cool guys are from the country, 

Marley and Doogie/Mo come from the country and are not used to the sights and sounds of cities, so placements are limited to single family stand alone suburban or rural homes.

Marley and Doogie/Mo are crate trained eat in their crates,hang out in their crates during the day while their Foster Dad works and sleep -in their crates!  WOOF!!!!  

The pair have had limited experiences so far so everything is new to them.  While they get along well with other dogs and are quick learners they prefer to have slow introductions in open places with new dogs as they can get nervous!

The boys rode well in the car and did not need to be crated. WOOF!!!

Marley and Doogie/Mo are good with other dogs, approved for children ages 10 and older.  

The pair are up to date on vaccinations and are heartworm negative.

The next pair you need to meet are Sampson and Talon-

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc
With these two, I'm again thinking I am seeing double, check out this video and you'll see what I mean!  WOOF!!

Sampson and Talon are a bonded pair of male Yellow Labrador Retrievers who Lab Rescue believes are father and son! They must be adopted together!  WOOF!

Sampson is around 7 years old and 90 labs. and Talon is 6 years old and 97 lbs.. These guys know the commands, "sit," "down," and "come" but will come with a training addendum to learn more!  WOOF! 

The bonded pair are crate and house trained!

The boys are good with other dogs and have a moderate to calm energy level. They enjoy meeting new people too.  Sampson let a Lab Rescue volunteer check his ears and teeth, handle his paws and pull his tail, then be rolled over for a belly rub.  Talon likes to chat- he likes to express his happiness and joy by barking!  He'll bark a friendly, excited bark when meeting new dogs and people. 

Sampson and Talon are looking for a "Forever Home" at a suburban or rural home with a yard to run and play.  They pull some on lead, because we do not think they have been on one much. 

They are approved for kids 10 and up, heartworm negative.

If you would like to meet Grizzly and Meeko, Marley and Doogie/Mo, or Sampson and Talon and learn about dog adoption, please visit Lab Rescue.

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

WOOF!!  Happy Friday!  Happy WEEKEND!! BARK!!  Cats.  Cats make great pets for people or can't or don't want the commit a dog requires or don't like dogs- which is just plain crazy as how could anyone not just love me- anyway, Mom loves cats and my crazy aunt loves cats so I like share about cats needing "Forever Homes" so I can help cats too!  That all said in one breath and a bit of typing, great to catch up with my friend "Cat Lady" this week from PetConnect Rescue!

"Cat Lady" brought a cat for you to meet this week, with an interesting name for a cat, "Timber!"

(C) PetConnect Rescue
Our friend from PetConnect Rescue, Timber, was born in August 2015!  He got his name when he was wrestling with other kitties in his foster home!  He thinks he's as ferocious as a timberwolf!

In reality though, he's a cool cat- precious, super friendly, affectionate and entertaining- what more could you want in a cat?!  MEOW!!

Timber will make the perfect addition to your home.

If you would like more information about Timber, please email Melissa at!

Interested in meeting Timber?  Please complete the PetConnect Rescue Adoption Application.

Adoption procedures, fees, and applications may be viewed by clicking here.

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

BARK! It's Friday- just in case you woke up not sure what day it is- arf- wanted to be sure you knew-  of course, how can you forget Friday!!

My friend "Miss J" has been busy chasing this senior beagle around- he is looking for a "Forever Home" and wanted to come see me about it so I could introduce him to you!

Please meet Mavi, a beautiful, lovely, 8 year old, 26 lbs. Beagle.  She is a sweetheart doll with a most loving personality.

(C) Operation Paws for Homes

Mavi is a lovely lady and 8 years young. She is a 26 pound Beagle. She is a doll with the sweetest, most loving personality.

A happy and calm girl, for the most part, but every once in awhile her puppy-self comes out and she just wants to run and play!  Enjoy life! Barkingly pawsome!

Mavi doesn't let her age slow her down- she is pawingly ready to go for walks, keep you company around the house and be your bestest friend!

Mavi is a sweetheart and wags her tail almost all of the time! All Mavi wants is to have a soft place to sleep, something to eat, and someone to love her. Mavi gets along well with every dog she meets and she loves everyone.

Interested in meeting Mavi? Please complete the Operation Paws for Homes Adoption application.

If you would like to learn more about dog adoption, please visit, Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Guide.

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

WOOF! WOOF!! Happy FRIDAY!! Pawing for you to have a great day and a safe fun weekend!

WOW! A friend from the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League brought by  this Great Dane who is one big, quite handsome guy too- you know how grand black dogs are, only the best you know.  BARK!!  WOOF!!

Meet Avalanche!

(C) Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League
A wonderful, playful 4-year old Great Dane who would make a pawcellent addition to any family!  Avalanche is very gentle, loves warm hugs and is one big lovable puppy.

He has come a long way with trusting people and barkingly adores children!
(C) Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

Avalanche is working on some “teenage” skin issues but with a good diet and some vitamins he will be one handsome dude!  BARK!!!

The foster and the Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League believe he will be fine with cats as he has shown no agression at all.  He loves other dogs and is a bit of a rough player too.

Avalanche has good manners and is just a natural sweetheart as he wants to please his humans.  He will be easy for his new humans to train. Obedience class will be a requirement of his adoption to ensure his manners improve and he can reach his full potential.

Avalanche would make an excellent addition to your holiday season!

Interested in meet Avalanche and learning about dog adoption?  Please visit the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Let Your Pet Travel in Safety and Comfort

There was a time when pet transportation was considered a daunting task for which you had to plan in advance, but with the latest surge in pet care service providers, things have rather changed. Nowadays, the pet lovers do not need to leave their furry friends behind and can happily plan the shift. The pet transportation providers make sure that your pet travels in the most comfortable way and even ensures their safety. Therefore, here is how you can leverage these services and plan a hassle-free journey for the pet.

(C) Pets to Vets, Used by Permission
  • Having a pet and travelling with them is two different things and the second one is comparatively chaotic. It is better to leave this daunting job for the pet care service providers only. To make sure that your pet remains stress-free throughout the relocation processes opt for a pet friendly transportation provider in Canada. So, look for a trusted one around you or you can also ask your friends for reference. 
  • Once you get a reliable pet care service provider, schedule the journey in advance to avoid the last minute chaos. Well, the transportation hassle is over, as the pet transportation providers will make sure that your pets reach the destined location in safety and comfort. Now, all you have to do is prepare the lovely little friend for the big shift. 
  • Experts recommend to not to change the usual routine until the last moment of the journey. Feed them, take them on a walk, and pamper in the same way you usually do. Animals can sense the happenings in advance; hence, you have to make sure that things are not revealed until the last moment.
  • Take an appointment to the veterinary, collect all the health documents of the pet, and if the travel location is far, then do get a complete check-up done. This will make sure that your darling travels with the best of health.
  • On the day of the journey, drop the pets at a friend’s house so that they do not panic with the chaos of shifting. Ensure that you have packed all the essentials of the pet such as his medicine, favorite toys, warm blankets, and food that he eats willingly. 
Once done with the above arrangements, now you can hand over the pets to the transport providers. Stay relaxed and focus on your shift as the journey is going to be smooth and hassle-free.

 About the Author:
Marc Feber is a pet lover person. He has always an interest in pet care, pet travel etc. Marc is also love to write about pets. He will always write articles, blog about pet services, pet travel, pet grooming etc. Also he has interest in writing blog as well related to pets.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October Is...National Audiology Awareness Month

WOOF!! My human is somewhat of a crazy guy, different than most other guys.  He has no clue about sports, loves to laugh, do crazy things to make people laugh and just be his normal unusual self.  And I paw him quite a bit!  BARK!!

Barkingly pawsome is how he takes care of himself for me and Mom.  A few years ago, he began noticing he had hearing problems.  He couldn't hear Mom as well and a few of his co-workers were difficult to understand.  He made an appointment with an Audiologist recommended by his Primary Care Doctor and began the journey to getting his hearing checked and hearing aids. 

Did you know- 
Used by permission, American Academy of Audiology
  • Over 36 million American adult humans have some degree of hearing loss.
    • That is over 4 times the amount of people who live in New York City
    • Half of the 36 million Americans are under the age of 65.
  • Hearing problems are commonly associated with aging, pawsingly, more than 5 million young humans in the United States between the ages of six and 19 report noise-induced hearing loss.
    • 1.1 billion people are at risk for hearing loss due to unsafe personal use of portable music devices.
  • Hearing loss can be caused by exposure to loud noises, ear infections, trauma, or ear disease; harm to the inner ear and ear drum, illness or certain medications, and deterioration due to the normal aging process.
  • Noise-induced hearing loss can be caused by lawn/farm equipment, concerts, sporting events, firework shows, hair dryers, firearms, and alarm clocks. A single exposure to excessive noise can also cause permanent hearing loss.
  • Untreated dizziness and balance disorders can increase fall risk and result in hip fractures, broken bones, and head trauma.
My human wears hearing aids now.  In his situation, hearing loss is inherited and could have been exasperated by loud music.  Now, he loves hearing Mom's voice (bark, and she loves not repeating herself!), hearing the birds sing, and I don't have to bark to get him to do what I want when I want. 

Taking time to see an audiologist for regular hearing screenings and knowing the signs of hearing loss can protect your hearing. Make an appointment with an audiologist soon.
(C) Creative Commons, Flickr, Waifer X
Barkingly, hearing loss affects canines too.  At first, it might not be evident as some dogs are just stubborn and don't obey their humans like they should.  In most cases, hearing loss affects older dogs.  If you have an older dog and have been blessed to have him most of his life, now is the time to help him adjust to this change.  Like humans, he may be a bit frustrated with the loss, so it's important that you exercise patience and love with your dog.

Pawsingly, don't panic or go nuts like my human would do.  There are other things, like ear wax, that could cause your canine buddy to not hear you!

If you suspect hearing loss, please don't pawse to take your buddy to the veterinarian to be check.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tribute to Jeffie (2006 - 2015)

Today, I am very sad, pawsingly sad. HOOWWWLLLLL! Tears fill my eyes along with my human as we read the sad news of the loss of Jeffie-

I am pawsing my writing and activity this morning to say "Paws to You Jeffie!"  You were a great buddy, friend and confidant- I will miss you-

We met Jeffie a few years ago when my human began buying Mom jewelry for Christmas or her birthday- Jeffie always barked a suggestion or two.

(C) For Love of A Dog
If you would like to paw respects to Jeffie and his human, please visit Talking-Dogs!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Uh? Woof? Arf? and maybe a Bark or Two? - Moving with Your Dog

Once again, my humans are up to something again! Pawsley, mom isn't traveling for work anymore- WOOF!! Dad usually doesn't travel without mom and probably me! arf? I don't see suitcases out and a hush of trying to pack behind my paws but this time, there's no suitcases. And, no paw of secrecy. arf?
"Used by Permission, GraphicStock"

Seems to be quite a bit of planning going on. Dad's been busy going several places, going out and coming back. Mom's been busy with paperwork and looking at stuff online.

Mom and Dad met with this really nice lady PJ Riner and she took them a few places- and I had to stay home! arf?!

At first, it seemed like Dad had become a crazy man! Become?  Not the best choice of words since he's there but I don't want to say anything he might hear so I'll just watch him.

Hmmmmmmm- he's getting ready to go out again but this time he wants me to go with him.  We're probably going around the block since we haven't walked today.  WOOF!!!  He needs the exercise!!! BARK!

RUFF? ARF?  Why is Dad putting my seat harness on?  GOING FOR A RIDE!!! WOOF!!! This is great- WOOF!  And, Mom is joining us too.  Rides are more fun with her-

"Flickr Creative Commons, Mark Moz"
We travel awhile and come to this house- I think we've gone to the next state. Curious, I take a look around. Not sure, I'll have to sniff around to be sure.  We get out of the car and dad lets me in like he owns the place!  Not too sure about this- but I trust my humans so if Mom goes in, I will too- WOOF!!

My humans let me out in the backyard, which is about the size of the one at the house we live in?  I run around, roll in the grass, listen to the barks of the neighbor dogs- pawingly welcoming- and run the fence line with the buddy next door.  Hey this is fun!  WOOF!!!

Barkingly, I learn the neighbor dog's name is Jersey, she's from Operation Paws for Homes, and on the other side is Bo and Leo, not sure where they are from.

My humans bring me in the house, which is strange as they've never taken me to someone's house, besides my grandparents.  I take advantage of this and take a good look around.   Nice home, I hear Dad and Mom say they will put this here and that there!

I notice one of my pillows is in the family room.  I go and sniff it out to be sure- am wondering if I am loosing my home and am going to live with other humans.

"Used by Permission, GraphicStock"
I overhear Mom and Dad talking about whether I enjoyed the visit to the house.  I have a perplexed look on my face and Dad notices it. Dad reaches down to pet my head, "What do you think of our new home Noah?" "arf?"

We take a few more trips out there and back. One of Dad's friends help move several items from Dad's studio to the house. Each time we go, Dad takes me with him. This is really cool. And, when he's had to work on grandpa's house, I got to go too.

Each time we've made a trip out to the house, Dad has taken a few of my toys or other stuff for me.

As it turns Dad, my humans are moving out of the city, crazy area to a simplier quieter place to live.  To prepare me for the change, my humans did several things for me:
  • Taking me to visit the new house-  Every chance my humans had, they would take me with them so I could check the new place out.
  • Showed me my new yard- My humans took me out in the backyard of the new house and let me run around and play.  I got to meet the neighbor dogs and run the fence line with them.
  • Helped with the move- Instead of kenneling me while they moved, Dad kept me with him as much as possible.  There were a few times when he had to put me in my travel crate for awhile as he was really busy and concerned I might chase that really hot Collie across the way (WOOF!).  Or even the sweet girl next door could get my attention-
    • This may not be a good option for you- only you know what works for your dog, consider:
      • Hiring a pet sitter to keep the dog occupied.
      • Place your dog in an empty room with their favorite toys, a pillow, a favorite bed.  Post a sign on the door, "DO NOT OPEN DOOR- DO NOT LET PET OUT!"
      • If you can crate your dog, place a blanket
  • Pack the dog treats, food, bowls, favorite toys- Make sure to place these items in a clearly labeled box so you can find them quickly at the new place.  If pawsible, carry them with you so they are at the ready. Barkingly, keep a toy or two with you - always!
  • Don't wash toys, blankets or pillows- take these items to the new house as they were in the previous home.  The familiar smell will help settle any concerns.
  • Pack water from previous home-  This one, my humans didn't do for me because I drink bottled water.  Barkingly, if you use tap water, fill several gallon containers for the new house- familiarity with the water's smell will encourage your dog to drink water.  Otherwise, stress may cause him not to do so. 
  • Dog ID's- Make certain the ID tag on your dogs collar is up to date.  If you cannot have a collar with the new address or phone number on it, at least have your cell phone or a contact's information who can help if your dog becomes missing.  Order new ID tags as soon as possible.
    • Share phone numbers with your vet, coworkers, friends and relatives- anyone who could help in an emergency.
  • Veterinarian Names/Recommendations- Before you move, ask your dogs Veterinarian if they know a great Veterinarian in the new area. In your new area, local pet stores and neighbors walking their dogs are great resources. 
  • Most important- Let your new neighbors know and meet your dog.  Allow them to pet him so they are familiar with each other in case your dog goes exploring.
  • Not the time- to change your pets routines. Try to keep the walk schedule, play schedule and elimination walk schedule as close to normal as possible. Woofly, this isn't the time to change housebreaking routines either.  Keep everything as routine or normal as possible. 
  • I was nervous- as a rescued dog, at first I wasn't sure about this change, so when Dad came home, I would greet him at the door and he would take time to pet and cuddle with me. The few minutes of time with him, helped me know we're still together!  WOOF!
  • One goof, but good was unintended- My human took my travel crate to the new house leaving the bigger one at the old house.  He did this so I would have a place to rest at both places so I could go with them as they finished up their work at the old house.  However, when we made the final move and it was apparent I would not be going back to the old house, he took too long to bring my home crate to the new house.  One night we had a bad thunderstorm come up.  It was the loudest thing I'd ever heard.  I thought the world was coming to an end!  Guess the quiet of the country makes things louder, arf?  I got really nervous and scared of all the loud noises.  It would have been great to have had my home crate.

"Used by Permission, GraphicStock"

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Washington Humane Society

WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!! My friends at the Washington Humane Society brought by a great dog for you to meet!
(C) Washington Humane Society

Am very pleased to introduce to you a very beautiful, sweet, lovely, cute 8 year old female Pit Bull mix. 

Please meet Lady! Just as her name suggests, she is past the puppy stage in life and is an older woman!  ARF!!?

She was brought to the Washington Humane Society when her family determined they could no longer care for her. 

Lady is a really smart girl, quick at learning new tricks and commands. 

She loves cuddling with humans, and leaning into them, it makes her feel so loved. 

Lady loves humans so much that she wants to be your one-and-only pet so all the attention can be for her! 

If you are looking for your new best friend, and someone to cuddle up with and someone to watch TV with and someone to just enjoy life with, maybe Lady is the dog for you!  WOOF!!!  
Pawingly, Lady is a "Hidden Gem" which means she's had her own volunteers spending time with her teaching her basic stuff so she'll be ready to settle into her new "Forever Home."  Bark, as an extra "thank you" for considering taking me home, my adoption fee has been waived! Standard adoption procedures will apply.

Interested in meeting Lady?  Please meet me at the Washington Humane Society's New York Ave Adoption Center located at 1201 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002, 202-576-6664 or visit Washington Humane Society.

Friday's Friend: Rabbit Adoption, Animal Welfare League of Arlington

HAPPY WEEKEND!  Hope you've got some pawtastic plans made!  My human and I are going exploring on a new trail and probably do some yard work.

My friends at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington have by a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit for you to meet!

Meet Ella, the adult female 2 year-old rabbit!

(C) Animal Welfare League of Arlington
Ella is the most interesting small, cute Netherland Dwarf Rabbit.

Ella needs someone to give her special loving care to help her reduce her weight by playing and a healthy diet.

She loves cuddling too, but isn't shy about letting you know when she's had enough. arf?

Ella would be best housed in a pen or a bunny proof room rather than confined in a cage so she can have pawlenty of room to run around and loose weight!

Ella is staying at the Pet Supplies Plus, located at 7502 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, to promote adopting shelter rabbits. Please stop by to visit her there.

If you are interested in learning more about rabbit adoption, please contact Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Animal Welfare League of Arlington

HAPPY WEEKEND!!  I've had a great time with my friends at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington this week.   They have brought by a really cool dog for you to meet!

If you are looking for a dog, Duchess might be the one for you!  A 2 year-old, 70 lbs., Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix-

(C) Animal Welfare League of Arlington
Pawlease, meet the lovely Duchess!  She is the whole package- smart, sweet, and just an overall treat to be around.

When you meet her, you will quickly find yourself falling in love with her sweet personality. Duchess is the perfect companion for those long walks or hikes enjoying the fall weather. She enjoys playing fetch in the crisp air too!

Duchess already knows some basic commands like "sit," and "lay down" but would love to learn some more- she would do well in training classes. Positive reinforcement classes will be perfect for her considering that she can be sensitive.

Duchess would do best in a home with children teen-aged and up.

Interested in meeting Duchess and more about dog adoption? Please contact Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

BARKINGLY PAWSOME Friday to you!!  WOOF!! WOOF!!! Great to catch up with "Lab Lady" this week-  she brought one of her buddies who adopted her, to meet you!

Meet Dash!

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
A playful, 3 month old, 15 lbs, black pup full of love and life who loves humans including the little ones!!

Dash loves to go to the bus stop with his foster mom and meet all the children- it's the highlight of his day.

He is looking for humans and a "Forever Family" who will love on him and he can love on them and share all his happiness with them.

Dash is up to date on his vaccines!

Interested in meeting this great guy?  Please visit the Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc..

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

My friends from the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League introduced me to two great dogs this week that I would like you to meet.

Meet Sophia and Optimus!

"Sophia and Optimus"
(C) Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League
Barkingly pawsome are these two characters!  A pawfect delight to meet!  Except. They are so excited to meet you, they wanted to tell you all about themselves instead of me telling you all about them!  WOOF!! arf?

Almost anything to get "Forever Homes" for dogs and cats featured on my blog!!  WOOF!!!  

Here's their chatting with me-

"Woof! Ohhh, I mean Hi! Sophia here, I have a face that people go “gauhhh gauhh” over, and let’s face it…I’m beautiful and I know it! This is my brother Optimus, a handsome harlequin boy, if you look there is a really cool pattern on his right back side (it looks just like a wolf howling at a star, our foster mom and dad are just crazy about it.). I’m going to tell you a little about us and take charge (because that’s how I am with my brother, I protect him). We are two very loving siblings that take great pride in our bond. We play together, sleep together, get crated together, and drink water out of the same bowl… (Even when there are two). You can say that we are just two peas in a pod!  Woof! 

We are crate trained (pawfect idea to do so when you're not home, or we may find trouble) and house broken.  We are working on our manners now but we still have a lot to learn as we are still puppies and all we really wanna do is play and lay on top of you. Close is not close enough when it comes to loving on our humans. We are not satisfied with the snuggles unless we have felt that there is no other possible way we can fit any more of our bodies on/closer to you. I worry a little when I can’t see my brother, it is after all my job as lady of the house to look after him. 

WE LOVE FOOD AND TREATS! You can get us to do some little tasks if you have a treat in your hand. We also love to chew on a good bone or 5, I love them a little more so then my brother, he rather be next to his human but he loves a good bone. We will be required to complete obedience training as part of our adoption to ensure we continue to learn good manners.

We really love back yards, we would love a "Forever Home" with a back yard or a park nearby where we can run around and play. We are both fence jumpers and can fly over a 4 foot fence with ease so we require a 6 foot fence for our adoption. 

We like other dogs, even though we may talk a lot when we meet them, we are just excited. We are cautious of other humans, we are just a little scared of them but we have not shown an aggressive side toward any other dog or human. We would love to be taken together because we are so attached to each other and love to have each other’s company when you are not home and play together when you are.  

We are great with kids but due to our energy level we will only be placed with children 8+ years. We have never been around cats but think that we might like to chase them so no cats please.

My brother and I find would love to find humans to love and a "Forever Home" together.  WOOF!! THANKS!

These two incredible dogs are fun to be around- if you are interested in meeting them and learning more about dog adoption, please visit the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League.

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

Happy Friday, my friends!  Have had a great week with my human and a new friend I made who visited Mom and Dad for a few days!  My friend, "Miss Cat Lady" visited me as well this week, bringing by a great kitten for you to meet!

The cat is in the hat no doubt about that- Suess is as playful and snugly as that saying implies.

(C) PetConnect Rescue

Seuss was born in mid-August.  You can't help but smile when you look at him and enjoy his playfulness.

Suess is good with dogs, cats and children.

He is up-to-date with vaccinations.

Interested in meeting Seuss and learning about cat adoption?  Please complete the PetConnect Rescue Adoption Application and one of their Adoption Coordinators will contact you.

To learn about cat adoption, fees and procedures, please visit PetConnect Rescue Adoption Guide!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Friday's Friend! Rabbit Adoption, Animal Welfare League of Arlington

WOOF!  It's been awhile since I've had to pawportunity to introduce a rabbit looking for a "Forever Home!"  My friends at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington have brought by a young black rabbit for you to meet-

Meet Velvet!  She is almost two years old, won't be having anymore little rabbits and weighs about 9 lbs.  

(C) Animal Welfare League of Arlington

A big, beautiful black rabbit, Velvet is protective of her cage, which is not unusual for a girl bunny.  

She enjoys getting out of the cage to a big open space where she can run around, toss her toys or just stretch out on a nice soft towel. 

Velvet isn't enjoying the shelter stay because of the presence of lots of people, other rabbits and dogs.  So she is looking for a "Forever Home" where she can bring years of fun and companionship to her human.  WOOF!!! ooops sorry velvet!

Velvet would do best in an adult home with rabbit lovers experienced with cage protective rabbits. Velvet's adoption fee has been generously sponsored by one of her friends.

If you would like more information on rabbit adoption and meeting Velvet, please contact the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.


Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Animal Welfare League of Arlington

WOOF!! Happy Weekend!! My friends at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington introduced me to a grand dog for you to meet this week!  BARK!

(C) Animal Welfare League of Arlington

I have had the pawsome pleasure to meet Sharon, a 12 year old, 37 lbs.,   Beagle/Catahoula Leopard dog with a medium build. 

Sharon is living with a foster parent who describes her, "Sharon is a wonderful dog. She is housebroken and leash trained. She really enjoys going for walks and gets along very well with all people and dogs we meet along the way. She also
gets along very well with my older dog. She has not had any eating problems and seems to enjoy her current dog food. She understands basic commands like sit, no, and come. She has not exhibited any anxiety issues and appears to be a good car traveler. She likes relaxing outside in my patio area. I would say her favorite hobby is squirrels."

Interested in meeting Sharon and learning about dog adoption? You are welcome to stop by the shelter to complete an application.  The Animal Welfare League of Arlington is located at, 2650 S. Arlington Mill Dr., Arlington, VA 22206 or visit  Email a completed dog application to Feather at