Monday, March 31, 2014

Tips and Recommendations for Dog Teeth Cleaning

Photo Credit: Flickr: AJMexico
Pets are often considered to be a member of the family and we do the impossible to make them feel loved and convenient in our home. We visit the vet on regular basis, buy them different toys and even clothes for all seasons. Having a pet doesn't mean that you have a fluffy toy to play with. On the contrary – it means that you have one more responsibility. There's nothing more sensible than going to the vet when your dog has some serious problems that look like they are here to stay but there are some details you can take care of on your own. Here's one of them – namely – how to clean your dog's teeth efficiently and gently.

According to a popular belief, the dog's mouth is cleaner than a humans, but it doesn't mean that dogs can not suffer from plaque or tartar, and the bad breath is the most insignificant problem. Neglecting your pets hygiene may lead to some more serious diseases. In other words, pay attention to the cleanliness of your dog's teeth. It doesn't take much time if you have the right accessories and a little patience.

As soon as you got a dog, you have to start creating their cleaning habits, including making them get used to cleaning their teeth. The older your dog gets, the harder it becomes to tame them and get them accustomed to any cleaning procedures.
  • Choose an appropriate time for cleaning. For example after a walk when your dog is tired and less likely to oppose your actions. Make them calm down and approach their mouth in a patient and relaxed manner. 
  • It is a well known fact that dogs are smart creatures but not as smart to understand the teeth cleaning importance. The tooth brush can be even scaring to them so don't push your pet too hard. Let them get used to the feeling. Don't use toothpaste during the first cleaning procedure. 
  • Get an appropriate toothbrush that is soft and at the same time able to reach the area that is regarded as inaccessible – under the gums. The so called finger toothbrushes can be the better alternative though. They fit to your finger, which makes the teeth cleaning easier and more effective. 
  • Under no circumstances should you use a regular toothpaste since most of them contain fluoride which is extremely dangerous to dogs. Use a dogs toothpaste, which can be found at any specialised store. 
  • Try to clean your pets teeth every day. That's the only method for keeping their teeth healthy. Depending on the breed, some dogs need special attention because their teeth are positioned in a smaller space. If the teeth cleaning procedure turn out to be an impossible mission, get them chew those special toys that make the teeth cleaner and the gums stronger. 
  • Dental sprays are also a good alternative if you don't succeed in cleaning the teeth of your dog. They will create a layer that will protect the teeth from plaque and gingivitis. 
  • Avoid feeding your dog with soft food. It sticks onto the teeth and contributes to the plaque and tartar formation. 
Author Bio: Rose is a pet parent to a long haired dog breed. She loves her dog very much but has problems with cleaning up all his fur- so she uses Deluxe carpet cleaners to help her keep the place clean.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, Washington Humane Society

I love meeting cats!  I had a cat brother once and miss him but my humans aren't ready to adopt another one yet- cat adoption is ideal for those wanting a pet with a less maintenance than some other pets. 

My friend at the Washington Humane Society brought me a playful kitty named Cosmo for you to meet! 

Credit: Washington Humane Society
Want a playful, incredible, great kitty cat?  Then, look no further than Cosmo!!

This guy loves to entertain himself (and you) by dancing to kitty wands like no one is watching! Though he can be a shy independent fellow at first, loving to spend his time perfecting cat tricks than asking for cuddles, he does love to cuddle-

Cosmo is a one year old, 11 lbs., grey Tabby cat.

Want to make Cosmo part of your world?  Or, want to learn more about cat adoption? You can meet him at our Georgia Avenue Adoption Center
7319 Georgia Avenue, Washington, D.C., NW • (202) 723-5730 or visit Washington Humane Society.

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

 WOOF!! Now this is really cool!! My friends from Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc., brought me two friends great Labrador Retrievers for you to meet!!  And, get this- before I forget you can adopt these two for the price of one!!  WOOF!!!  And, we Labs are the greatest!!  I love all dogs actually and want them all to be adopted and find "Forever Homes"- I'm part Lab myself so when I meet two hot babes that, er, uh, beautiful ladies which need homes I get over excited... anyway before I dig my hole any deeper-
Please meet Bailey and Zoey!

"Bailey and Zoey"
Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

These two are a bonded pair of 2 year old lab sisters, Bailey is a 65 lb. Yellow Labrador Retreiver and Zoey is a 60 lb. Black Labrador Retriever. 

These ladies are great in their looks and personality loving to play and get attention from their humans. They are smart, love to retreive balls, Frisbees and to go swimming. 

Zoey is somewhat submissive to her sister Bailey. While both will chase toys, Zoey brings it back even if she has to take it from Bailey who just gives it to her. They do not like to be separated from each other. So they must go to a Forever Home together. 

Here is a video of the two for you to watch Bailey & Zoey on YouTube

The ladies are spayed, up to date on shots and heartworm negative. 

If you would information on Bailey and Zoey and dog adoption, please visit Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

"Zoey and Bailey"
Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc

Thursday, March 27, 2014

5 Ways A Pet Improves Your Health

Do you feel better when your pet is in the room? You are not imagining things. Spending quality time with animals such as a pet cat or dog can have a great impact on your health and mood that is positive. The fact is that pets can be stress-fighters that calm you down.

"A Man and His Dog"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
On average, it has been found that owners of pets are better off than those who don’t have pets, especially when they have a close relationship. The reasons why the relationships are meaningful do vary from one person to another. For folks who are athletic, this includes playing Frisbee or ball in the garden or the community park. For those who love staying indoors, you can feel connected to your pet just by petting your dog. There are other ways your pet can help you feel better as well.

Baby’s System of Immunity
In families with pets, raising a baby will tend to result in less of a likelihood for acquiring asthma and allergies. Studies show that this has to start early, ideally before a child turns six months of age. In their first year of life, babies that had cats or dogs in the home had less ear infections and cold than infants that come from homes without pets.

A Better Mood
Folks with pets are generally less lonely, more trusting and happier than those who do not have a pet. Also, they have fewer visits to doctors for even minor issues. One probably reason is that your pet gives you a sense of meaning and belonging, like you have better control in general.

Social Magnets
Connecting with other people becomes easier when you have a pet. People who see others walking down the sidewalk would most likely not strike a conversation. On the other hand, the likelihood of this increases when the other person is walking a dog. It seems to be more acceptable in general to approach people who happen to have dogs compared to those that do not.

Soothing Stress
It can feel good to pet your dog or cat. This helps your body release a hormone for relaxation and cuts down on stress hormone levels. It can also lower blood pressure.

Healthy Hearts
Your pet dog could help you have less of likelihood to get heart-disease. The reason for this is that owners of pet dogs walk their pets more frequently and have lower blood pressure than those who do not have pet dogs.

Mark Perissinotto has been a practicing veterinarian for over 20 years, 14 years of which he was the owner and principal of a busy multi-vet mixed animal hospital. One of the two co-founders of Vet Shop Australia, graduated from the University of Queensland with Bachelor of Veterinary Science and one of the best retailer of pet supplies Australia.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

My friend Ms. Joan came from Operation Paws for Homes came by to see me this week, with her she brought a wonderful, beautiful, sweet loving young lady named Virginia for you to meet!  

Credit: Operation Paws for Homes
Virginia is a 2 year-old American Staffordshire. Her favorite thing at her foster home is romping and playing with the other animals-  no matter the size, feather or fur type!! WOOF!!!!!

Taking long walks, lounging on the couch watching a movie with her human, chewing on bones, chasing balls, and sleeping in bed with her humans are just a few of Virginia's favorite things to do!!

Virginia is crate trained when it's time for her humans to earn money to buy her food! WOOF!! 

Speaking of food, she is food motivated so she will earn your trust quickly in new situations and environments.  

A sweet girl, she loves all the attention a human can give and enjoys being in a house with other dogs! 

Virginia is up to date on shots, microchipped, spayed, and house trained. She is being fostered in Spring Grove, Pa.

If you would like more information about Virginia and dog adoption, please contact Operation Paws for Homes.  

Credit: Operation Paws for Homes

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

WOOF!!! Are you looking for a dog to enjoy the spring season with? Dogs make great companions through all seasons, but spring makes getting outdoors and training much easier!!! RUFF!!!

Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
My friends from the Lab Rescue introduced me to a barkingly pawfect young lady named Molly, a 10-month old female Chocolate Labrador Retriever, who is looking for a companion and her "Forever Home."  

Molly will need to go to a family with a fenced yard who can provide the amount of exercise a young Lab needs!  WOOF!!  She would love having a dog brother or dog sister to play with, but would be too much or an older dog! 

Molly will come with a training addendum as she will need to go to obedience training.  She is the typical "mouthy" puppy but training will easily take care of it. 

Loving to run around the backyard, retrieving tennis balls and squeaky toys, playing with other dogs, Molly enjoys going for rides in the car too! Walking is one of her favorite activities too, but would do best with an Easy Walk harness to limit pulling. 

She has no experience with cats- never been around them.  She is approved for kids ages 10 and up as she has never lived with children- she was a gift to an older couple but she's too much dog for them!

Molly is house and crate trained. She is used to being crated when her foster family leaves the house and at night. 

Current on all vaccines, she's being treated with antibiotics for a skin infection.

Interested in adopting Molly?  Or interested in knowing more about dog adoption? Please visit Lab Rescue to know more! 

Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

Happy Friday!  I am so glad it's spring- am tired of watching my human shoveling 10-12" of snow and our not being able to walk as much as we normally do- am barkingly pawed to get back on our routine. 

WOW! One of my friends from Operation Paws for Homes has introduced me to a young lady needing a friend and a Forever Home who has come here all the way from a beautiful Caribbean Island! - Meet Missy- 

Credit: Michael Garth Photography
An island girl rescued from the streets of Turks and Caicos, Potcake Missy came to the United States by rescue work through Operation Paws for Homes.  Though it may sound strange that a dog would need to be rescued from such beautiful islands, but life can be extremely hard for a stray island dog who is having to depend on tourists for attention and looking for food.  Operation Paws for Homes was happy to work with the Turks and Caicos SPCA to bring Missy to the states so she could find a happily ever after! 

Strays are called Potcake dogs in the islands which comes from the congealed rice and pea mixture that local residents traditionally fed the dogs.  Though their appearances vary, Potcake dogs generally have smooth coats, cocked ears, and long faces. 

Missy, a 1 1/2 year old mixed breed, sure seems to fit the bill. She's quite the comedian and will make you laugh with her daily goofy antics. Missy has the coolest expressions with ears as big as her heart.  Full of energy, she loves to play with other dogs in her foster home, loves running in the backyard and is probably the only one who has enjoyed romping in the snow this winter! 

Barkingly pawsome, a smart pup, Missy is quick to learn training and new tricks. She is housebroken too!  WOOF!!! 

Missy is loving life in the states! She starts each day with a wagging tail. She is a very affectionate girl who would love to be part of a family! 

Missy is up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped and being fostered in Alexandria, VA.

If you would like more information about Missy or dog adoption, please contact Operation Paws for Homes.

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Washington Humane Society

WOOF!! Happy Friday- been another busy week at our house and the weather is finally starting to turn toward Spring!  After watching my human shovel 10" of snow again, I'm exhausted!

My friends from the Washington Humane Society sent a friend for you to meet today- Gracie!

Credit: Washington Humane Society
A 4 year old, Terrier/ American Pitbull mix, Gracie is a precious pooch who is blossoming -thanks to the extra TLC given by her foster family. She's got good manners, is polite when greeting guests and loves to love!

Gracie would enjoy spending the day right next to you in your favorite chair waiting for pets and belly rubs.  

She is very good with other dogs and has lived with a doggie sibling at her foster home. 

Gracie is looking for a special friend and a Forever Home that has a lot of love to share as she has tons to give! RUFF!!!!

Interested in meeting Gracie please e-mail Gracie’s foster mom at Mariana!

For more information about dog adoption, please contact the Washington Humane Society.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Vernal Equinox- Who's Vern?

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I am so happy that Vern will be coming along today to do his thing, around 12:57 p.m..  Then spring arrives- which means more walks with my humans, more daylight hours to play outside, more games of fetch and many backyard parties! I just love the warm weather!!

Barkingly, who is Vern and what is it he does?  I know I don't bite him or bark because the humans want spring to arrive! WOOOOF!!!

Happy First Day of SPRING!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dog Photography - Again?

Credit: Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
I am so ready for spring, long walks, games of fetch and tug-of-war in the evenings, I can't wait!  WOOF!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Does Your Dog Suffer From Separation Anxiety?

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If you have been noticing that your dog is behaving anxiously when you prepare to go out, it may be a sign of separation anxiety. Dogs who have formed a strong bond with their owner can experience significant distress when you leave the house. This can happen after disruption to your dog’s routine, such as moving home, the introduction of a new member of the household, going on vacation or going back to work after having spent more time at home. Sometimes, it can occur out of the blue with no obvious cause.

Spotting the Signs
Look for signs of distress and anxiety as you get ready to go out. This will often happen when your dog spots patterns that signal your imminent departure, such as picking up keys or putting on your shoes.

Once you have left the house, your dog will engage in behavior such as frequent or constant barking, crying and howling, inappropriate urination and/or defecation, digging and destructive chewing.

On your return home, you will usually receive an overly enthusiastic welcome from your dog.

You may also notice that your dog has become more “clingy” and dependent on you when you are at home, often to the point of accompanying you around the house.

How to Help Your Dog
Desensitizing your dog is a mainstay of overcoming separation anxiety. Firstly, you will need to make sure that your dog is less distressed at the idea of spending time apart. This can sound near impossible if your dog is currently anxious at the very prospect but it can be successfully achieved with the right kind of training.

In the very beginning, you’ll only want to leave your dog alone for just a few minutes at a time so that there is barely time for you to be missed. Gradually lengthen this time over a period of several weeks until your dog is more comfortable with the situation.

You will undoubtedly notice that your dog’s anxiety is triggered by certain actions, such as putting on your coat. Your dog associates this with you leaving the house and begins to become anxious. You can desensitize your dog to this by performing these actions even when you are not actually going out. The idea is that it will teach your dog not to panic when they notice you doing these things.

By now, your dog should have become desensitized to the previous triggers and be less anxious at spending time apart. The next step is to train your dog to be less anxious when you are out of the house. Again, this needs to be done gradually. Start off by leaving the house for less than a minute initially and work towards a longer period of time. Expect this part of the training to the most challenging as this is usually the most distressing part for dogs who are suffering from separation anxiety.

If your dog has a severe case of separation anxiety, your vet may recommend that you combine training with anti-anxiety medication.

Animed Direct are a leading supplier of pet medicines and pet care products in the UK and Europe.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Loss of A Dog: A Dangerous Dog Toy

WOOOOOFFF!!!!! I received an email from my buddy's blog, Brown Dog Tales, on Saturday with some urgent information in it about a dangerous toy that killed a dog.

Marla passed away from a toy innocently bought at a Walmart and given to the dog to play with-  and, of course, I can't even imagine what the human is going through.  A nightmare, I'm sure.

Here is a link to the article from the Center for Pet Safety- please read it and make sure your human reads it too! WOOF!!

Please pay close attention to the content in the article about toys for pets.  An urgent point for all humans to know.

Our sympathies and expressions of love and prayers to Marla's humans!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

A beautiful sweet young lady came by to visit me from Operation Paws for Homes.  She tells me that she's looking for a companion and a "Forever Home." 

Please meet Portia!

"Portia and Her Toy!"
Credit: Operation Paws for Homes
Playful Portia is just as pretty as her name!! A beautiful brown and white Pit Bull girl, she is sweet, energetic, and playful and has the coolest brown freckles on her face! Her pretty Hazel colored eyes got my attention!!  WOOF!!!!!! 

She currently lives with a cat and a small chihuahua mix! Portia is crate trained and is working on becoming 100% house trained. 

Very eager to please, she has quickly learned 'sit' and 'leave-it' which have become two very important commands since throwing a ball in the backyard is Portia's favorite activity!  

Portia is up to date on shots, spayed/neutered and just waiting for you to take her home with you to begin a wonderful life of friendship, companionship and love!
If you would like more information about Portia and dog adoption, please visit Operation Paws for Homes!

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

I was a cute young pup once- while I have kept my cuteness and sweetness and all the great things that come along with being a pup, I have just grown bigger and more of a companion to my human than I could be in my puppy years- though those years were so special- 

My friends at the Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. introduced me to a sweet young female pup who is looking for a companion and a "Forever Home!"  Please meet Molly-

Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
This girl has the typical Lab love personality, but then nothing is typical about a Lab- we are unique and GREAT dogs! Need I say more? WOOF!!!! RUFF!!

Molly enjoys being with her foster family and giving doggie kisses to them and her siblings. Next to loving on her humans, is play time and snack time.  

Though Molly may not look all Labrador Retriever, she has the typical Lab personality you would expect from a lab pup! 

Molly and her siblings were found in a landfill with their mom by a rescuer. Their mom is a Yellow Labrador Retriever; daddy unknown. These pups are healthy and happy, very outgoing,very social. Her siblings:

Samuel 8 lbs
Buttercup 8 lbs, 5 oz
Michelle 6lbs, 9 oz
Molly 8 lbs
Poppy 10 lbs
Todd 8 lbs, 6 oz
Susan 8 lbs, 2 oz

This little lady would love to join your home today!  Dog adoption make a great addition to your family or for you as a companion!

If you would like more information about dog adoption and adopting Molly, please visit Lab Rescue

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, Washington Humane Society

WOOF!!! My friends from the Washington Humane Society have brought me a Mystery to share with you- well, sort of- you've got to meet this cool cat! Barkingly pawsome, to me, a gorgeous face and markings on her provides the name-

Credit: Washington Humane Society
Mystery is a really cool gal pal! She's friendly, flirty, and appreciates the finer things in life – like her scratch pad! She could roll around on her scratch pad all day if she didn't want to spend some time soliciting affection from you!

Mystery will tell you exactly what is on her mind (which is cuddles)!  She'll roll around and meow at you for a chin scratch or two before you guys settle in to kick it on the couch. 

This cool cat was surrendered to the Washington Humane Society because her owner fell ill and couldn't continue taking care of her.

The only mystery I see is why Mystery has not been adopted yet! Think you’d like to take her home?

You can learn about cat adoption and meet Mystery the New York Avenue Adoption Center, 1201 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, D.C. • (202) 576-6664 or visit Washington Humane Society- Adoption!

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

Cats are interesting creatures! I had a brother for several years that was a cat. He was really cool- we were buddies- checking on each other, playing games, we had a lot of fun.  As one of my friend, Cat Lady, from PetConnect Rescue brought by one of their cats, for you to meet, I had to share my fun experiences with a cat. WOOF!!

Look at this girl!!  She looks to be a really cool cat!  Her name is Ginger-

"No TV until you PET me- Ginger"
Credit: PetConnect Rescue
Though she can be a bit shy at first, since she was in a rural shelter cage for 39 days before being rescued, she loves to be petted, held and sitting in her humans lap.

Ginger has a cool purr when she is being cuddled and has super lush fur.  She loves playing with the other kittens in her foster home and has gotten used to dogs barking- though she hasn't met one yet!  And, she is a curious kitty loving to play with all kinds of toys!!

Please consider providing gentle Ginger with a loving a forever home. She is a healthy girl (up-to-date with vetting) and tested negative for FIV and leukemia.

Cat adoption adds a special touch to a family and a home.  If you would like to know more about cat adoption and Ginger, please visit PetConnect Rescue.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3 Trainable Breeds of Dogs

(C) Allen Pearson
All Rights Reserved
It brings happiness and joy to add a new pet dog to your household. On the other hand, there is a new set of responsibilities that this brings with it as well. You need to have the patience and devote the time to train the newest member of your family.

Just like human intelligence, canine intelligence comes in a variety of forms. Even if the best breeds can be trained by folks willing to put in effort and time, there are realities that are fixed when it comes to the qualities inherent in your pet. If your pet pooch is bred for retrieving, herding or hunting, the dog is likely to be eager to please you, to move, work or be quick on its paws. Thus, this breed will also be a quick study. Of course, all breeds can be trained, with some taking more effort and time than others.

More specifically, there are dog breeds that are easier to train and there are those that are harder. Dogs such as the German Shepherd and the Border Collie, for example, are bred for hunting beside humans, and will follow their impulses and instinct. Some breeds are bred strictly for being companions and training can be a challenge. This does not indicate that breeds such as these are not as smart. Instead, they are intelligent to know that just by being cute they can get away with anything.

Owners of this breed will attest to the childlike and loving breed nature, even when they begin aging. These dogs are considered eager to please to the point of being comedians. They thrive in a family and with those living alone as well. Their passion is to learn new tricks, making them one of the easiest dogs to train.

Border Collie
The intelligence and ambition of this dog is not really for those who love breeds that are couch potatoes. Border Collies are endearing, obedient and have instinctive behaviours and herding drives that make an eager-to-please little pistol. Geared for owners that are more experienced, there

Bernese Mountain Dog
Reliable with kids and outdoor-loving pets, this breed has a very amiable personality. You need to begin early with it comes to basic training. On the other hand, the Bernie is one of the most beautiful and most beloved farming dogs in the category of working pets. They are not very tolerant to heat so this means that you should monitor any outdoor activity.

Steven Perissinotto is a passionate pet lover and a pet health professional. Since establishing Vet Shop Online with his veterinary surgeon brother in 1999, Steven has helped establish the business in to one of the world’s leading online retailer of frontline plus cats.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Visiting Grandma at the Rehabilitation Center

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I have been busy visiting my grandma quite a few times over the last few weeks which is why you haven't had as much to read from me lately!

My grandma has been in a Rehabilitation Center for several months now.  She had cancer surgery so she's getting some physical therapy.  Grandma is a remarkable woman- always staying positive and doing what she is supposed to do- I'm barkingly proud of her!

Pawingly, she loves to see me- pet me- have me visit- I cheer her up and I love to see her!!  WOOF!!

There has been many articles written on how great we dogs are for the senior citizens of our community and those in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and even visiting local community centers.

Flickr Creative Commons
(C) Avinash Bhat
I get to go visit Grandma because all of my shots and vaccinations are up to date and I'm a really sweet pup! Also, I have my county license to be a dog in case there was ever any question! WOOF!?

Barkingly pawsome is the nursing home is pet-friendly. Smelled a cat there at my last visit- my human held the leash tight!  Since I have a relative staying there, I can go visit anytime I want- they don't card me or anything,  Ruffly, I don't think it'd be appropriate to go visit anyone I want to though- I could scare someone, and, well, uh, you don't want to do that-

Many local agencies, some sponsored by county governments, sponsor classes, seminars, workshops and tests to learn if your human can take you to visit the elderly.  An agency in our area is Fairfax Pets On Wheels.  Google for a program near you and make a senior citizens day better!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

Happy Friday- I know you are as happy as I am that it's FRIDAY!!!!  My friends from the Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. introduced me to a beautiful 8-year old female Chocolate Labrador Retriever- WOOOOOOFF!!!  And is she ever special!  RUFF!!!! HOWL!!!!!! uh, er, 'xcuse me-  please meet Zena.....

Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
A sweet, lovable, quiet and docile girl who aims to please, Zena is an incredibly sweet girl looking for a family who wants to take it easy.  She loves to be with humans and enjoys being a coach potato with them.

Zena knows her basic commands. She enjoys short walks probably a block or two.  She likes sunbathing on the deck and watching the people go by.

Zena has been around children, cats and other dogs while living in her foster home and gets along with them very well. She's not a barker.

She finished a one-month course of antibiotics because she tested positive for Lyme. She's current on her vaccines. She takes medicine for a low thyroid and blood work needs to be rechecked in two weeks.

 She needs to go to a family that doesn't have a very long workday and realizes she's a very mellow girl.

If you would information about dog adoption and Zena, please visit Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. .

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Washington Humane Society

This pint-sized young lady looks like she can be a handful of fun! My friends from the Washington Humane Society, introduced me to her this week- Meet Raspberry-

Credit: Washington Humane Society
Full of doggie love to share with her human in a "Forever Home," Raspberry loves to play, flop over for belly rubs and snuggle with you while watching television!

She would be best in a home with no cats- she has a hard time understanding the language of cats- and is a little selective with her choice of dog friends-
Looking for a cuddle companion to keep you company on these cold winter days or enjoy the coming beautiful spring weather?  Raspberry is the dog for you!

Raspberry is a two year old, 38 lbs., American/Staffordshire Terrier mix. You can meet Raspberry at our Georgia Avenue Adoption Center located at 7319 Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., (202) 723-5730 or for dog adoption information visit, Washington Humane Society.