Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter!

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WOOF!! WOOF!! WOOF!! Happy Easter- may you have a most blessed weekend with family and friends.

Remember to hide your Easter candy from your dog and cat!  A chocolate bunny can look like a bunny, your dog could become interested and maybe your cat and then the smell, no rabbits smell like that in the backyard or in the field, but hey, a hound doesn't care- a bunny is a bunny and............ I won't go there- little humans could be present.......

Chocolates and most candies are not good for your dog and cat- so put them away so the smell will go away- and no temptation to get them in trouble..... BARK!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

Happy Easter- hope you have a great weekend with family and friends.  I will be spending time with my humans after they get home for church! Dad comes home, takes a nap and then we explore the universe with pawcellent long walks! Sometimes he surprises me by going for a ride to someplace different to walk.  Dad always says, "a great way to spend a Sunday!!"

My friend, "Lab Lady" from the Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc., came by this week with a friend named "Stella" for you to meet!  A beautiful 1 year old, 66 lbs., Chocolate Labrador Retriever, she is looking for a "Forever Home!"

Now, is this a face or what!?  WOOF!!  Meet Stella!

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
Stella is one beautiful, pawsome playful girl - this young lady was taken to the dog park by her foster human and had the most pawcellent time.  She played with other humans, made friends with several, and dogs and even let a sneaky beagle buddy steal the ball away from her!  She even tried to go home with some of the humans!

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
Stella is has the typical Lab energy and playfulness. She is a tall, athletic young girl so she will need a "Forever Home" with at least a 5-foot fence and a human home during the day to provide the attention and exercise she needs and deserves.

Stella seems to have had some training as she knows some of the basic commands like, "sit," "stay," "paw" and will happily come when called. A very smart girl so training should be pretty barkingly!

Quite a pawsome young lady I would say!  Would make a great addition to an active family who likes to get out and play.  Stella's foster human told me, "The family that adopts her will be rewarded with an insanely loyal girl that will happily run errands and go on road trips with her humans. And, with a face like hers, her family will want to show her off!"  WOOF! WOOF! Bark!

Stella is good with other dogs, no cat history and is recommended for children over the age of 10.

She is up-to-date on her vaccines.

If you would like to meet this pawsome girl, please contact Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

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Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

Happy Easter!  Hope you have a pawsome weekend with family and friends!

Speaking of friends, "Miss C" from PetConnect Rescue came by this week with a cute little guy for you to meet!  Meet Mason of the "M" Pups!

(C) PetConnect Rescue
The "M pups" are adorable, playful, curious, affectionate 10-11 week old Doxie/Terrier mixes!  ARF!?

Mason is very sociable guy who loves to be around humans and other dogs!  He has the personality of a bigger dog... WOOF!!!.... and loves to play fetch!!

Since the "M Pups" are are babies, they will need adopters who are home a good part of the day so their training will continue.

Up-to-date on age appropriate vaccines and preventatives and will need to be  spayed/neutered at the age of 6 months (ouch!)!

Interested in meeting Mason or one of the other "M Pups?"  Please complete the PetConnect Rescue Adoption Application.  Once submitted, a human from PetConnect Rescue will contact you!

To learn more about dog adoption, please visit PetConnect Rescue Adoption Guide!
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Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

(C) Operation Paws for Homes
I have to admit, my life as a dog writer is pretty pawsome- I get to meet many dogs, get to know them and then share with you!!  BARK!!!

WOOFly, this week was no exception- meet some really cool dogs and a cat looking for "Forever Homes"- my friend "Miss J" from Operation Paws for Homes brought by a really cool guy named Maxton-

(C) Operation Paws for Homes
Maxton is a 1 year-old, 30lbs., Hound mix and his is fully grown!!  WOOF!!

With big brown eyes, lots of brown spots all over him, a happy face, and a happy-go-lucky nature, one look at him and you'll be in love!

A little shy at first, Maxton quickly warms up to humans and other dogs.

Maxton is a Hound, like me, so his intincts take over around cats!  Not a good fit for a home with felines!!! WOOF!!

A playful and spunky fella, Maxton will make a great addition to an active family who will be willing to continue his training!

Barkingly interested in meeting Maxton, please complete the Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Application.

Interested in learning more about dog adoption, please visit, Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Guide.

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Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

HAPPY EASTER!! Hope you have a pawsome Easter weekend with family and friends- and, why not, consider adding another member to your family?  You could celebrate the Spring season with a new cat in your home-

My pawsome friend "Cat Lady" stopped by this week with a cool cat for you to meet!  Mia!

(C) PetConnect Rescue
Cat adoption is one of the pawleasures in a human's life and Mia is one sweetest cats to meet- easy going, laid back, and extra friendly!

Mia's favorite activities are purring loudly, getting belly rubs and playing with feathery toys.  And, she's got this really cool little chirp sound she makes to let you know how happy she is! She is one meowingly happy cat!

Mia marches in place and kneads her paws to express her gratitude for your loving and attention!

Dogs?  She does very well with the dog in her foster home!
(C) PetConnect Rescue
Mia is a pawsome cat and will make some humans very happy!

Interested in cat adoption?  Please visit PetConnect Rescue Adoption Guide for more information.

Interested in meeting this pawsome cat, Mia?  Please complete the PetConnect Rescue Adoption Application.  Once submit, one of there adoption coordinators will contact you!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Spring!

"Virginia Bluebells"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

I am pawfully happy it's SPRING!  Spring is my favorite season as my human starting going outside more often.  The weather isn't as cold nor is it too hot.

Dad and I are going to be visiting new places together this Spring too!  We started visiting the Manassas National Battlefield last fall, and some over the winter. We're planning to go back this season as there are still have plenty of trails to follow and places to visit!  While I cannot go into the historic buildings, and Dad will not leave me outside alone, we love to read about the area on signs throughout the park.

Visiting Old Town Manassas, the Culpeper area, the Winchester area, the Front Royal area and the list goes on -  A pawsome spring is going to happen for us!! I paw that it will for you!


What are you plans with your human this spring? Please share in the comments below!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

WOOF!! A very special and pawsome week for me! Each dog that I've met and introduced have been Black Labradors.  Only the best, of course!! WOOF!! WOOF!!!

Today, is a pawsomely special day for me as I met a dog with "Lab Lady" who is looking for a very special human!  Meet Lazarus!  A pawleasure to meet such a pawsome dog!

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
Lazarus is an 8-year-old, 88 lbs., Black Labrador Retriever who is making pawsome strides adjusting to his new-found way of balance!  It would best that his new "Forever Home" have a limited amount of steps!  WOOF!!!

Lazarus had his leg amputated due to a cancerous tumor, which is not believed to be aggressive, but you'd never know it as he's one happy puppy! He gets around quite well, bouncing around the house, up and down stairs and enjoys going for short walks!

He is crate trained, though he doesn't need it. Lazarus knows his basic  commands: "sit," "stay," and "lay down."

He loves to be around humans having his belly rubbed.  A pawfect gentleman as he doesn't counter surf, jump on furniture and hasn't had an accident in his foster home!

All this, to have his belly rubbed and be around his humans!  A pawsome companion!  WOOF!!!!

Lazarus was given to the Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc., when his humans had to move out of state and could not take him with them.

He is good with other dogs, has no experience with cats and is approved for children over the age of 10!

Interested in meeting Lazarus and learning about dog adoption?  Please contact Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc..

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

WOOF!! BARK!!!  WOW!! So cool to catch up with my buddy "Big Bruno" again this week.   He's a foster parent to many dogs over the years and has done some really pawsome things with dogs who need that special extra attention!  I like hanging out with him, barkly, hes so pawsome!!

Big Bruno brought a pawsome dog with him for you to meet, Corona!

(C) PetConnect Rescue
Corona is an 8 month old, Labrador Retriever mix, with the typical happy-go-lucky puppy pawsonality!!!

Corona is pawcellent with other dogs, loving their company so much her new home should have another dog she can play with.  She loves humans and will play fetch and will drop the ball for you!

A smart girl, Corona is house trained and will go to the door letting you know she wants to go out!!! 

Corona is crate trained and will sleep through the night.  

(C) PetConnect Rescue
WOOFLY, due to her young age, she would not be a good fit for someone who is gone an entire work day. She will need someone home to continue her training to make her a pawsome dog!

Corona is spayed, up-to-date on vaccines, and preventatives and is eager to find a family to love!  WOOF!!!

If you are interested in meeting Corona, please complete the PetConnect Adoption Application.  Once submitted, email Tammy at

Interested in learning more about dog adoption, please visit PetConnect Rescue Adoption Guide.


Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes!

WOOF!! Happy Friday!!  My friend from Operation Paws for Homes, "Miss J" stopped by this week to introduce to you a pawsomely beautiful 8 month old, 48lbs., female Black Labrador Retriever- who I'd like you to meet this week!

Meet Carlotta!

(C) Operation Paws for Homes
A sweet, gentle girl that loves to play and explore the outdoors, Carlotta is looking for a "Forever Home" where she can run and play and have her own humans to enjoy life with!  BARK!!!!

Right now, she is a bit on the thin side, so she will need some time to grow to a good size for herself!  WOOF!!

Carlotta is making some great progress in her foster home learning how to sit for her food and while the foster human attaches and detaches her leash from walks and in other home manners and house training.

Carlotta is crate trained and has not had a single accident in her crate.

Carlotta loves to fetch tennis balls, walking on a leash with her human, watching birds and humans, giving doggy kisses and pleasing her humans.

Like all Black Labrador Retrievers, though "all" are not alike we have some traits that we share- BARK- Carlotta is a big dog, or will grow into it, loves to swim, needs plenty of room to run, and she loves to learn since she is one of the smartest breeds- I know that to be true- WOOF!! And, she is loyal which makes her one of the most popular family dogs!  BARK!!!

A special note from Operation Paws for Homes:
** A successful adoption for all dogs depends on "The 2 Week Shutdown." The Shutdown is a calm, crated time, in which the dog has an opportunity to adjust to his or her new home. It's a time for the dog and the adopter to get-to-know one another. It works best when the dog gets lots of exercise and does not meet new dogs, new people, or travel to new places.

Interested in meeting Carlotta, please complete the Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Application.

If you are interested in learning about dog adoption, please visit Operation Paws for Homes Dog Adoption Guide.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

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WOOF!  Bark!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Remember, if you host a party, keep all party foods and alcohol out of your dog's reach!  While only certain party foods are not good for your dog to eat, alcohol is definitely not good!

Barkingly, if you are partying away from home tonight, be sure not to drink and drive your DOG and FAMILY want you to arrive home safely.   Pawcifically, if you have to much to drink, contact a cab, have a designated driver, call a friend or WRAP for cab service.

Be barkingly pawsome, I want you here tomorrow to read my next WOOFING!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Noah's Houndisms: Presciptions Medications and Those Over-The-Counters

Noah's Houndism's

Did you know that many medications that humans take can be poisonous and even deadly to their dogs or cats?

Many humans will take their pills by the bedside or on the couch or wherever is convenient for them without regard to the possibility dropping of a pill on the floor for their beloved pet (or even child) to find.

Barkingly, before you know what's happened, your pet has found the pill and swallowed it.  Not good.

Humans, be sure to take your pills at a safe location, like over a sink or a table so you'll see the dropped pill.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dog Breeds and Their Natural Health Problems

When looking a puppy to buy today, you can choose a dog of any shape or size. You can decide to get a purebred dog or you can go with a mutt.

Most people pay attention to how a dog they like looks. Sometimes they consider character traits. If that’s all you are focusing on, it is a big mistake. You need to pay attention to other factors, too.

Dogs usually live between 10 and 13 years. If you are twenty five years old when you get a dog and your dog lives for fifteen years, by the time you are forty you would have spent around forty percent of your life with your dog.

When buying or adopting a dog, you are getting a friend and a family member who will stay with you for a long time. Your dog will get old faster than you will. Your dog will also need daily care. You’ll need to take your dog for walks, feed it, monitor its health, and take it to a doctor when necessary.

This is a lot of responsibility. This is why you want to do some research about your future dog. Here is what you need to pay attention to:

Personality traits of a breed

For example, Rottweilers were originally bred to help shepherds with cattle. Later they were used to pull carts. They were also the earliest police and military dogs. You should get a Rottweiler if you are looking for a guardian dog that loves to work.

Amount of physical exercise

How much physical exercise will your dog need to stay healthy? Find it out to see if you will be spending enough time with your dog outside for it to get enough exercise. The amount of exercise often depends on the breeding reasons. A dog may be small in size, but if it was originally bred for hunting, it will need a lot of exercise.


How will your dog feel in your region’s climate? This is crucial if you have a home with a backyard and want an outside dog.

Health issues

Finally, what are the breed’s usual health issues?

A dog of an exotic breed may seem like a good choice at first. However, exotic dogs come with exotic health problems. Are you willing to deal with them?

Below you will find an infographic that outlines common health issues for 25 most popular dog breeds.

Do you like Shih Tzus because of their small size? Shih Tzus are predisposed to have wobbly kneecaps, also known as patellar luxation. This is a condition is which a kneecap is dislocated or moves out of its regular location. The kneecap will often get back into the regular position by itself, but in severe cases a surgery may be required. This is why a Shih Tzu is probably not a dog for you if you like to go hiking or spend a lot of time in the areas where your dog will have to run or jump a lot.

Study the infographic, find your favorite dog in it, find more about its typical health hazards and decide if it’s the breed for you!

dog breeds and their common health problems

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Daylight Savings Time

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Paws!  Here we go again- just when the mornings get lighter so my human can walk me further down the trails, Daylight Savings Time sneaks up on me and messes up the schedule but we'll have more time to walk in the evening!

WOOF!  Before long, it will be light in the morning again and we can go wherever for several months!!

Be sure to set the clocks before you go to bed on Saturday night so you don't miss church on Sunday!  WOOF!!!

Don't forget to change the batteries in the smoke detectors too!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

WOOF!! Barks!  Hope you have had a pawsome week- I have had a blast meeting friends for you to meet- and maybe adopt one of them!!

My friend. "Miss C" from PetConnect Rescue stopped by this week with her friend Fanny for you to meet.  

(C) PetConnect Rescue

Fanny is a 2-year-old Bulldog and Boxer mix.  PetConnect Rescue isn't pawsitive about her breed mix, barkingly they know she is stunning with her one blue eye and her white-tipped tail!  Barkingly, I think she is a beautiful young lady, just look at that face!  BARK!

Fanny greets everyone with a wagging tail and doggie kisses!!  WOOF!

Barkingly pawsome, not only is Fanny beautiful and friendly. she is a smart girl too.  She is completely house trained and will let you know when she needs to out to go potty!

Fanny is looking for a few special features or aspects in her new "Forever Home!"  She would love a yard to romp around and play in, some little humans to play fetch with and some humans to snuggle and cuddle and drool with!  arf!

Does Fanny sound like the pawfect dog for you?  Pawlease complete the PetConnect Rescue Adoption Application.   Once submitted, an Adoption Coordinator will contact you!  WOOF!

Need to learn more about dog adoption and what dog adoption is all about?  Read PetConnect Rescue's Adoption Guide!

Be sure to tell them that "Noah" sent you!  WOOF!!!!!

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, Animal Welfare League of Arlington

WOOF!  WOOF!! Bark!  This week, I had a cat sneak up on me- he wanted to be featured in my column, hoping he would find a "Forever Home" and a pawfect human to love!!

Meet Billy, he is from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

(C) Animal Welfare League of Arlington
Billy is a male, 10 year-old, Domestic Shorthair/Purebred, large size, Orange/White cat!

Billy is like all good buddies, companions, or sidekicks, like I am with my human, he is just plain good company.

Though he enjoys attention, he likes his solitude!!  WOOF!! er, meow!

While he isn't much on going looking for trouble, he is no scaredy-cat either.  

A pawfect companion for you on your road of life, if you are looking for a cool cat to join you, Billy might be the one!

If you would like to learn more about cat adoption and Billy, please visit the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

Dad and I have started some spring yard work at the church and then at our house.  And, the walks and games of fetch in the backyard have been pawsome!  Dad says I make the warm weather pawcellent for him- he loves nothing more, beside Mom, than playing games with me or having me around while doing chores!!  WOOF!!!

My pawsome friend, "Lab Lady" brought by and pawsomely, barkingly, WOOFingly, hot babe, er sorry, of a beautiful, 9-year-old, 65 lbs., Black Labrador Retriever named Cindy for you to meet!  WOOF!!

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
 Cindy has me so befuddled, that she's asked me to let her introduce herself!!


Thanks Noah for the pawsome opportunity to bark about myself!  We, Black Labs are just the best!!  

Bark!  I want to share about me so I can get another human and "Forever Home" to love and paw!   But, first, as Noah mentioned, isn't this warmer weather just pawsome? It feels so good laying on the warm concrete stoop in the afternoon after the sun has warmed it up. 

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
I continue improving and my appetite is top notch. I get excited when they fix my dog food and I love eating it up. Foster Mom and Dad are mixing my kibble with some canned food, yogurt and a little bit of water. Oh my goodness, it's yummy! Foster Mom thinks I was fed human food because I've tried to beg at the kitchen table. I've been told no mooching at the table but I can mooch at the sofa! When I wasn't hungry (pain and a lot of medication made me feel horrible), Foster Mom and Dad tried almost everything to get me to eat. They finally came up with a concoction that wasn't too bad, a bit good.  

Just a reminder, I'm 9 years old and still healing from when my previous owner fell on me sending both of us to the hospital. No broken bones for me but I was bruised. I've started acupuncture and chiropractic care and I'm going to be evaluated for Laser therapy. Thank you RVA Angels. 

I have no experience with cats. I get along with the dogs in my foster home but really love snuggling up with Foster Mom. 

Don't forget, I'm available for adoption so contact Lab Rescue to find out more about me and maybe come visit me! 

Paws of Love, 

Cindy is enjoys riding in the car!  She is easy on leash, crate and house trained.  She has no child history so she's approved for children ages 10 and up!

If you would like to meet this pawsome girl and learn about dog adoption, please visit Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc..

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

Love.  It is a many faceted word.  Barkingly, life with a dog will give you the experience of pawsome "True Love."  It's a love unlike many others where it's unconditional.

If you are looking for a companion to have fun and go places and keep you company around the house, meet "True Love" she is looking for a special human and a pawsome "Forever Home!"

"True Love"
(C) Operation Paws for Homes
True Love is a 45 lbs., 2 year-old female Shepherd/Spaniel mix.  A pawsingly happy and loving girl who loves humans of all sizes!!

True Love loves being petted and having her belly scratched and rubbed! 

True Love does get a bit nervous around new dogs, and maybe some humans, and will bark because she doesn't know whether she can trust you or not.  Pawlease be patient with her- WOOF!!!

"True Love"
(C) Operation Paws for Homes
Playing with toys and learning new commands such as "sit" and "shake" are the new things in her life these days and she's told me "Noah, I'm loving learning all these new things!"

Cuddling? One of her favorite pastimes! 

With love, patience and training, she will be a pawsome family dog. 

True Love is up to date with her shots and vaccinations!

A special note from Operation Paws for Homes about dog adoption:
A successful adoption depends on "The 2 Week Shutdown." A calm, crated time, in which the dog has an opportunity to adjust to his new home; lots of exercise, no new dogs,no new people, or new places.

Interested in meeting this sweetheart?  Please complete the Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Application.   Tell them "Noah" sent you!  WOOF!!!!

If you would like to learn more about dog adoption, please visit the Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Guide.  WOOF!! 

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

Happy Friday!  Been a busy week. My human was traveling for a few days and got behind on his chores so I helped.

"Cat Lady" came by to visit this week.  She brought with her a beautiful- green eyed cat for you to meet!  Meet Bailey!!

(C) PetConnect Rescue
A sweet and pawsonable beautiful young girl, Baily has a strikingly pawsome coat with a social personality to match!!

Bailey was rescued locally and was born in May or June 2015.  This girl, just loves attention and has the pawsome playfulness of a kitten with a pawrific purr motor which was nearly nonstop when we got to bark and meow!

If there is an empty lap which needs the attention of a furry companion, Bailey might be the pawfect one for you!!!

Dear Miss Bailey is a healthy girl, up-to-date on vaccinations, and has the politest and most has excellent litter box manners!

If you would like to meet pawsingly pawsome Miss Bailey, please complete the PetConnect Online Adoption Application.  Once submitted, one of their Adoption Coordinators will contact you.  Tell them "Noah" sent you!  WOOF!!

Want to learn more about cat adoption?  Please visit the PetConnect Rescue Adoption Guide.