Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Friend - Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc.

Labrador Retrievers are one of my favorite dogs- not that my being one has anything to do with it- they are great dogs- I am just so perfect behind belief or imagination! I’ve met a really cool retriever at Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc. that is looking for his “Forever Home.”

Used by Permission of the
Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc.
Meet Chevy, he’s an 18 month old neutered yellow male. He’s up to date on his shots and is heartworm positive; Lab Rescue will pay for his treatment. 

Chevy is curious, smart and eager to please. He does well in his crate, is housebroken, good with other dogs and is approved for kids aged 10 and up. At 66 lbs., he's a sweet, good looking, a bit shy, guy who'll warm up quickly.

If you would like more information, please visit:  Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc.
Used by Permission of the
Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc.

Thank you to the Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc. for supplying information for Friday's Friend. 

Friday's Friend -PetConnect Rescue

My buddy "Big Bruno" who does quite a bit of work with dogs in the
Used by Permission of
PetConnect Rescue
Montgomery County, Maryland area including PetConnect Rescue introduced me to Hardee by email and a video!   Be sure to view it below!! RUFF!!!!!

A sweet, tail-wagging 2 year old German Shepherd mix, Hardee is a 55 pound ball of love! Hardee was found in the parking lot of a Hardee's restaurant in North Carolina, eating a hamburger, thus the name. 

He loves to get pets from his people, play with his dog friends at daycare, and of course, eat his treats! Hardee is very eager to please, and loves human interaction. He tilts his head when he is spoken to, and wags his tail almost constantly. 

He would be a wonderful addition to any home, as he does well with people and other dogs. If you have a feline friend in the family, PetConnect Rescue can test him with cats! He is up-to-date on vaccinations and preventatives, neutered, and ready for his "Forever Home."

For more information, please visit PetConnect Rescue and complete our non-binding, online application, then Amy will contact you.

Thank you to PetConnect Rescue and Big Bruno for supplying information for Friday's Friends. 

Friday's Friend - Washington Humane Society

A friend for the Washington Humane Society introduced me to this really cool dude named "Hey Arnold!"- he's one of the hidden gems of the society and they want you to meet him.

"Hey Arnold!"
Used by permission of the
Washington Humane Society.
Hey Arnold! is a three-year-old terrier mix came to the Washington Humane Society when his owner was relocating and could no longer care for him. 

Hey Arnold! would love to learn new tricks and manners in a caring, active forever home. 

Since he is just way too cool for school, his adoption fee is waived! You’re sure to fall head-over-heels in love with him!

Come meet Hey Arnold! at the WHS Georgia Avenue Adoption Center today (7319 Georgia Avenue, NW/ 202-723-5730) or visit Washington Humane Society.     

Thanks to the Washington Humane Society for supplying information for Friday's Friend. 

Friday's Friend - Ambassador Pit Bulls

My friend from Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue introduced me to Sharky this week!

Used by permission,
Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue
Sharky is a really cool and happy 10-week old pittie! His owner had to surrender him due to housing restrictions. Sharky is currently in a foster home with a pittie sister. 

An energetic puppy that loves to explore outdoors and play fetch with his toys. He is growing quick and will be a big boy ... look at those paws!!!

Sharky is one smart pup!! He has already learned to "sit" for food, treats, and going outdoors. He is working on "down", "touch", and "leave it" and getting the hang of potty training (even though foster Mom Melissa lives on a 3rd floor walk up)! 

He's a super sweet, cuddly boy who "talks" when he's happy and excited! Sharky would love a "Forever Home" with someone who is active, interested in ongoing training and who loves to cuddle. Sharky is ready for his pack leader to teach him manners and guide him to becoming a great pit bull Ambassador!

If you would be interested in more information about Sharky, please contact or visit Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue.
Thank you to Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue for supplying information for Friday's Friend. 

Friday's Friends - Operation Paws for Homes

Happy Friday!! I had a barkingly pawsome week meeting friends who need Forever Homes!!  I visited with Operation Paws for Homes who introduced me to this gorgeously, beautiful, RUFF!!!!, dog I want you to meet!

Meet Astra! She is a 4-year old gorgeous, fun, friendly, beautiful, pawsome girl
Used by permission of Operation Paws for Homes
and Michael Garth Photography
who loves to run and play with her toys in the backyard. She is happiest when  with humans.  She enjoys going for walks but is still learning her leash training. 

When her foster family comes home, her tail goes thump, thump and her whole body wags! She’ll give a doggie kiss or two if you let her. While she’d rather be with her family, she’ll go in her crate without a fuss. 

Astra's done really well with potty training, even going in the same spot in the backyard! She’s fully grown and the perfect size at just under 40 lbs. Astra is up to date on shots, spayed and micro-chipped. She is ready for her Forever Home and family!

If you would like information on adopting Astra, please visit, Operation Paws for Homes.

Thank you to Operation Paws for Homes and Michael Garth Photography for supplying information for Friday's Friend.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Emergency Preparedness- Tornadoes, 2

"Joplin Tornado, 2011"
(C) Bud Hance Photography
As my human was attending the BlogPaws Conference 2013 in Tysons Corner, VA, last week, he learned a few more safety tips for Pet Parents which will be useful in the area of “Emergency Preparedness.”
  • When planning your hiding place during a tornado, check it out for objects that could hurt your pet and remove them. Items like glass or poisonous liquids such as housecleaning items should be removed.
  • Know where your animals like to hide during storms or any loud noises like firecrackers. Like for me, if my humans aren't home, I go to my crate or one of my big pillows in his photography studio or in their bedroom to curl up. If my humans are home, I usually hang out with Dad until it’s I’m comfortable it’s over. If Mom is home, I place my head on her lap and she pets me. Now, for me, my humans could find me in an emergency. For one, I’m too big to hide anywhere and not be found. And, when Dad says my name in that “certain demanding tone,” I know to come running- he pretty much rules when I hear it. But, if my humans can’t find me- they know where to look!
  • Have your human carry a picture of you so he can show it off to everyone in case you get separated after the storm.
  • Display a "pet rescue" sticker on the front and back entry doors to your home so the First Responders will know to look for you too. Include your vets name and phone number on it too. 
  • Be sure to identify a safe place, like a shelter that accepts animals or a hotel, that you can evacuate too. Remember not all places are pet friendly including the shelters set up for local residents.
  • Prepare an emergency box of pet supplies that's readily accessible:
    • First Aid Supplies
    • First Aid Book
    • 3-Day Food Supply in a waterproof container
    • Bottled water
    • Safety harness and leash
    • Waste clean-up supplies (remember to bring something for when your pet pees!)- Plenty of paper towels, sanitary clean up stuff.
    • Medications and medical records
    • Contact list of Veterinarian and Pet Care organizations
    • Note your pets feeding routine.
    • Note any behavior issues.
    • Toys
    • A blanket
    • If you need to evacuate, consider taking a crate. I have a travel crate which is easily packed in my human's car. 
Remember: In a tornado, seconds count. When you hear about a tornado watch in your area, your human should start your preparation immediately. Should it turn into a tornado warning, you are prepared to take action. 

Our tips and ideas for being prepared for a Tornado come from various sources of reading. Today's information is a mixed from discussion with a Hills representative at the BlogPaws Conference 2013.

"Joplin Tornado"
(C) Bud Hance Photography
Allen Pearson's Photos and From the Dogs Paw would like to thank Bud Hance Photography for allowing us to use his images on our posts.  

Monday, May 27, 2013

Pets for Vets, Robert E. Lee and Arlington National Cemetery, What?

Memorial Day, I want to salute all the Veterans of the United States Military to say thank you for all you've done to make our country great! PAWS TO YOU!!!! WOOF!!!!

A few weeks ago at the Pet Fiesta in Reston, Virginia, my human and I were walking around photographing when we met Kim Phillips from Pets for Vets. We chatted some and learned quite a bit! Barkingly pawsome at what they do. So, I decided to use my extremely talented writing skills to let you know about the program.

Pawingly, the Pets for Vets program supports veterans by providing second chances when rescuing and training shelter pets then pairing them with America’s veterans who could benefit from a companion animal. A brilliant idea!!

Millions of dogs and cats which could make excellent companion animals, if given the chance, are euthanized each year. BARK!!!!! The dedicated animal trainers of Pets for Vets go to shelters to evaluate and rescue them.  The dogs are provided the necessary training to ensure that they can assimilate into a home, which is quite different from a shelter environment.

For the vets, the rates of suicide, family abuse, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which face our military service people returning to civilian life after their duty can cause quite a few problems like unemployment, broken relationships, addiction, depression and the list could go on. Pets for Vets believes that companion animals can be a life saver for them!

As you know, many medical studies show that dogs can significantly improve the well-being of a human quite a bit- just ask my human who’s actually kinda normal now!  WOOF!!!
"Lenny and Katie"
Used by Permission of Pets for Vets
These studies have shown that companion animals significantly improve mental and physical health, including reducing stress, depression and anxiety, symptoms experienced by many serving in the military.

So, how does this all work? The Pets for Vets team interview each veteran to determine what they might want in a companion animal. The team matches the personality and lifestyle to find a perfect veteran pet match! Once this is done, the pet spends time with a trainer learning basic obedience and other valuable behaviors needed to live with the new owner. Barkingly pawsome! The pet often learns to become comfortable with wheelchairs or behaviors needed to help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

So who can benefit from this program?  Any veteran with a condition which could benefit from a trained companion animal and are able to care for a pet, are eligible receive a Pets for Vets companion animal. Visit here to apply.

Maybe you are not a veteran or a service member or ever served in the military, but you are interested in donating money or your time to support a cause for veterans or one that helps dogs too, please visit Pets-For-Vets Donation.  Please note, they are not able to take animals as donations since they must match the animal with a veterans personality.
"Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery"
(C) Allen Pearson
On Memorial Day, we remember those who served our country and have died during that time. One of the famous cemeteries for the military is Arlington National Cemetery. Robert E. Lee rescued a dog and wrote about it.  In memory of the Veterans we honor today, and their pets, I'd like his writing:

"The dog referred to was a black-and-tan terrier named "Spec," very bright and intelligent and really a member of the family, respected and beloved by ourselves and well known to all who knew us. My father picked up its mother in the "Narrows" while crossing from Fort Hamilton to the fortifications opposite on Staten Island. She had doubtless fallen overboard from some passing vessel and had drifted out of sight before her absence had been discovered. He rescued her and took her home, where she was welcomed by his children and made much of. She was a handsome little thing, with cropped ears and a short tail. My father named her "Dart." She was a fine ratter, and with the assistance of a Maltese cat, also a member of the family, the many rats which infested the house and stables were driven away or destroyed. She and the cat were fed out of the same plate, but Dart was not allowed to begin the meal until the cat had finished.

Spec was born at Fort Hamilton, and was the joy of us children, our pet and companion. My father would not allow his tail and ears to be cropped. When he grew up, he accompanied us everywhere and was in the habit of going into church with the family. As some of the little ones allowed their devotions to be disturbed by Spec's presence, my father determined to leave him at home on those occasions. So the next Sunday morning he was sent up to the front room of the second story. After the family had left for church he contented himself for a while looking out of the window, which was open, it being summer time. Presently impatience overcame his judgment and he jumped to the ground, landed safely notwithstanding the distance, joined the family just as they reached the church, and went in with them as usual, much to the joy of the children. After that he was allowed to go to church whenever he wished. My father was very fond of him, and loved to talk to him and about him as if he were really one of us."

Robert E. Lee & His Pets- Excerpt from Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee, by Robert Edward Lee

"Arlington National Cemetery"
(C) Allen Pearson

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Friend - Operation Paws For Homes

RUFF!!!! WOOOFF!!!!!!! I am having an incredipawl time this week introducing you to all my friends and catching up with the rescues and shelters that I email or hang out with!!! My human went to the BlogPaws conference in Tysons Corner, Virginia, last weekend and I didn't get to finish my barking but am making it up this week!!

I've got to introduce you to Carly, a sweet, 1-2 year-old Labrador/Hound mix. She's fostered in Maryland through Operation Paws for Homes.

Used by permission of Operation Paws for Homes
and Michael Garth Photography
Carly is super sweet, wiggly, and loves people. She loves to dish out kisses and affection to anyone who will give her attention. She's happy to learn and please people. Carly is good with children, as she's just a pup herself! 

She likes other dogs if given a slow introduction. It took about a day, but her foster brother and I wrestle all over the house now.  She lives with a cat, but doesn't pay her any mind. She sits on her cat tree and watches the other dog and Carly. 

She is still learning her name and basic commands. Her foster mom taught her how to sit over a weekend! Carly is crate trained, where she sleep quietly through the night without any problems, and housebroken too. When she wants to go potty outside, she'll sit quietly by the door and wait for someone to let her out. 

Carly's foster mom gives her toys, but she doesn't destroy them or chew them up, and doesn't touch anything that isn't hers. 

She's a really good girl who just needs someone to love her. Carly would make a lively and loving addition to any home if someone will just give her the chance!

Thank you to Operation Paws for Homes and Michael Garth Photography for supplying information for Friday's Friend. 

Friday's Friend - Washington Humane Society

Used by permission,
Washington Humane Society
My friend at the Washington Humane Society introduced me to Zoe, one of the their cats!

Are you a match made for Zoe? This four-year-old lady was surrendered to the Washington Humane Society on February 13, 2013. Zoe is looking for a "forever friend" who appreciates the finer things in life!

Zoe enjoys being stroked from head-to-tail, indulging in fine wet cuisine—hold the kibbles, please—and luxurious napping sessions. 

Did you know that female orange tabby cats are very rare? Come down to the New York Avenue Adoption Center to meet the exquisite Zoe today (1201 New York Avenue, NE/ 202-727-5494). To learn more, visit, Washington Humane Society.

Thank you to the Washington Humane Society for supplying information for today's Friday's Friend. 

Friday's Friend - Ambassador Pit Bulls

I have had a barkingly pawsome week meeting several dogs and cats who need "Forever Homes." I hope if you are looking for a dog or cat or someone who might be, you'll let them know about my friends.

Used by permission of
Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue
I'd like you to meet Luke from Ambassador Pit Bulls!

My buddy Luke was adopted on Valentines Day from a shelter. His family loved him and are so proud of his manners that they called him a perfect breed ambassador!  However, the toddler in the family was highly allergic.

So, they had to returned him to the shelter-  which is when he came to Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue!!

Luke, a sweet boy and staff favorite, is so amazing that Ambassador Pit Bulls and the shelter has used him as a helper dog when evaluating others. 

 Luke is great with children and cats (to the point of letting them get away with giving him a hard time), is well socialized and visits dog daycare.  He's graduated from basic obedience, and is content to sit by his people and quietly chew on a bone at the end of the day.

If you would like adoption information or just to inquire about Luke, please contact the Ambassador Pit Bulls.
Used by permission of
Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue
Thank you to Ambassador Pit Bulls for supply information for Friday's Friend. 

Friday's Friend - PetConnect Rescue

I had a surprise visitor this week which I always enjoy! A friend from PetConnect Rescue introduced me to this cool kitty, please don't tell my dog buddies I said that- they'll howl me crazy!!
Used by Permission of PetConnect Rescue

Please meet Meenie! You won't want to pass this sweet girl by! She is a beautiful kitten who dreams of her forever family -Along with her littermates, Eenie, Miney & Moe, Meenie came to PetConnect from a rural Tennesee shelter.

Meenie's charming and fun-filled personality is sure to win you over! She is the talker of the littermates and but is probably the most reserved. She does LOVE to eat!! She likes to remind foster mommy when it is time for the next meal. Meenie enjoys a game of chase and likes to play with toys too!

Meenie is healthy and always uses her litter box. Since she is a young 'un, born in March, she requires an adopter who will be able to spend much of the day with her, or one that will adopt another kitten along with her.

To meet little sweetie, Meenie, please complete our online application and we will contact you.

Friday's Friend - PetConnect Rescue

Wow! This guy is almost as handsome as me- notice, "almost," which might mean that he's almost as talented, smart, skilled, brave, great, as me, uh, er, oh, oops, bark, I'd like you to meet Lucky.

Used by permission of PetConnect Rescue
Lucky is from PetConnect Rescue. He is an easy-going, affectionate, 2 - 3 year old Lab mix who is happy playing games, going for walks or a run, or sitting with his head in your lap.

Lucky meets other dogs easily and wants to play with all of them. He loves chew toys and training time with treats.

He’s perfectly housetrained and can be safely left alone in the house for a couple hours! He gets alone fine with cats! Lucky is eager to please and all he wants is a family to love.

Lucky is neutered, up-to-date on vaccines and preventatives.

For more information, please visit PetConnect Rescue and complete our non-binding, online application, then email Kim at Kim.

Friday's Friend - Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc.

"Sassy and Buster"
Used by Permission, Labs Rescue of the L.R.C.P.
I got to meet two friends this week at the Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P..  Meet Sassy and Buster!

Used by Permission,
Labs Rescue of the L.R.C.P.
Sassy and Buster are buddies, friends, comrades, a bonded pair who must be adopted together. They are approved for children ages 4 and older.

Buster is a sweet and friendly 7 year old neutered yellow male who loves to swim as well as go for walks. He enjoys playing fetch with his foster sibling. 

Sassy, a sweet and friendly girl, is a 7 year old spayed black female.  She loves to be petted, touched, does the wiggle and drop for love where she greets with a wiggle and then drops to the ground so you know that her belly hasn't been rubbed for a bit. She enjoys walks and playing outside. She would prefer a quiet life in the country and a home with a fenced yard.
Used by Permission,
Labs Rescue of the L.R.C.P.

Sassy and Buster are pleasant and undemanding dogs. Easy to care for and to fall in love with! They enjoy wandering around the yard and rolling in the grass or playing with each other indoors. Buster is generally within 6 inches of a person and wagging; Sassy loves attention just as much and is the master of the drive-by licking!! 

They know the “sit” and “down” commands, are quick to come when called and are comfortable with crates. Sassy takes naps in her crate and and prefers it at night too. They would love to share their wonderful smiles 
with you!

They are both up to date on their shots and are heartworm negative.

If you would like more information or adoption information, please visit Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc. 

Friday's Friend - PetConnect Rescue

"Cat Lady" from PetConnect Rescue brought Sebastian to meet me this week!
Used by permission of
PetConnect Rescue

Are you’re looking for a lap cat?  Then, Sebastian is your kitty! Probably the only thing that may possibly remotely tempt him off of your lap is a can of cat food!!

Sebastian's most absolute favorite activity is curling up in a lap and giving little love licks to whoever is petting him. 

At six years old, he is neutered, feline leukemia  and FIV negative, and current on his shots. Sebastian gets along very well with other cats.

For more information, please click here and fill out the online application. PetConnect Rescue will contact you.

"Ain't I Cute?"
Used by permission
PetConnect Rescue
Thanks to PetConnect Rescue for supplying the information for Friday's Friend.

Friday's Friend - Lab-Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc.


Last weekend, my human was been attending BlogPaws Conference and I wasn't able to complete my "Friday's Friends" for the week.  I didn't want to forget to let you know about this beautiful girl I met with the Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., please meet Alice.

Used by permission of the
Lab-Rescue of the L.R.C.P.
Meet Alice, a beautiful 7 year old black spayed female at 58 lbs!  She is up to date on her shots and is heartworm negative. She's good with other dogs, but not cats, and but is good with for kids aged 10 and up.

At her foster home, Alice is a wonderful house guest, settling in and immediately getting into the household routine. She is perfectly behaved while alone during the workday, she has access to the entire house and probably spends her time looking out the front window and napping.

Alice knows basic commands of  "sit, go lay down, come, and shake," walks well using an easy walk harness.  She's learned to sit on command as other dogs pass by, to avoid getting too excited. She enjoys retrieving her favorite squeaky toy and will drop it so it can be thrown again -- over and over!

Alice is a pretty, affectionate, low maintenance gal, who would enjoy a home as a solo dog where she will provide loyal companionship!  She loves cuddling and if given the opportunity will climb up in your lap and fall asleep. She greets all humans with a very friendly hello and wants to be petted by everyone she meets and really enjoys riding in cars.

If you would more information or adoption requirements, please visit  Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P..

"Alice on her Pillow"
Used by permission of the
Lab-Rescue of the L.R.C.P.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oklahoma Tornado- Help The Humans and the Animals!

"Tornado Destruction, Joplin, Missouri"
(C) Bud Hance Photography
We will like to send our prayers and barks to all the families and animals who are victims to the terrible tornado outbreak in the Oklahoma area.

If you would like to help the human victims of these storms, here are a few charities you can donate:
Team Up For Oklahoma For the precious animals who need our help them out too, BlogPaws, Pet360, and WorldVets, are using the Blogger Disaster Response Network (BDRN) to raise funds to assist in the rescue of the animal affected by the storm.  Right now,  cash is the most important need,  Cash collected will go to help World Vets who are on site assessing the needs based on their prior experience in disasters.

Donations will be collected by World Vets through 11:59 PM Tuesday, May 28th. The collective donation will be announced when the money is ready for delivery. Your help, coming together in a communal way, can make a huge difference overall!  When the final funds are collected, we will annouce the amount to be taken to help the animals.
"After the Joplin Tornado"
(C) Bud Hance Photography
The photos in this blog, are not from this year. They are taken after the Joplin Tornado a few years ago.  Thank you to Bud Hance Photography for providing the photography. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Emergency Preparedness: Tornado Season

"Storm Clouds"
(C) Allen Pearson
Emergency Preparedness is an important topic year round.  But, here in the early part of the spring season, it’s barkingly necessary to write about it.

Why?  It seems spring is the worst time for storms that are harder to predict or to prepare for tornadoes.   In the summer to late fall, there are hurricanes which you should prepare for, however,  you usually have more time to prepare- not the last minute or last second "surprise I'm here" act like you have with tornadoes. 
My human and I have never been directly in a tornado.  We have been through “Tornado Watches” or “Tornado Warnings.”  Hopefully that will be all we have to worry about but we've prepared for the worst, as a just in case. 
  • A “Tornado Watch” means conditions are right for a tornado in the watch area.  
  • A “Tornado warning” means a tornado has been spotted in the warned area and you should put your emergency plans in action. 

"Storm!!"(C) Allen Pearson
At home, our emergency plan of action for a tornado is to head for the basement or the hall bathroom.  I can’t make myself go down the stairs to the basement so we use alternative is to head to the hall bathroom since it is the innermost room of our house and curl up together.  Despite my stubbornness, my humans refuse to leave me upstairs alone so we head to the hall bathroom during a Tornado Warning.

I suggest that you practice your Tornado Emergency Plan a few times each winter before the spring season begins.  

If we are in the car when a tornado warning is announced on the radio or a Tornado hits, now this depends on whether it’s an actual tornado or a warning for one as well as the localities.   And, our distance from home.  This is where common sense and listening to the weather will come into play!!  If we cannot get home safely, Dad will put the leash on me, grab the folder about me and head to the nearest shelter and hide.  Dad will hold on to me for dear life and I will hold onto him for dear life.

What is this folder about me?  The folder contains a copy of my vaccination record, a data sheet which lists everything you could ever want to know about me in an emergency, and several pictures of me.  He keeps one in his car, mom’s car, and the emergency bag we bought from Doggy Baggage.

The Doggy Baggage?  It comes in handy for any and all emergencies.  It’s great for packing all of the items you would need should you have to evacuate your home due to an emergency.  It’s difficult to prepare for a tornado since seconds count and those few seconds need to be spent getting to a safe place which makes it hard for humans to grab anything but me.

It’s urgent that your human has put a dog tag with your information on it on you or have you micro-chipped.  And, you could have your emergency information folder in the Doggy Baggage!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Bow Wow Luau, Hawaiian-themed Doggie Yappy Hour

My friend Patrick Cole who gets to work with animals at the Animal Welfare
League of Alexandria sent me an email with info. I have to share with you.  This sounds like a lot of Barks! Yaps!! AND PAWS!!!!!

The Canine Wingman Company is sponsoring the inaugural Bow Wow Luau, a Hawaiian-themed Doggie Yappy Hour at Hotel Monaco Alexandria. The event will raise funds for the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) and the homeless animals in their care at the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter.

Here's the dog-friendly event info:

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Bow Wow Luau
5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  (weather permitting)
Hotel Monaco Alexandria courtyard
480 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22304

The Bow Wow Luau includes a costume contest for dogs and their human companions, drink specials courtesy of Jackson 20, photo opportunities, door prizes, and much more.

Leis will be sold for $5, or 3 for $10, and complimentary sunglasses and other door prizes will be given to all guests and their dogs. 

The Canine Wingman Company will sponsor a photo booth, where guests and their dogs can have pictures taken in front of an island backdrop with their personal cameras.

Admission to the Bow Wow Luau is free of charge

Hotel Monaco Alexandria, a pet-friendly hotel, has a long history of hosting Doggy Yappy Hours, which feature treats for dogs and the Jackson 20 bar menu for adults. To welcome the warmer weather, the Canine Wingman Company is transforming this popular event into the Bow Wow Luau. The Luau includes a costume contest, with prizes awarded to the Best Dressed Dogs and the Best Costume Combination of dog and human. Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, and traditional island attire are all encouraged. Guests can also participate in a 50/50 raffle to support the AWLA.

“The League is thrilled to be part of the Bow Wow Luau,” says Patrick Cole, Director of Communications and Outreach for the AWLA. “Not only is this a festive way to celebrate our canine companions, it is a chance for animal lovers to help the AWLA’s adoptable dogs find great homes so they might be able to attend an event like this in the near future.”

 Adoptable dogs from the AWLA will be present with League representatives  available to discuss other ways to support Alexandria’s homeless animals.

Friday's Friend - PetConnect Rescue (On Saturday)

No, I'm not mixed up, lost or confused- my human went to BlogPaws Conference and I didn't get to finish my Friday's Friends.  Although I really miss him, I'm glad he got to go to BlogPaws to learn about blogging! You should see his blog, or should I say, read it!!  Anyway, I digress- "Cat Lady" has brought me a new arrival at PetConnect Rescue and we'd like you to meet him!

Please meet my new friend Bill!
Used by Permission of PetConnect Rescue

Bill is approximately 6 months old. He was a frightened stray as he was rescued as a baby which makes him initially timid around people! Once he know he can trust you, he's really affectionate dude!!

If he wants more attention, Bill likes to sit up on my back legs and butt my head against my humans' hands until they scratch me between the ears.

Bill is a sweet guy. He has rich jet black fur with a white flash on my chest and on my belly!

Bill would be happiest in a quiet home without young children, where he can learn to love my new family at my own pace. Bill is a healthy guy, neutered, and had all his shots. Bill would love to meet you!

If you would like more information please visit, here and fill out our online application. Someone from PetConnect Rescue will contact you.

Used by Permission of PetConnect Rescue
Thank you to PetConnect Rescue for supplying information for Friday's Friend. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Friend - Ambassador Pit Bulls

I hope you've had a great week and I know you are happy the weekend is almost here.

One of my friends from Ambassador Pit Bulls asked me to introduce to you a buddy looking for his "Forever Home!"

Used by Permission of
Ambassador Pit Bulls and
Dirty Paws Photography
If you would love you wake up to a smiling, wiggling, bundle of happiness and hilariousness every day, Mickey is the dog for you!!

He's an awesome, laid back dog and is such a happy boy he's even been caught him sleep wagging. His manners are great, totally house trained, and gets along well with other dogs. 

Mickey would greatly benefit from having a canine companion with him in his "Forever Home."  If he's the only pet, he needs to have the exercise and attention that he desires, and also a doggie playmate that he can romp with at least once a week. Also, Mickey is great with children.

Mickey is quite the smarty pants and already knows "sit", "down", and "shake". He loves to lean into you for you to pet him and also flops on his back for belly rubs. 

Mickey is a little independent at first, but once he takes some time to get to know you, he's your best pal! His smile is contagious and he is sure to brighten your day!

If you would like adoption or other information about Mickey, please contact the Ambassador Pit Bulls.

Used by Permission of
Ambassador Pit Bulls and
Dirty Paws Photography

Thank you to Ambassador Pit Bulls and Dirty Paws Photography for supplying information for Friday's Friend.  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

BlogPaws 2013

(C) Allen Pearson

Well, here we go.   The moment I have been dreading since last November.  Though I had hoped something would change, it didn’t work out.  Am I depressing today?  It’s because I am sad.

I realize that I can’t always have my way.  Yes, believe it or not, I understand that but PLEASE don’t tell my human as he doesn’t know that I know, you know?  And, you’ll mess it up for me.

My human is heading to BlogPaws in Tysons Corner, VA later today.  Since it isn’t far from us, I was hoping to attend.   Barkingly disappointed and pawed to no end, I am not going to get to go.  And, though I understand, I am still very sad.

Since my human will be photographing the event and attending workshops, that makes it a bit difficult for me to go- he figures I’ll want to wonder around since I am a very active dog- sitting for hours isn't my top skill- laying next to my human for hours getting my belly rubbed is a different story. 

I was working on my sitting and laying for hours skills when I saw pictures of guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters and bunnies on the website as pets who might be attending- when I licked my chops and started drooling- that did it.  Well, I am part hound and it shows sometimes!

So, my human will go in my place and learn, I hope- you know him, some things we can use to our my blog.  RUFF!!!!!!

My Mom human might drop me by the event on Saturday for awhile if it works out- that would be so pawsome!

I wish everyone attending BlogPaws a great time and congratulations to all of those who receive recognition and awards!!  PAWS TO YOU!!!!!!!

Do You Allow Your Dog to Sleep in Your Bed?

(C) Allen Pearson
On one of the social media sites, please don't tell my human I've been to one, the question keeps coming up, "Do you allow your dog to sleep in your bed!"  

The answer is "YES!! They do!!"

I would like to request that you "STOP!!!!!! Asking the question!! I don't want my human to get any ideas!!"

Thank you and have a pawsomely great day!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

National Pet Month!

(C) Allen Pearson

The purpose of National Pet Month is to let you know how barkingly great and pawsome it is to have a pet, to have that special someone in your life, to have someone greet you when you come home –even if you just went to the mailbox, to have someone bounce head over heels just seeing your face, to have someone be security guard for your property, to have someone to celebrate the special days with, to have someone to pet during times of stress, to have someone to help you lower your blood pressure, to have someone around during times of grieving a loss, to have someone to encourage you to exercise, to have someone to live for, to have someone to take you on those long walks to watch the sunset, to have someone to grow old with, to have someone to do homework with, to have someone to watch the sunrise, to have someone to share those long lonely hours while waiting for the news to come, to have someone to cook for, to have someone when doing household chores, to have someone to quietly share those “not feeling so good” moments that come along,  to have 
"Precious Kitty"
(C) Allen Pearson
someone to help reduce your chances of a heart attack, to have someone to do yard chores with, someone to nap on the deck in the backyard with, someone to read the bestseller with, to have someone to nap with..........   

Got it?

Ooops.  Sorry for the tangent.  What was I going to write about, oh yeah…. Well, I think you've gotten the idea-  consider adopting your pet from a local animal rescue or shelter.   Of course, I’m taken, but am sure you can find a pet that is almost or, er, nearly like me!   

And, I want to recognize all the rescue organizations and shelters whose volunteers and employees do such a great job with caring for the animals assigned to them!

Pets make your life so much more exciting and fun- consider getting one soon. 
(C) Allen Pearson
National Pet Month is celebrated in the USA during the month of May and in April in the U.K.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Humane Dog Training is the Key Phrase in a Training Program

The dog owners, who want to nurture the human-canine bond in the real sense of the term, formulate dog-friendly training programs. When you take up the job of training your dog so that there are fewer outbursts of awkward incidents in public, it is empathy and patience that you need to abide by. If you are putting your trust on experienced professionals, ensure that you choose the dog trainer wisely.

"Smiling Dog"
(C) Allen Pearson
Humane dog training should be the focus of your program where you create a safe learning environment and the fear factor does not loom large in the background in the minds of your canine friend. Fear should not pave the path for obedience. Obedience to your dictates and a well-bred demeanor can soon inculcate in your dog without much fuss when you make a good use of sweet-words, warmth, affection as well as strictness while training him.

Patience and Responsibility
It is about shaping a dog’s behavior via a non-abusive way with positive reinforcement approach, which really helps. Patience is the pivot when you are dealing with your dog. It is the body language, eye-contact, some subtle gestures which are the potent signals which a dog owner needs to read well in his canine companion, without getting violent. It is a huge responsibility when you are embarking on the task of training your dog. Gather knowledge about how to gel well with your furry friend, so that while you are the strict yet approachable trainer, your beloved four-legged friend picks up your instructions in quick time.

Being the Able Leader of the Pack
"A Dog in Training"
(C) Allen Pearson
 Leadership is the fine blend of both art and science! In order to establish your leadership without being tyrannical, the chief thing is to know your pack in the right way. This ensures that you tackle your dog without getting flared up and implementing abusive techniques. When you, as the dog trainer, is in the quest to be the ‘alpha member’ then have confidence on your sleeves, shunning nervous energy from your system. If you are not confident about your own abilities, it can lead to the development of anxiety. Do not let your dog to read your signs of your nervous energy, which can make him naughtier or a prankster.

Play Safe with the Choke Chain
 Whether you are trying to put a tab on the aggressiveness or the uncontrollable behavior of your canine friend, make a deft use of the choke chain. This is one of the key dog training tools which have the potential to injure or sprain the neck bones of your dog. When you pull the choke chain radically to make your dog to come to a halt and curb his natural instinct of going wild, you need to be very careful. Only the expert and professional trainers must use the choke chain in the dog training program.

Draft the Training Programs with the SMART Approach
 Things do not happen overnight and the more quickly you get this fact, it will be easier for you. A specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound approach is the key when you are drafting the dog-training program. So when you have well-defined goals that you want your dog to achieve, without putting too much expectations on your adorable friend, you can taste success soon. When you make way for rewards for your dog, it is like receiving a pat on the back for him, making him to engage in the learning process and be attentive in the training program with his tail wagging!
Author Bio- Jon Berkowitz, BVSc. MBA, is the owner of Pets First Choice.  This reputed importer of top-notch eco-friendly pet products has eked out a niche in the industry with a commendable inventory of pet products.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

"For Mom!"
(C) Allen Pearson
I'm not real sure how to bark or woof it, except Happy Mother's Day!! to mom's of humans or animals everywhere!  Whether you have human children, animal children, or your fostering children, may your day be blessed with love and kindness- may your enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Happy Mother's Day from Noah and my humans at "From the Dog's Paw."

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Meet Sammie- A Friend in Need

This past week, I had the opportunity to meet a friend who is a terrific Paw! I was going to introduce you to him yesterday in my weekly column "Friday's Friend", barkingly, I thought he deserved extra attention.

I've got a very special friend to introduce you to today from Operation Paws For Homes.  He is really a cool dude......   Please meet Sammie!

Used by Permission, Operation Paws For Homes
Sammie is in need of a cleft palette surgery. He's currently fostered with OPH. Right now he's on a medical hold until he gets his surgery, but he's still up for adoption pending the surgery. Currently, OPH is fundraising for the surgery.

"RUFF!! Hi!! My name is Sammie. I am a 2 year old Boxer mix with a shy and gentle personality.  I love to play and romp around with all the other dogs in my foster home.

You know, I am a very special boy!  I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and cleft hard palate which has a severe lesion that'll require advanced plastic and reconstructive surgical techniques.

I do have some trouble eating and drinking, which makes it hard for me to maintain a healthy weight.

Would you be able to help me with my surgery expense?  Can you find it in your heart to help me rebuild my smile?"

Instructions To donate to Sammie's surgery go to there is a "Donate" button at the middle right of the screen that will take you to our PayPal page. Enter the amount you wish to donate. On the next page, there is a section for "Special Instructions" -- put "For Sammie's surgery" in the box to indicate that your donation is earmarked for Sammie's care.

Used by Permission, 
Operation Paws For Homes
Thank you for anything you can do to help my buddy Sammie get on his way to surgery and a "Forever Home."