Friday, December 30, 2011

Year-End Tax Deductible Gifts

I almost forgot to tell you about a great idea I heard about the other day. Giving money to charities for year-end tax deductible gifts!

Yeah, you can actually give money to a group you like, as long as they are a tax-deductible charitable organization (too many big words for a dog this morning!), and deduct it from your taxes. Of course, you know there are IRS laws that go into this and I am not a financial advisor so you may want to check into that!

There are plenty of local and national pet organizations that are in need of funds to keep them operating. These organizations use money to care for the animals and prepare them for their FOREVER HOME. The groups who rescued me, went to great lengths to take care of my medical issues and training and fostering and .... well, you name it... they did it. I love them for it and I know Mom and Dad do too since they are so happy to have me.

If you'd like to support them, the website is and Who knows, you might make some humans extremely happy with your donation of support which allows them to help that perfect animal.

JUST REMEMBER: If you mail donations, they MUST be date stamped by Sat. Dec. 31, 2011. If online, you'll need a receipt dated by Sat., Dec. 31, 2011 too.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!!

I keep telling Dad that exercise is important but it really involves more taking a walk- although I have managed to get him to quit just going around the block, after doing it a bazillion times. Anyway, we walk but he needs to do more.

So, I take him on a really long walk since it's his day off, and he likes to spend it with me, we go about a mile or so. It's a good brisk, steady walk, not tugging or dragging (although the squirrels along the way made it hard to resist).

We get back to the house- Dad is tired- I can tell all he wants to do is lay down- get some rest! HA!! I know he loves to please me so I take full advantage of it sometimes.... ok.... well.... most times, if not always. So, I get him to let me out in the backyard. I grab my favorite toy and begin a game of fetch- I run like crazy- Dad moves slow- but then he gets into it. We play for about 15 mins. and I pretend to be tired so Dad can get the rest he needs.

Dad is doing a great job in keeping me exercised- sometimes abit too much for him - but it works for both of us. Sometimes we walk the parks or he arranges a play date with a few other dogs. Either way, we get out together and exercise or maybe I should say.... I take him out twice a day to exercise.. shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell him.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Watch Out for Your Pup's Paws! Ice Melt Can Injure Dogs

Hey! Important tips for you to remember when walking or playing in the snow and ice with your buddy. My dad tried to do this our first winter together and I tried to bite him. He persisted. After reading this article, I am glad he did!

Watch Out for Your Pup's Paws! Ice Melt Can Injure Dogs

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas is more than buying a bunch of presents for someone. Haydn and I managed to get Mom and Dad some presents at PetSmart yesterday. Although fun, it's not the most important thing.

While walking last week, I borrow one of Dad's cameras. And, I took the picture you see above. This is the true meaning of Christmas.

"For Unto Us a Child is Born" Amen. Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Shopping

OH NO!! It's the day before Christmas and all through the house, Mom and Dad are busy as can be! Decorating. Wrapping presents. Baking. Cleaning the house. Getting all things ready to celebrate the big day- Christmas.

And, I don't have them a present. Neither does Haydn. What are we going to do - can't let the day go by without doing something for them- they have been so great to us.

Gotta figure it out. Gotta get to the store somehow but I am too young to drive and Haydn can't reach the pedals. Let me think............

Got it!! Mom and Dad will probably go back out shopping or to get something to eat, if they do we'll borrow the Dad's car, so if we wreck we won't mess up Mom's car. OOOPS! There they go.

Haydn's going to drive -steer. I'm going to lay on the floor and push the pedals. Here we go!!!

"Ok Noah!! Hit the gas... now the brake.... THE BRAKE!!!!!.... Now the gas pedal... more gas.... less.... hold on tight... brake.... gas...BRAKE!!!" This goes on for awhile as we head to PetSmart to buy presents for Mom and Dad.

We head into the store and look around- we quickly find the perfect presents for them and head out-

Now more adventures with Haydn driving, "Noah, Hit the gas... now the brake.... the gas pedal... more gas.... less.... hold on tight... brake.... gas...BRAKE!!! gas.....brake, gas....... " We come to a screeching halt at the house...

We get in the house and hide our present to Mom and Dad away and pretend to be napping as they come home..... "I wonder why there are skid marks in front of our house....." Dad says. "Don't know dear, probably some kids!" Mom replies.

Yup, probably some kids. If they only knew. Merry Christmas everyone.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Dog Again!!

I am so happy, I had to write and let you know about it. My license to be a dog for another year came in the mail yesterday!! I was afraid I might have to be a cat!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I am really proud of my Dad. He is a photographer, at least part-time in the evenings and weekends. He specializes in photographing architecture, gardens, dog and cats. He plans to be a full-time photographer-artist when he grows up(oooops! when he retires!).

Anyway, he's been donating his time to photographing dogs for a local rescue group, PetConnect Rescue, and giving them the images to place on their website and is working on others projects for them. He doesn't get paid, it's all volunteer and it takes just a few hours of his weekend. I love him for it because he's helping dogs that are in the position I was just two years ago.

Now, he's joined and been accepted as an "Aspiring Member" of HeARTSspeak. Their mission is "Working to unite the individual efforts of animal artists and animal rescues into collective action for social change." He plans to photograph for them when PetConnect isn't keeping him busy. I am proud of him because he donates his time to helping animals get their Forever Home. I don't mind giving up a bit of my time with Dad for him to help other dogs!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's taken me awhile, but I have finally gotten Dad to where he walks at a faster pace. I haven't been pulling or dragging him down the street except when I see a meal walk across in front of me, then there's no holds barred.... so we go ...the other day I saw this delicious deer and then a rabbit and then.......ooops.... I realized Dad was probably sore from being drug at rapid speed across the fields .... anyway he moves now and we can go around the block in 10 minutes rather than 30 minutes.

I have my challenges ahead of me but that's an alright price to pay for living with my mom and dad.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Black Friday

I don’t understand this concept one bit. For the past several months all I hear on the TV is Black Friday, Black Friday, Black Friday.

Now, who in the world and why in the world would someone call Friday- black?!! Granted, since I am black and the most beautiful shiny black Plott Hound/Lab mix you ever laid your eyes on- never mind how handsome female dogs tell me I am, the association of black and Friday in human terms makes no sense. Usually black is like dread or bad or unhappy or maybe death but not about Friday.

If the humans must name the Friday after Thanksgiving a color, I think it should be called “Yellow Friday.” After all, yellow is cheerful, happy, sunny, and bright- it brightens whatever it’s associated with- well most things anyway. Blue won’t work as it can mean sad, depression, or boring – none of which should be associated with a Friday. Humans just do not understand colors.

While walking on “Black Friday” I was thinking about these things when Dad surprised me by following the path that I’ve been wanting to follow for months. I knew where it led. I think he does too. And, I was right- it leads to the shopping center where PetSmart is! YAY!! I’m going shopping- although awfully early in the day. I don’t care- I drag Dad across the parking lot as fast as I can- he’s holding on for dear life- but I won’t let him fly into traffic or anything so I keep going.

PETSMART!! THERE IT IS!!!!!!!!! My favorite place!! Dad is rubbing his behind- I guess being dragged across the parking lot was a little much for him. He’s grabbing a shopping cart…. We’re going shopping. I pick all the toys I want and put in the basket while Dad keeps saying, “I can’t afford all of these, just a few Noah.” I notice he grabs a lot of bags of my favorite treat (I tore into the other bag and ate every bit of it- Dad was not happy - I didn’t think he’d buy more) and food and the cats food and some toys… this is great… Dad is really happy about the pricing….. 50% off means more for me… so maybe I should just leave the name Black Friday alone-

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Morning Walking

I finally got Dad to walk around the block at a faster pace that he's ever done. I overhear him telling Mom that we did it in record time. He gives me credit.... he has no clue what I have in store for him- just wait it's going to get fun.

I find the latest gossip about my new neighbor dogs while I attempt to get Dad to walk faster. The first I learn is that my neighbor Jack Russell Terrier named "Wishbone" left me a greeting by the driveway "Welcome to the neighborhood-I've seen you around but haven't got to meet" he says. I walk further to learn of a cocker spaniel's pregancy -expected to deliver any day now.... the Beagle from up the street, "Shylow" says "Welcome too". Nice to get greetings when you just move in. The female dog across the street has invited me to share herbal tea and a dog biscuit- life is good.....

I have Dad moving a bit faster now- so can't spend too much time reading the gossip there will others time for this- little does Dad know that he's going to walk alot------

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My First Morning

The first morning in my new Forever Home! What's THAT??! I hear some kind of alarm going off! Oh, the Nerd rises early this morning, awful hour of 4 a.m., what have I gotten into? The rest of the world is asleep and he’s up and making coffee- makes no sense to me. He pets me and heads back upstairs while the coffee perks- wonder if I get any. The Pretty Lady is still asleep- and so far she’s my favorite!! The Nerd comes back to get his coffee and goes back upstairs. I drift off to sleep- not hard to do considering the hour.

Awhile later, the Nerd comes to get me. Wonder what we will do. Am a bit nervous. After all, it is a new home for me and I want to stay- I clean up real quick- the cat’s laughing at me from the corner. The Nerd takes me upstairs- interesting two floors to this house.

I got to wake up the Pretty Lady- she wakes with a smile and begins petting me- oh, I can live like this. The Nerd pets me for awhile too- am in heaven!! And, I learn their names- the Nerd is Dad and Pretty Lady is Mom- that is so cool I could howl- but don’t want to scare them!

Dad and I are headed out for our first walk! He uses a leash he had for the previous dog- he tells me a bit about him. Let me share “ Noah , ‘’’ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘’ ‘ Good Boy ’ ’’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ‘” I know I saw a tear as he spoke- must have been here a great dog and hear a long time- that’s good for me!

It was a cold and, well, freezing, walk. Why is it so cold here? Did I end up in Alaska somewhere? And Dad is a slow walker- and I mean slow, I didn’t know any human moved this slow- gotta work on that.

We get back to the house and I’m served breakfast- and it’s totally disgustingly gross- it smells bad…. Oh no….. I’ve moved into a house who has holistic food….. nasty… maybe I can get him to change this nasty tasting stuff. Much like someone trying to eat Brussel Sprouts for breakfast! I eat it though to please him. I can probably get him to get something better eventually. But, holistic, YUCK!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Night

I curl up in my crate for the first night in my new home. So far, I like it. I like what I see and how they make me feel. A bit scary in a new place, though I'm not alone, I feel lonely. Been a long journey to get home.

I am awaken by the feeling that someone is staring at me. It's the cat. Staring straight at me. Wouldn't you know it!!?!! Cats are just so annoying.

"Hey Noah" the cat says, "listen to me, I'm the one in charge here and actually run the place... I just let the humans think they do. Do as I say, do as I do, and you'll be ok."

I just stare at him wondering about it all. A month ago, I was wondering around in the woods of North Carolina wondering where my next meal might come from and now, I am in cahoots with a cat to behave and follow his orders..... life can be strange at times.

It's been a long day... I rest now.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meeting the Cat

OH MY WORD!!!!! WHAT’S THAT BIG ANIMAL DOING INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!!! I’ve never seen one of those!! Better be careful! GOTTA BE CAREFUL!!!!!!! The pretty lady is petting it……can’t be too bad. Maybe she’s weirder than I thought. Now, she’s picking it up! What HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF into now?

I cautiously approach. Curious. Careful. Wondering. Not sure. I go back. I approach again.

Then, the pretty lady introduces me to my new brother and me to him. This is not normal. Far from it.

My brother is named “Haydn” after the great composer (here we go with that again) Franz Joseph Haydn. And also, because he tends to hide. Quite shy I understand. Because when Haydn is hidin’ he’s Haydn and when he’s not hidin’ he’s Haydn.

So, now I am related to a Maine Coon cat, named Haydn. He welcomes me to the house. Am still not sure about this.

I spend the evening getting to know my new family. They show me around the house. Then it’s to bed. I sleep in a crate – which is fine since they don’t know me that well yet.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Am Named

My new name is debated on the way home- Handel, Bach, Corelli –names of famous composers whatever that is- and I’ve only composed a few things in my life which I don’t want to be named after. My new name is chosen - one from the Bible I hear- Noah. That’s good. Must mean I’m a saint. Got them fooled already.

We arrive at my new forever home, I hope this works out, they seem so nice. I sniff and snoop around the driveway and a small part of the front yard. What happened here? All of these houses all over the place?!? Oh well, it’s dark and they are tired- been an adventurous day for all of us. We head inside.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Possible Adoption? FOREVER HOME!!!!

I’m going?? I’m really going????? GOTTA GRAB MY STUFF!! Cartwheels ensue!! Somersaults!! I make a fast, tacky beeline to their car –dust flies everywhere! I got my moosey. I’ve got my collar. I am there!!!!! I’m ready to go people--- let’s go!!

We drive home and pass a huge shopping, entertainment area. The nerd looks through the car window at all the glitter, glamour and things to buy- doesn’t seem interested. I put my head down on his legs and my paws there too. He smiles. A tear or two. This will work. This will work. FOREVER HOME!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Possible Adoption? Part 3

Well, I was right. The female human is really pretty, nice and polite. She does seem a bit nervous probably because I am a big dog. The male human is a bit of the nerdy side- which I can work with if she likes me!!

I walk over to her, get up on the couch, and put my head on her shoulder for her to pet! She’s smiling. She calls me “adorable!” “CUTE!” "SWEET". Pretty observant and right at that!! I’ll stay here a few more minutes and let her pet me. I think I’ll stay a little longer…….. so nice and kind…. Well, better go visit the guy… nerds -why in the world… oh well, I can probably adapt.

I was right. Nerd. Maybe not completely, like on Revenge of the Nerds. No pocket protector. But, nerd. I hesitate. We walk around the room together- Nerd’s checking me out- I’m rethinking this whole thing. She’s very pretty and would probably spoil me rotten. I think I can make it work.

They discuss. It doesn’t look good. I wait. They discuss. I wait some more.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Possible Adoption? Part 2

Please excuse me while I get myself ready for the humans coming by to check me out today. I wanted to write and let you know they are coming. Supposed to be here tonight and I here they are excited!! So, I gotta finish reading this book on “how to impress humans to adopt” and get ready. I have to brush my teeth, rinse my mouth with mouth wash just before they get here, and am planning NOT to eat dinner until after they leave- I’d hate to have gas while they are here and evacuate the house- would ruin my opportunity for adoption. Gotta take a good long soaking bath so I don’t have any dirty spots and my fur will shine and blow my nose as doggie snot is not becoming. And gotta get these nails clipped- I feel like I am getting ready for a hot date with another dog…. Oh I hope it goes well… it’s really nice here and my foster mom is great, but I would like a forever home of my own.

They arrive, a nice couple, she’s apparently a little leery of big dogs and since I’m no small pup, I’ll be gentle with her and win her over. I’ll wait politely in this side room until I am called. Then, they’ll know I am obedient too. Nervous, I wait anxiously. Everything’s all in order. Here I go!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Possible Adoption?

I've gone through a few exams and am being treated for a few problems, then I got a few pictures taken so someone will want to take me home. I look so good that won't take long!!

I had a few visitors today and one family wanted me - I was so excited but then, they changed their mind. I was so confused. I liked them. But, the lady assures me she has someone else interested and we'll check them out.

"I'M SO EXCITED!!!" THE HUMAN ARE INTERESTED IN ME!! Who wouldn't be?? I mean, look at me, talented, hunter, humor, love walks, love to cuddle, I'm so great- I can hardly stand me..... gotta get slicked up....

They are supposed to be here any minute. I wait. And wait. And wait. The phone rings and the lady answers. Not a cancellation I hope... no, they got lost and confused.......oh no, what am I getting into.... he's lived here for 41 years and gets lost...??? oh. Got turned around and stuck in traffic. They are coming on Saturday.

I wait.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Animal Shelter Awareness

I heard or read in the newspaper (dad says we don't subscribe but I am always finding one) or online about "Animal Shelter Awareness." I was rescued by a lady at a shelter/rescue called "PetConnect Rescue". She saw my name on a list and thought I had potential ( whatever that is) and wanted me. I'm happy she did because no one else seemed to since I was at a shelter. My story is:

A lady at "PetConnect Rescue" in Potomac, MD., found me! She set in motion efforts to come get me. I was in North Carolina and since it would be a long ride home for us in the car, she contacted "Pilots 'n Paws" another rescue group who would bring me to them. Well, they did. Good thing, er, great thing I did my business before they came to get me or the ride would have been odorous!!

I ended up in Potomac, MD, at "PetConnect Rescue", thanks to "Pilot's 'N Paws." And this set in motion a search for a forever home.

If you are looking for a new pet, check out your local rescue or if you can donate money or items, visit their websites for info. My two favorites are: PetConnect Rescue and PilotsNPaws.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Welcome to My Blog!!!

Hey! Welcome to my blog. Not sure what that is but we'll find it out together. I'm Dulles Dog and I'll be sharing my life with you- Life through the eyes of a dog- that's me! Hold on, this will be fun!!