Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quips, Quotes, Thoughts and Other Notable Sayings

I really love this quote- has a lot of truth to it.  So, I have to share it with you.

They never talk about themselves but listen to you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation.
-- Jerome K. Jerome

"Ah, Yes, Uh huh!"

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bonding with my Human

What a great morning I had today!!  I got to go the Green Team at church with my human.  I haven't been able to go the last two weeks because of rain and really hot temperatures.   The heat isn't very fun for a guy like me because the sun just radiates off my fur.  My fur becomes hot to my humans touch.  My human carries a canteen with a bowl plus some bottled water for me so I can stay hydrated.  Every few minutes or so, my human gives me a bowl of water to drink.

And, he NEVER, EVER, EVER, leaves me in the car unattended or with just the windows rolled down.  A dog in a car with the windows down can be a tragedy.  My human has his lunch in the car and knows it can be stiflingly hot.  Imagine being in a fur coat too!!!   

While he is working, I supervise to make sure he gets all of the weeds pulled and makes it look great for the Sunday Worship Services.   I get to supervise from the comfort of shade of a tree or even the church.    

The other thing I love about the Green Team is this:

But, don't tell on him- eveyone needs a break once in awhile and the chance to pet me. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Friend

I've been doing some traveling this week while my human is doing some yard work- he's crazy- it's 100+ degrees and he works in the garden- so I take off in his air-conditioned Forester and visit a rescue group to make some more friends.  Today, I visited  Operation Paws for Home (OPH)  - what a cool name- they have dogs for adoption throughout Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania.

"Nana Claire"
Meet my new friend is Nana Claire! Isn't she just beautiful??  Nana Claire came to OPH for rescue with her two puppies. The puppies have found homes and now she's looking for hers! She is around 2-3 years old and is a Bull Terrier, Shepherd mix. Nana is very energetic and well trained. She knows sit, paw, come, wait, and crate.

Nana is a sweet girl that loves to give affection, all 55lbs of her! and will be your large lap dog if you let her!!  Nana’s favorite activities include: fetch, hiking, running outside, chewing on rawhides, and SWIMMING! Swimming is her favorite activity by far, and would love to have a "Forever Home" that would allow her to swim off some of her energy. 

She showed me this video, Nana Claire's video, made of her which will give you an even better idea of what a sweetheart she is!!  I may have to find my way back to visit her- don't tell my human......

Nana Claire is being fostered near Hanover, PA.  If you would like more information on her, please visit Operation Paws for Home.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Meet Darby of "Darby- The Story of An Adopted Dog, Interview 2

My interview with Darby, star of the book, "Darby- the Story of an Adopted Dog" continues today.  Before I chat with Darby for a bit, in case you missed it, you can purchase the books by his human at Amazon, and at Smashwords.

BARK! !  Here we go, so Darby,

Q.          Tell me about the book. What’s it like to be the star or main character of a book?
Twas the year my young master, signed up for the Marines. After fourteens years of being best friends, the young boy had grown up to be a young man. My mussel was gray, my muscles and bones ached from old age. The Lady, Martha Steward was not pleased with her son's decision. The tears and emotions ran through out the house. Martha and I would hug each other and cry for the uncertainty of what life would give us.

The day came the men in blue uniforms arrived to escort my boy, now a man to boot camp. That summer just a day after his 19th birthday my boy was gone, would be over three months before I see him again. Martha and I spent that summer together providing each other support. He graduated from boot camp and was home for while, before going to his training for his MOS.

O the house celebrated for his return. Martha arranged for his friends to come and visit we enjoyed his stay. Being a bit older I was loved by my boy. We shared our moments until the day he left for training. Months went by and my health got worse, I was an old dog. At the age of 15 there not much a deaf and blind dog can do.

The following spring, in the month of May, I feel really ill. My time was coming to an end. My boy was not home to say good by for the last time. My boy was readying for deployment to Iraq. I passed away with Martha by my side, she loved me so much. To honor 15 years of love and devotion, Martha wrote my story to celebrate me and my boy.

Q:           If there’s one thing you’d like humans to take away after reading this book, what would that be?
The reader will discover their own message from the book. There not just one message, the feed back has been inspiring to create a second, Bangle Bear the Tale of the Tailless Cat.

Q:           If you could leave an impression, not related to the book,
everyone’s life in the entire universe, human, dog and yes, even cats, what 
would that be?
Love and be loved. Even in the most uncertain moments of life the love shines 
through. You will find the love, be respected for the being you are and share 
those tender moments.

The book sounds great and your character in it is even more exciting.  Thank 
you for the opportunity to meet you and have this interview.   And, thank you 
Ms. Steward for the opportunities you provided.  

"Darby's Story- The Life of An Adopted Dog"
Amazon, and at Smashwords

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meet Darby of "Darby- The Story of An Adopted Dog, Interview 1


Yesterday, I wrote about meeting the author, Martha Steward, writer of Darby’s. She invited me to interview Darby so I can share some of his story with you. I’ve interviewed him.

It’s with great “BARK!!!” that I introduce you to Darby, the star of “Darby- the Story of An Adopted Dog”. This is part 1 of a 2 day interview!

Q:     When, where were you born? Tell me about your parents. What did
          they do for a living? 

Tucson Arizona is where my life began. My mother was a young pup, her owners did not think about spaying her until it was too late. I am not sure who my father was, story has it he jumped the fence cause my mom was a sweet young of a pup and he was a bit older than her.

Q:      Tell me about your childhood. 

Well, was not good, after my litter mates and I were old enough, my owners sold us or gave a way to people who really were not suitable to take care of a puppy. I was left alone with no real sense of being needed, so I started digging and chewing on everything. The new master's at the time blamed me and hurt me for the damage I caused. I just thought it kept me amused, I had no intentions of causing problems. I was just a puppy needing love, guidance, and a good chewy toy. Well, the next thing I knew I was in a cage at the local pound. I might have been about 4 months old. I was so scared and afraid. I watched daily the other dogs coming and going, some did not return at all.

A few days maybe a week, I was picked up and placed in foster care. I had a vet visit one day, and when I woke up I felt different, the Veterinarian had neutered me. You know over the years I felt good about the surgery. I was not looking for problems. Life was easier for me.

My foster parents, where nice people and I was feed and taught to “sit”, “stay” and “come”. I learned to play with humans. I learned in a kind way not to dig or chew. The foster parents provided a chew toy so my teeth stayed clean. However, I never felt I was home. About every two weeks or so, I would go to an adoption event. I was placed in a crate throughout the car ride, then at the event would wait for strangers to visit with me. Then, only to return back to the house. Months went by, and Christmas was coming. My Christmas wish, a family maybe with a young boy would provide me with a forever home.

Q:      The last adoption day of the year, tell me about the experience. How
           your life changed yet again. 

About a dozen dogs were brought into the pet store that last event of the year. This was it, a week before Christmas. The handlers organized and decided which would go first, and be walked around to show off their talents. My cage was set in the back and I waited and waited to be brought out so I could show off. I could watch the front door of the store open each time a person arrived. The Handlers would greet each person and talk about pet adoption.

A Lady and her son, arrived, watching from my cage. She walked around the store visiting and chatting with the other dogs. I noticed the young boy patting the dogs, and hoped one of them would take notice of me. The event was only for a few hours and I had not been brought out to meet and greet the visitors. My heart was pounding for attention, please I am over here, come pay attention come here young boy. Barking was a big no, so I would only lay waiting for them to notice I was here waiting for them.

While the handler and the lady chatted, I overheard something about fenced big backyard, daily walks, and how they enjoy playing tennis. Tennis balls are my favorite! O Boy to me that family sounded good. So I watched and listened as much as I could.

The lady was kind to each dog, she made one remark about her dog requirements, a personality of gentle nature, easy going not a particular breed more about the character of the dog. That was me, Lady come here I am yours, take me home. I will play with tennis balls, go for daily walks and enjoy the fenced in backyard and best of all I have my own boy to keep company.

Then the moment happen, the lady was not satisfied with the dogs she meet, she looked my way, surprised that I was still in my cage. I remember her asking the handler if something was wrong with the dog. If possible she would like to meet me. The handler agreed. This was my moment to shine.

Once out of the cage, I was leashed and walked out to meet this Lady and her son. She placed her hand down so I could smell her and the boy did the same. They spoke to me, asked what my name is, Darby the hander said. A moment later, my head and back was being rubbed, a little shoulder message by the lady's hands. O my that felt good. The young boy and I stood next together, I could almost look into his eyes, he gave me a pat then a hug. I could not resist I gave him a big wet lick kiss across his cheek. We smiled and embraced the moment. I felt so good, I wanted to go home with them.

The Lady and the young boy, chatted about me and the responsibilities of being a good pet owner, brushing his husky coat, supplying plenty of water and feeding. And, most important, including the dog as a family member.

The moment was done, my Christmas wish had come true. I was heading to my new home, my forever home!

RUFF!!!! BARK!!  Great for Darby- tomorrow, I will be finishing this interview with Darby- he will be discussing a bit more about his family.

And, by the way, you can buy Martha’s books, at two cool websites, Amazon, and at Smashwords.  Not sure if they are available at Barks & Nobles or not- but is that the name of that store?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meet an Author- Ms. Martha Steward

"Martha Steward"

When my human is at work, I love to use his Forester and go to the local bookstore, Barks & Nobles –I think?!! This time, I had the greatest surprise! I got the opportunity to meet an Author, Ms. Martha Steward. She was at a table signing her book, “Darby’s Story-The Life of an Adopted Dog”. Of course, I had to go up and chat with her for a few minutes since she wrote a book that touches the background of my life too. I told her I was a Pawthor of this blog.  

In her books, she teaches children how to adopt and take care of a rescued dog. She shows how great it can be bringing a dog into your home too. My human can vouch for that as well. 
"Darby;s Story, The Life of An Adopted Dog"
As we were talking, I wanted to get to know her further so I could share it with you. She graduated from college Pacific Union College with a B.S. Major in Business and a Minor in Legal Research. Currently, she works for her family business researching global market trends and current legal events. Her son served in Iraq, so I’m giving him a high 4-Paw salute, who is now dealing with PTSD. He will always be in my prayers as well as my humans.

What I find most exciting about Martha is she loves to talk about her life on the family farm, “the animals come from rescues, displaced homes, and adoptions. I designed my own edible garden in the backyard grow my own veggies from artichokes to zucchini’s ..... currently raising a gosling (baby goose) in the house,” she says.

Another passion of Martha’s is supporting literacy groups for children and adults. “March 2012 Read Across America” An annual book tour discovering wonderful animal stories and inspiring persons making a difference for young readers.

Martha has written two books, “Darby's Story” and “Bangle Bear” which inspire pet adoption through the pages. Each book is a MCA Silver recipient for Best Books in Pet and Animal Care. The books go through the process of finding the pet best suitable for your family and address the benefit of spaying and neutering your beloved pets. (OUCH!!) Each animal sets an example of blended family issues, the different personalities and their likes and dislikes. The stories are warm and funny, families will laugh at the conversation the pet have and the outrageous ways cats teach her human pets. On a special note these books help children with family members serving our country and the concerns for deployment.
"Bangle Bear - The Tale of a Tailless Cat"

She has invited me to meet and interview the star of the book, “Darby”. This will be fun. I will have his one-on-one interview with him tomorrow, Wednesday, July, 25, 2012. I am excited as I have never met a star before. 

Oh, I have to mention, here’s two places you can buy Martha’s books, at two cool websites, Amazon, and at Smashwords.

Now, remember, I will be interviewing Darby, the star of Martha's book, tomorrow and Thursday, July 26, 2012.  Going to be an exciting two days!!!  RUFF!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012 is Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue Day

Today, I think back to the days before I met my humans, before life was not as happy as it is now for me and for my humans.

For reasons I don’t know, I was given up, abandoned, and left to defend myself in the hills of North Carolina. Eventually, I was caught and ended up at what’s known as a kill-shelter which basically means I had a short time for someone to come to my rescue. There wasn’t anything I could do, but sit and wait- and of course, get a bit nervous as the time goes by.

A lady in Potomac, MD, got word of me, that I would make a great pet for someone, and she was right by the way, and worked out the logistics for me to go there. I took a helicopter ride, so cool watching the world go by from the sky, with PilotsNPaws (www.pilotsnpaws.org) to the Maryland area. The lady from PetConnect Rescue came and got me.

The humans who rescued me were great! I got cleaned up, some veterinary care, and a place to stay for awhile. After a few visits, a skinny human and his lovely wife came to visit. They took me home and we’ve lived “very happily-ever-after, ever since!!”

Not all dogs are as fortunate. Many dogs end up in shelters because they get adopted by humans who don’t understand the full responsibility of having someone like me around. So, when the humans realize it’s more than they can handle, they leave perfectly good dogs at the shelter which adds to an already overcrowded situation.

I understand that not everyone who loves dogs can adopt.  There are still many ways you can support or help out.  Check this list out:
  • Volunteer at a local shelter or rescue organization.  Take a dog for a walk and/or spend time with him- it’ll make a huge difference to the dog and you, too.  And, I’ll bet you get a smile and a doggie kiss or two out of it as well.
  • Foster a dog.  The shelters only have so much room.  By taking a dog into your home,  you may be saving that dog's life while teaching it some manners for its new humans and Forever Home.
  •  Donate food or  supplies into a collection box at your local pet food store or organize a fund raiser to help raise much needed money and supplies for a local shelter.
  • Spread the word that shelters need help.  It gets overwhelming at times for the humans and the dogs.
We dogs are really great to have around and can do great stuff- but sometimes we need the help of humans to get where we should be –in a home giving love and protection to our humans.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Friend's

Hey!!  Happy Friday!!!!!  I know you are happy about today being Friday, probably more than I am - so celebrate!  It's a great day-

I've got two friends I'd like you to meet today.  If you are looking for a companion or an addition to your family, here are two that deserve your attention.

Meet Archie!   He's a 1 year old Lab/Shepherd mix.  When he fills out from the good food you'll give him, he'll weigh around 50 lbs.  He's had a  rough start in life, ending up at a county shelter severely underweight and desperate for a family to enjoy and would love him with exercise and playtime.

Archie loves to play with people and other dogs, but he can be a bit rambunctious, so his ideal home will not have young children, and will provide a lot of outdoor playtime in a fenced-in back yard, as well as daily walks. His age and enthusiasm make him a great candidate for an active family with dog experience, or a family who is willing to continue his training and consider dog sports such as agility or flyball. 

Archie is being fostered by a dog trainer who is helping him learn to be calmer when interacting with new people and dogs. He is proving to be very intelligent and trainable young pup, which is probably true to his probable breed mix.

My friend is house trained, microchipped, neutered and up-to-date on shots. If you would like to know more about Archie, please complete an online application and Mike or Ann will contact you, PetConnect Rescue Application.

And, I would like to introduce you to Jackson, another friend who is looking for a Forever Home.

Meet Jackson!! Several people who met him at the rural SPCA said that if they were to take another dog, he would be the one. A consistent runner-up, caused the stay at the kennel stretched into many months.

Jackson is a 2 yr old Boxer mix who has the gentleness of a Boxer, but in a smaller package. Underweight now, he should probably weigh around 55 lbs when he gains some needed pounds from the delicious good food you'll feed him. 

A sweet boy, Jackson waits quietly for attention to come his way, and is so grateful for love and a nice long walk. He is calm, gentle, affectionate, and loves all people, older children (10+), and other dogs, but isn't good with cats. Jackson is microchipped, neutered, heartworm negative and up-to-date on shots. 

If you would like to know more about Jackson, please complete an online application and we will contact you, PetConnect Rescue.

Thank you to PetConnect Rescue, www.petconnectrescue.org, for supplying me with the two pics and profiles of Archie and Jackson. 

If you work at an animal rescue group and would like to feature a dog or cat in my "Friday's Friend" posts, please email my human at allen@allenpearsonsphotos.com for details.  Please put "Friday's Friend" in the subject line.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How Assisted Animal Therapy Can Help Those Struggling Emotionally and Physically

(I am a firm believer in animals helping humans lives be better by us just being there for them, check out my human.....without me, I'd worry about him. Humans would be so lost without us. Anyway, I was sent this article that I want to share with you.)

"How Assisted Animal Therapy Can Help Those Struggling 
Emotionally and Physically" 

Humans and animals have a special bond for as long as we can remember. Animals are able to sense when their owner is in pain, is sad or if something is just wrong. When someone is suffering physically or emotionally, the relief and comfort that is needed to become strong again comes from animals more often than anyone else. Because of this, a type of therapy has been developed enlisting the help of our furry friends. This therapy is called animal assisted therapy, which could involve a dog, a cat, a horse or even a bird.

Who Can Be Helped with Animal Assisted Therapy?

Research shows that animal assisted therapy can improve the emotional well-being of cancer patients, abused or neglected children as well as patients that facing a difficult surgery or treatment, such as chemotherapy. Animal assisted therapy is also known to help trigger something in the elderly so that they don’t feel so alone as well as helping war veterans get a handle on the effects of their time spent in the military.

When Did Animal Assisted Therapy First Come About?

Animal assisted therapy ideas date back to 1919 when animals visited mental health patients at a hospital in Washington, D.C. Therapy dogs were also utilized back in 1945 during the World War II. Dogs were used as therapy for injured soldiers of the war to provide not just comfort but also to give them motivation to get well. In addition, World War II patients were also encouraged to work with farm animals and perform farm work in order to have their minds somewhere else rather than on the war.

It has been proven that doctors see more progress in patients when therapy animals are brought in. A child psychiatrist in New York found that he was able to make more progress with patients when he brought his dog to therapy sessions. The psychiatrist was able to conclude that normally withdrawn children were able to interact more freely and willingly when his dog was present. A study from the State University of New York in Buffalo found that stockbrokers with hypertension and taking medication for their condition saw a reduction in stress-related blood pressure when they shared their daily lives with pets.

As new research becomes available, animal assisted therapy will grow. This will help not only improve one’s overall well-being, but will represent the fact that humans need animals to carry on with their life just as much as animals need humans to survive.

About the Author: Don Bennett works with Lila, a Therapy Dog at The Center for Creativity and Healing, a Counseling practice in Charlotte, NC.

Monday, July 16, 2012

What Is On Your New Puppy Shopping List?

Today we are going to answer a questions that pops out quite often from a lot of people and especially first time dog owners. And that question is: “What do I need when I bring a puppy home for the first time?”.

Bringing home a new puppy is a very exciting moment in your life and also in your new puppy life. It is going to be a big adjustment for both of you and it helps if you prepare properly. There are several items you want to have right ahead. 

Food is the most important things. Try to find dog food that is appropriate for your dog’s age and breed. Also, look at the ingredients and select food that not contain too many chemicals, additive and preservatives. Having some treats around is also a good idea and you should buy them taking into consideration the same quality standards.

You need to put that food somewhere so you will have to have dog bowls for food and water. It’s also helpful to have a storage container for the food that is air tight. So it has to keep the food fresh and free of pests.

Having a restraint is a great idea. Go with the head collar or body harness instead of neck collars, as these offer better control without harming your puppy. Don’t forget the lead to go with it. Get a relatively short one for walking and an extra-long one to use during training.

Pens or crates
Think about how you want to house train your puppy. You will either need a create or an training dogpen. There are several things you need to look at before buying one: shape and size, material, manufacturer and so on. Dog pens are a great way to keep your puppy and a safe, controlled environment so it should definitely be on your check list.

Toys are a great idea. Look for hard rubber toys that are made to extend the dog’s chewing. You don’t want items that will fall apart. Definitely avoid using household items like shoes as toys, unless you want your dog to literally eat through all of your foot wear.
These are the basics, but there are a lot of other accessories you can pick up, but these items are the only things truly necessary for your puppy. The rest will come later.

I hope you find this useful and I wish you best of luck with your new puppy.

About the author:
This article is written by Ashan Dezoysa is the pets lover and founder of PetsLess.com (discount pet supplies with free lifetime returns).

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Friend

My Friday's Friend today is a female pug from PetConnect Rescue.  I just met her this week and she seems like a sweetheart.  Here's a pic and some info. I received from her foster mom.

Meet Angel Marie, a 3 yr old, 25 lb. Pug/Miniature Pinscher mix.  She was found as a stray in Kentucky. Initially, she's a bit shy with new people, but warms up quickly.  Her foster mom says Angel Marie is “the sweetest dog you've ever met.” (well, I'm guessing she hasn't met me yet- oops!)  

Angel Marie loves to play with other dogs and take long walks, but most of all she likes to snuggle and get tummy rubs. Angel Marie is housebroken, crate-trained, spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations. If you would like to know more about Angel Marie, please complete an online application. Then email Kim.

Thank you to PetConnect Rescue for supplying the picture and profile of Angel Marie.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Best Ways to Pamper Your Dog

I have a guest blogger today who has written an excellent article that I want every human to read and remember!!

Dogs are a treasured part of the family and you want yours to feel happy, comfortable and loved. Most dog-owners enjoy giving their canine companion more than basic necessities. Some might call it "spoiling," but pampering your pet is a way to express affection. The time, love and pampering you invest in your dog will be returned with unconditional love and loyalty throughout the years. Following are some ways to enrich your dog’s life.

Choose the Best Quality

· Dog Food: Many people believe it's not a problem to feed their pets bargain pet food. After all, it helps to keep expenses down, right? The truth is low-quality dog food may not provide your pet with the nutrients that promote good health. Ask your veterinarian for dog food recommendations to ensure your dog is getting the nutrition necessary to a beautiful, shiny coat and a strong, healthy body.

· Treats: Pets don't need extra treats any more than we do, but it sure is nice to enjoy them once in a while. Pamper your pet with delicious, nutritious treats to reinforce good behavior or on special occasions. Limit the number of treats you offer your pet so they’re special and don't lead to weight gain.

· Water: It's essential that your pet always have access to fresh water. Provide your pet with clean water by using a water filter for the healthiest water possible. For an extra treat, drop an ice cube or two into your dog's water on hot summer days to help your pet cool off.

Maintain Good Health

· Regular Visits to the Vet:  Regular visits to the veterinarian are essential for your pet’s health. Veterinary care helps protect your dog from health conditions that result from insects, parasites or injuries that occur while outdoors. And veterinary care can add years to your pet’s life.

· Grooming: Keep your pet's skin, coat and teeth healthy with regular grooming. Different breeds have different grooming needs regarding skin and coat, but all dogs need regular teeth cleaning to prevent decay and gum disease. Talk with your vet to learn the best ways to care for your pet's skin and coat.

· Exercise: For health and social purposes, you should walk your dog daily. Make this a regular part of your routine to ensure your pet gets the exercise and activity needed. Although walking can be a time you and your pet both look forward to, some people don't have time for it every day. If you can't walk your dog daily, hire a dog walker so your dog can be active and see other people, places and dogs.

Promote Safety and Happiness

· Training for You and Your Pet: Obedience training creates a stronger bond between pet and owner by teaching appropriate behavior and boundaries. Your pet will be happier and safer when it understands what behaviors are appropriate and which ones aren’t.

· Make Sure Your Home and Yard Are Safe. Your dog’s safety depends on you, so make sure you provide your dog with a safe environment inside and out. Be alert for chemicals, sharp objects or other items lying around that can cause illness or injury. Ensure your dog has a place to stay warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. Provide a fenced-in backyard or other safe place where your dog can run and play safely.

It's only natural that you want to show your love and appreciation to your dog with a little pampering. Incorporate the ideas above to ensure many happy, healthy years together with your beloved furry friend.

Cameron Tyler is a pet enthusiast that loves pampering his pets, sometimes maybe too much. If you'd like to learn more about him check out his Twitter at @camerontyler87

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday's Success - Big Mike

A few weeks ago, my buddy "Big Bruno" sent me a video about a dog named Mike which he's taking care of and trying to find a Forever Home.  In case you missed it, which you shouldn't have because you're an avid reader of mine (right???), here's the link to the original post, Big's Bruno's Video.

He has sent me an update, it's got some good news and some sad news.  Grab a hankie or a tissue and sit back a few minutes to view this video.

Where's the success in this, you might be asking?  The opportunity to make an animals life better, the challenge of it, the chance to see a dog or cat smile or give you the loving eyes look is success.

I want to thank Big Bruno for his work with the dogs and for his work in producing these videos.  A few weeks or so ago, I featured an interview with him, here is a link to that post, Big Bruno's Interview.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Friend

Happy Friday!!!!  I'd like to introduce you to my friend this week, Barry.  Barry is a cat.  Yes, a cat.  My dog buddies are beginning to wonder about me, but that's ok, because I believe every dog or cat deserves a Forever Home.  That's why I write this post- try help get them homes.

Charming, playful Barry is a wonderful companion. A gentle boy with gorgeous coloring, Barry is a 1 year old neutered male. Although he is technically a "young adult," Barry loves to explore and to play with his toys just like a kitten. Sometimes Barry likes to engage his foster mom, a law student, in lively discussion to help her with her legal arguments for class. His "speaking voice" is the cutest soft meow. When he isn't being kitten-ish, Barry loves to curl up with you or on you and he loves to give kisses, too. Mellow and affectionate, Barry will warm your heart with his unconditional love. He is microchipped, up-to-date on his vaccinations, and he always uses his litter box. Barry tests negative for leukemia and FIV. To meet Barry, please complete our online application and his foster will contact you, PetConnect Rescue Adoption.

Sounds like he could make a good companion to some of my intellectual friends!!  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Alexandria Prohibits Use of Electronic Collars on Dogs as Form of Physical Restraint

My friend at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria sent me this news article about the public use of electronic collar in the city.  Here's what they had to say:

"The City of Alexandria has adopted an ordinance which excludes electronic collars and similar electronic devices as legal methods to physically restrain dogs in public!  A unanimous vote in favor of the ordinance occurred at the City Council's public hearing on June 16 which will go into effect on September 1.

The goal of the ordinance is to preserve public (and canine) safety in a densely-populated community where dogs are welcome just about everywhere. Additionally, Alexandria offers residents and visitors 18 fenced and unfenced dog exercise areas where dogs are not required to be leashed. Dog owners may use electronic collars and other training devices in these dog parks, at sanctioned obedience training classes and field trials, and on private property.

The ordinance to exclude electronic collars was first proposed by the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) to City Council in November of 2011, and was passed unanimously at the November public hearing. After dog owners and local businesses raised concerns, Council rescinded the ordinance in December. The City staff and the AWLA worked with citizens about changes which was revised so not pertain to dogs in off-leash dog parks and those participating in obedience training courses and field trials. The sale and use of electronic collars as a form of training will not be affected by the ordinance. However, all dogs must be restrained by a physical leash while in public.

Since new ordinance goes into effect September 1, 2012, Animal Control and City staff will be working to educate the public over the next few months.   Dogs without a physical leash, will cause their human to get a warning from the Animal control officers  and will be urged compliance between now and September. Beginning September 1, a dog in public wearing an electronic collar can be considered running at large, and the owner may be cited and fined up to $100.

More information on Alexandria’s ordinance requiring all dogs in public to be physically leashed can be found at www.AlexandriaAnimals.org/e-collar.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dogs and Fireworks

My human loves me quite a bit and wants to take me with him on every adventure he can.  However, I am really glad he understands that dogs and fireworks don't mix so we don't go out for this event. Here are a few tips to follow:

The Noise and Lights
Though my human thinks I am the most brilliant dog of the entire universe, there are still some things I don't understand or like.  Please don't tell him, as I love being thought of as the perfect dog.

The noise and lights associated with the fireworks -they are frightening.  They make me want to run as fast as I can to get away from them or drop to the ground getting as low as possible.  Am I being attacked?  Since I can't drag my human around on a leash, I tend to walk right next to him for protection and only pulling when I'm really scared.

My human does not take me to any firework shows.  He stays home with me and we watch something funny on TV or he plays the stereo in his photography studio loud while he works.  Anything that would buffer or hinder the noise.   He will have the lights on too.  He loves for me to join him there.

"Dogs and Fireworks- not a good mix!"
Don't Leave Me Outside
Don't leave me outside when the fire works start even in a fenced in yard.  Or even when some of the kids start shooting off the firecrackers.  I've had fellow dog friends who have accidentally run away from home out of fear from the  noise.  Then they were lost and confused. A few were found by their humans at the shelter the next day.

If you need to let me out, go out with me so I have the comfort of your presence and so if I start to run- you can help me.

ID Please?
My human regularly checks that my ID tags are up to date and on my collar.  Make sure your ID tags are up to date too- oops sorry.   This way, if you get lost, er, if your dog gets lost you can claim him easier or if someone finds me they can contact my human.

Meds. or A Shirt or...
If the noise from the fireworks frighten your dog, you may need to contact your veterinarian for some help. A few common ways to care for your dog is to create an "anxiety wrap" using a T-shirt or purchase a product made for this purpose. Wrapping fabric around an animal can give the pet a feeling of greater security.

Also, I would say as a last resort, your Vet can prescribe tranquilizers or you can use a non-prescription remedies such as Rescue Remedy or Serene-um to calm your dog.

But, PLEASE, be sure to talk with your veterinarian before trying or attempting to use any medications. I am not an expert in this area but he/she is and can help so much better.

Punishing, Scolding, Coddling
Punishing or scolding your dog for his behavior around fireworks isn't a good idea.  It just confuses the guy- and coddling just reinforces the behavior you don't like!   Instead, assume your role as leader and act confident around these noises.  You can reach down and pet his head but not in a manner to condone my behavior.

Crates or Safe Places
My human gave me a really great crate when he adopted me.  You really need to see it- I have his art work on the walls- it's really cool.  I've got a water bowl, pillow, and some blankets there too.  Snoopy has nothing on me!!  The crate is my home within my human's home.  When I just need a break or am scared, I go to my crate or another "safe place."  My human makes sure to leave the crate door unlocked so I can open it and go in when I want.

I have 3 other safe places in my human's house. One of them is in Dad's studio, one in the master bedroom and another in the garage.   The one in the garage is used mostly when my human is working in the front yard and I want to be with him- it is not ideal place to go during fireworks.

My favorite place is his studio. I have a big stuffed pillow with a pillow and blanket that I can lay on.  My human keeps many of my toys and treats here too.  So, I can play, watch TV, listen to CD's or the radio but most of all, my human is there.

You will learn what works best for your dog- my human learned by reading and asking questions and taking the time to get to know me- "his best friend" the perfect dog of the universe.

What do you do to keep your dog safe during the fireworks? Please leave a comment below so others can learn from you!