Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Friend

My next friend for you to meet is from PetConnect Rescue of Potomac, Maryland.

Meet Murphy.......

Murphy, a 1½ yr old, 55 lb Shepherd/Collie mix, was hours away from being gassed at a rural shelter when PetConnect Rescue rescued him! (Oh my!! Sounds a bit like my situation!!) We think Murphy had lived most of his young life outside, because he is just learning his in-house manners, however, he's extremely intelligent (sounds like me again!!) and is learning fast. 

Murphy just loves human attention, and loves leaning his body against yours to stay close. He does well with most other dogs, especially female dogs. Due to his early life, we think Murphy would do best with older children and in a household where he wasn't left alone for long periods of time. 

He has been neutered and microchipped, and is heartworm negative and up-to-date on shots. If you would like to know more about Murphy, please complete an online application then email Mike or at PetConnect Rescue Online Application.

Thank you to PetConnect Rescue for sharing information about Murphy.  Used by permission. 

Friday's Friend's

Where did this week go!!? Wow!! It flew! I know my humans are happier about that than I because they get to spend the whole weekend with me!!  And is there a better way to spend your day than petting me? 

I've got two friends to introduce you to this week.  First, Gillian and then Murphy. 
WOW!! She looks a lot like me when I was just a young spry 'cept she's much prettier being a female.  She's a beautiful girl!  Meet Gillian! Gilly has been with Operation Paws For Homes way too long, and they haven't the foggiest idea why! She's an adorable little lab mix and very sweet with a side of spice! She is fearless and will play with anyone and everyone-even her 60lb foster brother! We describe Gillian as a tomboy-she doesn't mind getting down and dirty if it will allow her the chance to play! However, if her foster brother plays too rough, she will stop and want to be held against your chest for a little snuggle. 

Gillian is  about 5 months old.  She is working on her house training, which is coming along well and up to date with all shots. She is not a very vocal puppy unless she cannot get something she wants. She is a wonderful little puppy and would love the chance to go home with you!

Looking for a dog to add to your life?  For adoption on Gillian and other information, Please go to Operation Paws For Homes

Thank you to Operation Paws for Homes for submitting the information and image for Friday's Friend.  Used by permission.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Car travel tips for dog owners

Today we are going to briefly talk about travel tips and travel safety for dogs and puppies. We all love our dogs, so it’s no wonder we want to bring them along on vacation, but this can be a little tricky sometimes. Anyhow, dogs are awesome travel companion so here is what you need to know before you and your dog pack your bags for a road trip. Below I listed the top 5 most important things I could think off before going on a road trip with my dog. This list is not exhaustive, so any other ideas are welcomed.

1. One of the first things you want to do is to get the phone number and address of a local animal hospital at your destination and program it into your cell phone, just in case of emergency. You also want to have an ID tag with your contact details.

2. Pack a photo of you with your dog in case he gets lost and you need to prove he belongs to you. You also want to remember your pet’s first aid kit and your spare leash. By the way, you might also need your dog’s ID in this type of situations, so make sure to carry it with all the time.

3. This is important. Make sure to buckle up your dog securely for the ride. True great ways to protect your dog along the way are crates and car harnesses. I personally, like to use a car harness in conjunction with an extension lead so my dog has a little room to move around in the back seat.

4. Do not leave your dog in the car while you hit that road sign dinner. Your vehicles internal temperature can rise to deadly values for a dog, even with the windows cracked. And if you roll your windows down all the way you run the risk of him escaping or somebody coming by and stealing your dog. So, pack a cooler or hit the drive through window. 

5. Don’t forget his favorite toy. Also, bringing in some treats and water is highly recommended especially if you are planning a longer drive.
Have a safe an happy trip!            

Taking all the safety measures you possibly can before going on a trip with your dog or puppy is just as important as buying essentials such as dog food or a good dog pen. Remember that your dog is your best friend and making sure that he gets everything he needs in order to live a healthy and happy life is one of the most fulfilling things that you can do.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Got Dog Hair??

Now this is exciting, I got to review my first product!

If you are like most humans, who love dogs, you've got dog hair- all over the place!  And, in some cases, you might have a lot of it.  Well, here's a product which may help you control those hairs!  A DoggyHairNet!!

"The DoggyHairNet"
The DoggyHairNet is created by Fred and Debbie Rembert. The idea behind the product is to prevent your dog from shedding all over the place but into the net. The net wraps around the dogs legs and body, captures the hairs and you clean it out.  The hairnet can be bought at DoggyHairNets.

The concept is a good idea, but, a consideration is a good diet can prevent shedding with most dogs.  Also, if your dog is having incredible shedding, you might mention it to your vet- this happened to me and as it turned out- I was allergic to my collar.

If you need some extra protection since you're having a party or an event where you don’t want your buddy to shed all over the place and be a problem for guests or want a “clean” house, the hairnet product should do the trick. 

One of the really cool features about it is the lightweight material.  Since I get hot easier than some dogs, it’s not comfortable for me to have much on- especially during these really hot summers.  Yes, even indoors it can get a bit too much.  

A few concerns I have is that I’m not sure how well it will hold up while trying to put on a dog who fights against you putting it on it, but just be careful.  Another, is the hook and eye clip at the end of the zipper.  It could come loose and become something easy for me to eat or even chew off.  Or, when you take it off your dog, be sure to set it somewhere he can't get to it.  So, if your dog is a chewer, you will want to order the item with the Velcro connector.  I know from my own curiosities that get me in trouble to pass on this recommendation.

More information as well as purchasing details can be found at DoggyHairNets.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back-to-School Adoption Event Matches A+ Animals With Adopters

Happening now at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) is a Back-To-School Adoption Event which will continue over the next three weeks. Each week will feature a different animal adoption promotion at the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter, and unique adoption discounts. The event celebrates the new academic year and the League’s first assignment is to find permanent, loving homes for all animals in the shelter before the end of summer. More information about the adoption event, weekly promotions, and discount details can be found at Alexandria Animals - Back to School.

The weekly adoption promotions include, Fill Your Empty Nest (8/22 – 8/28), Meet the Class of 2012 (8/29 – 9/4), and “Bark” to School Week (9/5 – 9/11). Discounts on adoption fees will be available to adopters each week, including an Underclassmen Discount on all small animals. During the final week of the event, the League will host “Bark” to School Night at the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter, where adopters can enjoy light refreshments while meeting adoptable animals and their daily caretakers. Dog adopters may continue the education process after the event with four free classes in the League’s Charm School.

“The adoption event is a fun way to engage potential adopters as they prepare for the start of another school year,” says Kathy Vellenga, Director of Adoption Programs. While the event and adoption discounts are not limited to parents, heading back to school is an experience that everyone can relate to. Vellenga adds, “August is typically a slow period for animal adoptions around the country and we want to help our animals, many of whom have been here the entire summer, find the homes they deserve.”

The Back-to-School Adoption Event ends on September 11. All standard application processes and screening procedures remain in place for adopters. The Vola Lawson Animal Shelter, located at 4101 Eisenhower Avenue is Alexandria, is open for adoptions and animal viewing from 1:00 Pm to 8:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. The shelter is closed to the public on Wednesday.

If you would like more information on the AWLA’s Back-to-School Adoption Event can be found at Alexandria Animals.

About the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria: The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria is an independent, local, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and recognized by Charity Navigator as a Four Star Charity. Operating the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter, an open-admission facility and Alexandria’s only animal shelter, the League provides care for more than 3,500 animals every year, including strays, lost pets, local wildlife, rescue animals, and pets surrendered by their owners. Serving the community since 1946, the League has contracted with the City of Alexandria to provide animal care, control, and sheltering services since 1989. The AWLA is committed to ending animal homelessness, promoting animal welfare, and serving as an educational resource for the community.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dogs in the City: Three Pet-Friendly Chicago Destinations for Your Next Vacation

The hit new reality TV show "Dogs in the City" proves that most dogs actually can be conditioned to behave properly in dense urban areas, which gives pet owners more opportunities to share experiences with their furry friends. Although this conditioning is possible, it's important to seek out help from a trained professional if your dog happens to be one of those pets with a tendency to attack people they don't know. Anyone who has seen the episode with modeling agency owner Elli will know what I mean.

However, if your dog gets along well with others and has picked up a few crucial obedience skills, there's no reason you can't take him with you on an upcoming trip to check out the attractions in the bustling city of Chicago. To tailor your experience around fun for both you and your pup, consider the following top three best pet-friendly sights in the city.

1. Clarence Buckingham Fountain
One of the more refreshing Chicago attractions for a summer visit to the city, Clarence Buckingham Fountain features gigantic sculptures of sea horses shooting streams of water into a lagoon surrounding one of the city's most popular works of art. The fountain dates back to 1927 and features an identical design to one of the fountains at France's famous Versailles Palace. At night, the fountain is often illuminated so you and Fido can stroll through the area and enjoy the captivating brilliance of this awe-inspiring landmark during your daily walk.

2. Grant Park
Your best friend can enjoy some exciting social time with other four-legged furballs at Chicago's Grant Park, which is designated especially for families and their pets. This spacious 18,000 square-foot area offers a fitting destination for Frisbee, fetch and other pet-friendly activities in the great outdoors. Although the region offers plenty of freedom for playtime, it also features fences around the outer edge to ensure maximum safety for your pet. This allows dog owners to feel more comfortable taking advantage of the no-leash privileges in this area of the Windy City.

3. Navy Pier
A must-see sight of the Windy City, Navy Pier boasts more than 50 acres of attractions and shopping centers that are all pet-friendly. Although you won't be able to bring your pooch inside the shops, you can both walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the sights together. You can even take your furry friend on an architectural boat tour at Ogden Slip or one of the pier's famous Seadog cruises. After touring the city's breathtaking architecture and rich cultural history, you and Fido can chow down at the pier's pet-friendly food court with a wide selection of everything from pizza to sandwiches to Chinese food.

4. Riverwalk Gateway
Take your canine pal on a stroll through the Riverwalk Gateway, which crosses under Lakeshore Drive and the south bank of the Chicago River. A beautiful mural by Ellen Lanyon celebrates the history of the river’s important role in the city beginning in 1673 right up through the beginning of this millennium. You and your dog can enjoy an energizing walk while learning a bit about Chicago’s engineering and industrial innovations.

5. Horsedrawn Carriage Rides
If you’re looking for a real highlight for your trip to Chicago with your dog, consider a ride with man’s (or woman’s) best friend on a horse-drawn carriage. There are a few companies that offer these tours throughout various areas around the city, including the Loop and Lincoln Park. This could be the perfect excursion for you and your pooch on a sunny day at any time of year.

Although many public vacation venues may discourage bringing your four-legged friend along for the ride, Chicago is an excellent destination for fun that the whole family (your pet included) can enjoy together. Keeping the above pet-friendly attractions in mind can help you accommodate your furry friend throughout your experience in the city, without missing out on any of the most worthwhile sights Chicago has to offer.

Cameron Tyler is a pet enthusiast that loves pampering his pets, sometimes maybe too much. If you'd like to learn more about him check out his Twitter at @camerontyler87

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Friend

A few weeks ago, my human went to an Open House at Muddy Paws of PetConnect Rescue and met several dogs, oh, and other humans too (sorry all of you great volunteers!).   I'd like to introduce you to Bailey, one of the dogs he met and photographed.  

Bailey is a one year old, 33 lb. Basenji mix.  He was taken to a high-kill shelter when his elderly and frail person could no longer talk care of him. 

Bailey is a gentle, affectionate boy who likes every person and dog he meets. He just loves to give your face a sniff and then a little tentative kiss. 

Bailey is house trained, likes to ride in the car, and would make a wonderful family dog. He has been neutered, micro-chipped, is heartworm negative, and up-to-date on shots. If you would like to know more about Bailey, please complete an online application and then email Mike.

Thank you to PetConnect Rescue for their support of "Friday's Friend" by supplying the picture of Bailey and his information.  If you would like to support PetConnect Rescue financially or in other ways, please go to Donations.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Dogs Communicate Using Their Tail

Dogs use their tails to and other things to communicate with you their moods. The emphasis on the use of the tail for communication varies, depending on the breed concerned. Dogs can communicate a wide range of behaviors with their tails, from excitement to aggression.

Tail Talk
Some dogs are better equipped to communicate with their tails than others. Breeds such as herding dogs tend not to rely on their tails to any significant extent, whereas many toy breeds, such as the Chihuahuas, use their tails as a very important means of communication with their owners. The tail provides an instant way of indicating their mood, which can then be responded to.

Reading the signs
A raised tail signifies that a dog is alert and paying attention to what is happening in its environment. Such behavior can soon lead to a more engaged response with the dog wagging its tail enthusiastically from side to side. This signifies excitement, with dogs usually greeting their owner in this way if they have been separated for any length of time. Should the tail be extended in a more horizontal position, this can be a sign of uncertainty, while a tail that is tucked down between the hind legs is typically seen in a nervous chastened individual. Prominent tails can run the risk of being badly injured, though, in case of sporting dogs, and this is why the tails of dogs kept entirely for field work are still sometimes docked in countries that otherwise ban this practise.

Tail Variations
Just as with the ears, there is considerable variation in tail shape, size and flexibility, which accounts for the varying emphasis placed on the tail in canine communication between different breeds. One of the characteristic of the Spitz group of breeds, for example, is the way that their tails curl down over the back and forward to on side. A few breeds, especially members of the herding group, may be born with tails that are much shorter than normal, or even absent; these individual are know as “bobtails”. Breeds with long coats have longer fur on their tails as well, so their tails are heavier and les flexible when it comes to communication. Many smooth-coated hounds, such as the Bloodhound, have tails that allow pack members to spot them easily when they are pursuing their quarry through undergrowth. It is for this reason that they tend to display them held high over their backs.

Tall Stretch
Dogs that just wake up may give it a big stretch with its tail and its body. It may extend the tail horizontally at first, before wagging it from side to side and then keeping it raised, while waiting to see what is happening. A range of muscles are responsible for controlling the position of the tail and its movement.

Protecting your dog is important, keep them safe in the house, protect rooms or areas of your home with a petroom divider. Your supplier of gates in the USA.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Friend

Wow!  It's Friday already- well, no complaints from me- I'll get more time with my humans over the weekend- I love it.   I hear my humans discussing dinner with my cousin, their nephew, tomorrow night- so I guess I'll get to go out for pizza!!!!  YUM!!

I've met two cat friends through PetConnect Rescue and would like to introduce you to them, possibly you are looking for some companions.  
"Denali and Yukon"
Meet two cats siblings, Denali and Yukon.  They are a gorgeous pair of Siamese Snowshoe kittens with the striking blue eyes typical of their breed. Denali loves to snuggle right under her foster’s chin, where she will purr her contentment. She loves her brother Yukon, and they chase toys, wrestle and nap together. Yukon is definitely a lap cat, when he’s not leaping in the air to catch a toy mouse or batting at a wand toy (he might have been an acrobat in one of his other nine lives). Denali and Yukon are definitely a bonded pair that want to be adopted together. Both are healthy, have started their vaccinations and have perfect litter box manners. If you would like to meet Denali and Yukon, please complete the online application and we will contact you, Application.

Thanks to PetConnect Rescue for supplying the image and information for today's Friday's Friend. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dog and Cat Photography by Allen

My human photographs dogs- he creates beautiful images of your dog which are fun, not too posed though he can do those too, and doesn't use a computer software to edit.  So, you can have them printed and framed or printed on canvas and note cards.  He has alot of fun with it.

Lately, he has done a lot of photography work for a few local rescue groups and a charity.  He loves meeting the dogs and helping them to find there "Forever Home."  He tells me he does it because several people helped him find me.  Isnt' that cool??

Here are a few images he did recently for a few rescue groups located in our area.

"Wanna Play?"

"Who Are You?"

"Happy to Meet You!"

"Pleased, I'm Sure!"

"Excuse Me! I Have My Mouth Full"

"Hey!! Look Who's Here!!!"

"So Pleased To Meet You!"

He will photograph your dog for you at the location of your choice for a session fee - you order the prints and products you want with no minimum required.   Visit, Allen Pearson's Photos, Dogs and Cats Photography for details.  If you are on Facebook, Allen Pearson's Photos.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Friend

My human visited the Muddy Paws Farm a few weeks ago to photograph for PetConnect Rescue. He met several dogs, came home smelling like 5 dogs which didn't make me very happy but I tell myself he's helping other dogs, including Laney which is my friend for today! And, my human took this picture too!!

Allow me to introduce you to Laney, a very sweet, friendly brindle Basenji or Whippet mix.

She as born early last fall, and at 30lbs., is probably full-grown.  A very energetic girl, she plays well with other dogs and has shown no cat aggression. Her favorite thing is a good romp in the backyard! 

Laney is working with a trainer and is making great progress with walking politely on a leash and learning to sit and stay and housebreaking skills.  Like any young dog, she will need someone who is home much of the day to continue with house training and socialization. 

Laney is healthy, spayed and up-to-date on shots. If you would like to know more about Laney, please complete an online application and we will contact you, PetConnect Rescue

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cat Care Tip

 I got to talk to my buddy, Kurt Schmitt, this week at Cat Lovers Only.  He doesn't know what's he's missing by only loving cats- but I'll still be his friend so maybe my "dogness" will rub off on him- and he'll realize the err of his ways.  

Anyway, he's a great guy and sent me this tip to share with you:
"Cat Contemplation"

"Walks aren't just for dogs. If your indoor cat takes to it, you can harness and leash train her. Start out slowly by just getting your cat used to wearing a harness inside the house. Then, you can progress to hooking up the leash. Eventually, you can walk inside the house, and later, outside."

Check out  Cat Lovers Only for more really cool cat information.  And, my human has a book that my friend Kurt put together for Cat Lovers.  It will be posted in a link for your download soon.