About Friday's Friend!

(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!

What is Friday's Friend!?

"Friday's Friend!" is a weekly post written from the perspective of a rescued dog (Noah and Abby) and cat (Samson) introducing their dog and cat friends from local rescues and shelters needing "Forever Homes!" Paws, humor along with facts about the animal are used to introduce the dog or cat.

Woofs, all "Friday's Friend!" posts are based on the dog or cat's behavior from information submitted to us by the rescue or shelter. Barkingly, the biographical information includes experiences based on the rescue and/or the foster parent's experiences and observations. Paws, this is impawtant to note because the dog or cat may pawssibly act one way in a foster's home and another in yours especially while going through the transition adoption period which lasts approximately 3 weeks. 

For Rescues or Shelters:
Any non-profit animal rescue organization in Central and Northern Virginia can submit information for "Friday's Friend!," but it must be a dog or cat since my blog is focused on tips, events, and stories for the new dog or cat parent.

Barkingly, the requirements for participation are really basic, I'll paw them for you:
  • Send a profile, short bio, or a bullet point list of traits of any dog or cat in your organization you'd like featured.
  • Send a pic of around 500-800 px, on the long side.  Some have asked, does my human have to take the pic?  No, he doesn't but we must give credit where it's due- so if you can let us know who took it, that'd be great!  Otherwise, we will give copyright credit to the rescue or shelter.
  • Email the information to me at thedog@fromthedogspaw.com by Wednesday mornings when requested.  Please note "Friday's Friend" in the subject line.
    •  We feature one dog and cat each week rotating animals to be featured among the participating rescues or shelters.
    • We request a contract agreement before publishing your photos and detail.  
  • We DO NOT accept internet sales of dogs or cats. Please do not inquire
If you have fundraising events, we may support them by blog posts and our social media as space allows. Please inquire.  

Why do we do this?  
I am a rescued dog and was blessed to have found my pawfect humans, Mom and Dad- yes, in that order.... ruff!!  So, I like to help where I can and "Friday's Friend" is it! And, my pawfectly pawsome humans can only handle one dog, ME, at a time so this is our way of helping other dogs and cats.  

There are no costs involved to participate.  However, we require placing links to www.fromthedogspaw.com on your website on the supporter's page or whatever you have closest to that. Mentions are an acceptable form as well. Sharing our promotional items is requested. 

So, welcome and RUFF!!!!  I hope you will consider participating in Friday's Friend and enjoy our posts. 

Should humans have questions about any animal featured in "Friday's Friend!" are to contact the rescue listed in the blog post. 
(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!


Kirby the Dorkie said...

I luv This idea! We foster one dog at a time so this is close to my heart!

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you!! Since I am such a huge handufl, my human can't foster a dog, so is how we support fosters, rescues and shelters. He does photography for them too. Any rescue and shelter is eligible to participate. RUFF!!!!!! Noah

Dona125 said...

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Mark Taylor said...

Great postVet