Friday's Friend!

What is Friday's Friend?

"Friday's Friend" is a weekly column written from the perspective of a rescued dog introducing dogs and cats from local rescues and shelters needing "Forever Homes!" Humor along with facts are used to introduce the dog or cat.

Any animal rescue organization can submit information for Friday's Friends, but it must be a dog, cat or horse since my blog is focused on tips, events and stories for the new dog or cat parent.

The requirements for participation are really basic, I'll paw them for you:
  • Send a profile, short bio, or a bullet point list of traits of any dog or cat in your organization you'd like featured.
  • Send a pic of around 400-600 px, on the long side.  Some have asked, does my human have to take the pic?  No, he doesn't but we must give credit where it's due- so if you can let us know who took it, that'd be great!  Otherwise, we will give copyright credit to the rescue or shelter.
  • Email the information to my human at Allen Pearson, it is so cool to have an administrative assistant.  Please note Friday's Friend in the subject line and he'll get it to me.  
  • Since Friday's Friend has grown to being published in the Fairfax County Times, a contract agreement for publishing your photos and detail is required.  
If you have fundraising events, check out "The Paws Calendar."  

Why do we do this?  I am a rescued dog and was blessed to have found my perfect humans, Mom and Dad- yes, in that order.... ruff!!  So, I like to help where I can and Friday's Friend is it!  

And, my perfect humans can only handle one dog, ME, at a time so this is there way of helping other dogs and cat.  My Dad will photograph for rescues in the Northern Virginia area too, so they can have great images for their website or publications.  You can contact him at Allen Pearson.

There are no costs involved to participate.  However, we require placing links to our photography ( and blog ( to your webpage(s) on the supporters page or whatever you have closest to that.  Mentions are an acceptable form as well.  Sharing our promotional items are required. 

BARKS! Should you have questions, please contact my human, Allen, at

So, welcome and RUFF!!!!  I hope you will consider participating in Friday's Friend and enjoy our posts.  

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