Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Metro DC Dog Blog: The art of rescue

The Metro DC Dog Blog (Northern Virginia Dog) shared this link about an art event to raise money for rescue groups.  If you are interested in art or dogs or cats or all three check it out:

Metro DC Dog Blog: The art of rescue: Between February 6 and March 6, the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton will hold an art exhibit that features two local artists who are using t...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Sunday!!!

"Trail Bridge Over Creek"
Happy Sunday, my friends.  This is my day with my humans. And, I just love it.  First, Dad takes me for a really long walk- it's usually our 2-3 miler.  Dad comes home tired and I want to play fetch- go figure.

Then, they go to church and have some lunch somewhere.  Don't know why they don't take me, because I definitely believe in God. But, lunch at a restaurant for humans, is really beneath me- not up to par for my taste buds.  And, you know what food like that can do!

"Elderberry Woods Trail"
After lunch, my humans take their naps and rest.  This is where my fun starts.  I get to curl up with Dad and Mom and nap too.  When Dad wakes up, depending on the weather, we'll either go for another walk or we'll do some gardening in the backyard.  Either way, it's more attention for me than normal- it's my day.  after God, that is!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gotta Share this with you!!


I've got to share this with you.  It's a bit about a program I heard about recently.  This isn't my work or writing, please see the credit below.

"Man's Bestfriend"

Maj. Alisa Wilma, Area Support Group - Kuwait, command veterinarian, shows Luka, Red Cross volunteer and member of the human-animal bond program, a treat during a recent visit with troops. Luka and Grayson the cat are available through Red Cross for any person who has a need to spend time with a cat or a dog. Through programs like this, Third Army is continually taking care of the emotional and physical needs of deployed service members while continuing to educate leadership on how to better take care of their soldiers. U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Regina Machine.

Introducing Harlan

Dad went around the area last weekend photographing two dogs for PetConnect Rescue.  I am proud of him taking the time to help dogs and cats without a home.  And, he loves it!  I know because he has to explain ALL of those STRANGE DOG SMELLS on his clothing when he comes back!!

"Want to be my Human? - Harlan"
Meet Harlan, he's a 54 lb. black Shepherd mix estimated to be about 1½ yrs old. He's happiest when running, and would make a great jogging companion. He enjoys  relaxing next to you on the couch and being petted. He is happy playing by himself or with you, and we bet he likes the water. A very smart dog, as most Shepherds are, Harlan loves to use his nose. Also, he loves to chew, so a steady supply of chew toys and bones are a must. Harlan can be unsure with new people at first, and a home with a dog-savvy person and with kids over 10 would suit him best. He is dog-friendly, although there are no other dogs in his foster home. His foster family thinks he is an amazing dog that needs lots of loving along with patience as he learns to fully trust. Harlan is housebroken, crate-trained, good on the leash, up-to-date on vaccinations and neutered. If you would like to know more about Harlan, please complete an online application. Then email Melinda.

In case you need the website, it's PetConnect Rescue.

Friday, January 20, 2012

An Adoption Event- Saturday, Jan. 21

Good day- I wanted to get this out earlier, but my brain went on mental pause and just sat there.  Sorry, it happens sometimes.  

Here's some info. about an adoption event with PetConnect Rescue tomorrow.
Cat Adoption Event at Rockville BARK!
01/21/2012 11:00 AM - 02:00 PM ET
Rockville BARK!
1643 Rockville Pike (Congressional Plaza next to Whole Foods)
Rockville, MD 20852

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Friday's Friend

Hey!  I've got another friend I want to introduce to you this week.  Wait!  This is another cat! The world is becoming overrun with cats!!! Run! Humans! Run!  Trust me on this one!   Ooops! Sorry must have been gas on the brain or something. 

Ok, so my friends at PetConnect Rescue (particularly that cat lady!) would like you to meet Gina. She’s a gorgeous girl (er, for a cat, that is)! She was rescued by one of PetConnect’s volunteers when she was discovered in a drain pipe with her kittens. A terrific mom, her kittens have been adopted and she’s ready for a forever home of her own. Like me, Gina likes having her humans all to herself, so would love to have a home without other pets where she can be the center of attention (smart cat). Gina is two years old, healthy and up-to-date on her vaccinations. To meet her please fill out an application at: PetConnect Rescue - Gina or visit PetConnect Rescue.

Into cats, check her out- she seems like a sweetheart! (can't believe I said that about a cat- but I do want them to be happy too).

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Living with A Photographer

For the most part, living with a photographer isn't too bad.  I get to pose for photographs, then I get to sit and help Dad pick out the good images.  This is the hard part, all images of me are perfect- so not much deleting happens.

The one part I don't like is that he always has his camera with him.  Mom has threatened him a few times not to take her pic or else.......  that doesn't work with me so we all know who is boss around here....   anyway there is an annoying side too, such as when you are trying to rest.....

I need some sleep!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Weekend

It's almost the weekend and I am so excited.  I love the weekend.  My humans are home, we get more time together and since this weekend is a 3 day one, we'll have a lot of time together- sometimes I get taken someplace special to see.

Noah at Great Falls National Park - 1st overlook
A few weeks ago, Dad and his buddy, took me to Great Falls National Park to see the falls and hike a few trails.  It was cool to see the water rushing over the rocks, but I don't understand why they needed to see it three times.   I went to one place with Dad's buddy because Dad couldn't climb up there so we went to another.  Did the same thing there, same water, same falls, little different view.  I'm done and ready to go exploring, but no, these two humans want to see more water.  All it makes me want to do is pee.  And gotta watch myself in a park with people around.

  Don't get me wrong, the view is awesome!  But, in my opinion, since there are thousands of scents for me to explore- one view of the water is all I need....... then Dad has me photograph-wants a pose of me by the water.  Don't I look great?

We finally follow a trail or two, I walk with Dad's buddy since he can move much faster than Dad can.   We leave him in the dust, then "let" him catch up.

I love the weekends, because I get to spend time with my humans.  I know Dad has a dog to photograph tomorrow but after that- He's MINE!!!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Meet Two Rescue Volunteers and Two Friday's Friend

I'm so excited -today I introduce my weekly series "Friday's Friend."  I have a few introductions to make, like the humans who help out so much to ensure Forever Homes for us critters, then I'll introduce you to two "Friday Friends."

Brussels, Bombay & Gracie
I'd like to introduce you to the human who helps cats, her name is Barbara Kertess.  I've always wondered about humans with cats- like they are crazy or something, when I met Ms. Kertess, I realized my thoughts were true!! (just kidding) Here's what I learned about her, "she was adopted by a cat at six years old, by a loving gray tabby named Tina. More recently, she was rescued by a pair of polydactyl brothers (Brussels & Bombay) and the following year, a tuxedo girl (Gracie) who all benefited from being fostered in wonderful homes prior to living with her. Then she got to thinking that fostering kittens/cats waiting for adoption was much better than having them sit in a cage at the shelter. She started fostering for Montgomery County Humane Society and then a neighbor told her about PetConnect Rescue. It’s a fantastic Rescue group with a committed group of volunteers, dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs and helping them to find loving forever homes."

Being a volunteer who rescues dogs speaks volumes and volumes and volumes about how great the human is.... no partiality here, but they are great!  I'd like to introduce you to Melinda Solley, here's what I learned about her, "I rescue them-LOL. I have no professional experience. I have a pack of 3 and foster several. I am known for being the dog match maker (dog with the right human). Just gut instinct but I do pretty well :) " Now, she's off to chase after another dog!! A woman of few words because the dogs keep her busy!!

My first "Friday Friend" is:

"Wyatt – A handsome young kitty, is looking for a forever home! Rescued from a shelter in the South, he is an easy going one year old boy who loves the attention of his people. He will greet you at the door when you come home and rub against your hand for a good petting session. He would love to have a home where he can be the focus of attention without other pets. Wyatt is neutered, current on vaccinations and has super soft fur. If you are interested in meeting him please complete a PetConnect Rescue Application - Wyatt (or at www.petconnectrescue.org and go to cats) and his foster will contact you."

My next "Friday Friend" is:

Bufford - A handsome 55 lb., 2 - 3 yr old Lab/Hound mix. Bufford was a stray and on his own for awhile, and then left to linger at the shelter. Luckily for Bufford, the shelter volunteers knew this guy deserved a chance, and sent a plea to PetConnect Rescue. Bufford was very shy at first, but now he is wagging his tail, play bowing, offering a paw, giving kisses and smiling all of the time. His current foster home is full of activity with other dogs, cats and two young children, and he gets along with all of them. Although he can be startled by loud noises, he recovers quickly. Bufford is crate-trained, neutered, up-to-date on shots, and microchipped. If you would like to know more about Bufford, please complete an online application. Then email Melinda. (or at www.petconnectrescue.org)

If you are looking for a pet, check these or others out at www.petconnectrescue.org.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Friday's Friend and other stuff

I love when Dad's turns on the computer and let's me write.  But, why does he turn on the parent controls for?  Guess he wants to be in more control than he really is but, its probably for the best.

Anyway, exciting news.  To give you a break from hearing about me all the time, which it's really all about me, but not always all about me-though I think it is.  Oops. Sorry.  I am going to writing a few new series or stories or articles, oh, pawticles maybe? No, though sounds odd.

The first group of stories will be done with the help of my friends at PetConnect Rescue, Potomac, MD, called "Friday's Friend."  I will be writing about one of my friends, a dog or a cat who needs a good home.  My friends at PetConnect Rescue will be introducing me to the critter and I'll write about them.  I hope you will enjoy the series.

Since I still don't have a drivers license, I have to depend on email for this part, but, as I can get the info., I will be writing a history background, maybe with photos, about different rescue groups.

The first Friday's Friend will happen this week- feature I cute cat I'd like to chase down the street, er, let you meet!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Winter Coat- 2

Earlier this week, I mentioned my winter coat that my Dad makes me wear when it gets cold.  Despite the fact that I don’t like to wear it, it’s good for me and we all have to do things we don’t like in life!  Of course, there is fun in giving Dad a hard time sometimes.  It’s been awfully cold here lately which reminds me to mention cold weather care.

As you read in an earlier writing, where I posted the link to Accuweather’s article about paw care- be sure to have your human check your paws after a walk or being outside in an area that’s not your own.  My Dad doesn't use any chemicals on his property that would harm dogs or be a potential problem should a dog get in it. But, he’s pretty adamant about keeping me out of stuff when we are elsewhere.  The scent of everything gets my attention, so I’m off to get into it, while Dad’s being drug behind me to my scent’s delight.  He always wins and I don’t get into it.

One thing I love is my home.  I am spoiled but please don’t tell… I am loving it!  I have 3 places inside the house that are mine.  I can decorate them as I please- just ordered some art for my crate from Dad’s website, and I have two huge pillows- one is Dad’s studio and the other in his bedroom.  Mom and Dad keep me inside, especially in really cold weather.  They will let me go out to play for a bit but they keep an eye on me so I don’t get too cold. Yes, I am spoiled, but it’s a good thing.

Remind your human to keep you indoors at night, and during the day when they are not home, when the weather is freezing (and even the heat of summer).  Or, have them build you an insulated dog house which will protect you from the elements all year-round.  A couple $100,000’s should complete a nice place for you to stay outside if they don’t want you to be indoors.  Be sure to ask for the complete outdoor kitchen and living area too!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Winter Coat

Me in my Winter Coat
I had a great New Year's weekend with my Dad and Mom.  

As usual, Dad spent a good part, not enough in my opinion, but a good part of his weekend walking me.   Yesterday, he decided we'd check out another trail in the area that was much further than he thought, as in close to 3 miles or more.  We got home and he was ready for a nap but had too many chores to do and was not happy when I wanted to play fetch.  I let him sit down- what more does he want?

I really don't care for this time of year-it's cold, downright freezing.  And, Dad makes me wear this silly red coat.  I feel ridiculous although I have gotten some looks from some really hot babes along the way, er, lady dogs.  

Dad bought me the winter coat at Wylie Wagg when he noticed that I shiver in the cold.  I was supervising his snow shoveling work when he noticed. I didn't want to go inside because I needed to be sure he did it right (like I know what he was doing).  And, then comes the coat.  He tried a few hideous ones that made me look like an old geezer- all I needed was a lit pipe!

Ok, so I am warmer with it than without.  So far, he doesn't want me to wear other costumes so I'm keeping my muzzle shut.  At least I don't have to dress like Dad does when we go for a walk- he looks like a misplaced Eskimo!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!   Not sure why I say that because today doesn't look any different than yesterday- except that's it's Sunday instead of Saturday.

Dad and Mom said they weren't going out- they spent most of the day doing things around the house and it was a dangerous night to be out- not sure why but if that's true- I'm glad they stayed home (of course, I am alway glad when they are home with me!!).

Anyway, Happy New Year- may God bless you and your humans, may you have many great walks, plenty of those delicious treats you only got when you were really good without have to be good, may you get to go to your favorite EXPENSIVE SHOP often and get to buy stuff on your human's credit card, and may those moments with your human be often, blessed and long.

Happy New Year!!