Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

"LAB LADY!!"  Great to bark with you again!! WOOF!!!!  I love it when you bring friends from the Lab Rescue of L.R.P.C., Inc. by for me to introduce to my friends!  Who do you have with you this week?
"Hello Noah- I've got Buddy with me this week- he is a 60 lbs., 9 month old Chocolate Labrador Retriever neutered male.  He is good with children ages 10 and older but maybe not so much with cats since he has no experience with them!"

Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

WOOF!! He looks like a really pawsome barkingly pawtastic dude!  What else can you tell us about him?

"Buddy loves humans and dogs- he's a big goof- who wants to cuddle and play with everyone- but he's fairly low energy for his age.  He does well walking on a lead and keeps up with the foster's resident dogs. And, he enjoys riding in the car."

Buddy can be crated but doesn't seem to need it- and so far- he hasn't gotten into anything that wasn't a dog toy.  He's a sweet boy who'll make a great family dog for some lucky humans!"

Thank you "Lab Lady" for sharing about Buddy!

If you would like to learn about dog adoption and meet Buddy, please visit Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc..

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, Washington Humane Society

Happy Friday! WOOF!!  Been a ruffing week as my human came home from a trip and then had to do some work to care for grandpa.  With the weekend here, he and I will have time for our walks and games of fetch!  

My friend from the Washington Humane Society brought a cat today for me to introduce to you- Snarfuls- is that a cool name or what?  Barkingly pawsome, I would say!

Meet Snarfuls- a snuggly little lady who loves to play!

Credit: Washington Humane Society

A 5-year old cat, up to date on her shots, she came to the Washington Humane Society when her humans moved and couldn't take her with them so she is looking for a "Forever Home!"

She takes a paw of time to warm up to humans, but once she does, you'll hear non-stop purring and get tons of head bumps from her.

A meticulious young lady, to paw the least, she appreciates having her coat brushed. Hanging out with other cats is a bit strange for her so she prefers to hang out with human friends. 

Are you looking for a playful and affectionate cat?!  If so, Snarfuls is the pawtastic girl you want to meet!  

If you would like to meet the pawsome cat, or to learn more about cat adoption, please visit, The Washington Humane Society's Georgia Avenue Adoption Center, 7319 Georgia Avenue, NE, Washington, D.C. or visit Washington Humane Society.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Paw Calendar- Upcoming Weekend Adoption Events: Dog Adoption

Looking for a dog or cat to adopt?  A companion? A friend? A buddy to spend time with going places or cuddling or playing games in the backyard?

My friends are hosting adoption events around the area this coming weekend - barkingly, pawsome- here is a calendar of local dog and cat adoption events.

Pawlese be sure to confirm with the rescue event before driving any distance as events can change between now and Saturday or Sunday- WOOF!

[Dog Adoption]
Saturday, May 31, 2014
12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
1809 Reisterstown Rd.
Suite 131
Pikesville, MD
P: (410) 484-0070

[Dog Adoption]
Sunday, June 1, 2014 
12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Pet Valu
5750 Union Mill Road
Clifton, VA
P: (703) 266-3696

[Dog Adoption]
Saturday, May 31, 2014
12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Muddy Paws Farm
26330 Mullinix Mill Road
Mt. Airy, MD 


[Cat Adoption Event]
Olney PetValu
11:00 a.m. - 01:00 p.m.
Olney PetValu
18115 Town Center Dr
Olney, MD 

Paws to you in finding a best buddy!!!  WOOF!!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day - PAWS TO YOU!!!

Barkingly pawsome, I salute the Members of the United States Military, those serving all over the universe protecting my rights to free barks, tail wags, liberty, pawing, and the right to live with humans and the rights of humans to have dogs in their house, pursue life, liberty, and happiness throughout this country of ours! WOOF!!

Ruffingly pawtant is to remember today, those who have lost their lives in the line of duty whether in battle or not- PAWS TO YOU!!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc.

"Ellington (aka "Cookie Monster")
Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
WOOOF!!! Happy Friday! And, happy Memorial Day Weekend!

My friend “The Lab Lady” from Lab Rescue while on her way to having a great weekend, stopped by with a friend for you to meet! He is a 4-year old neutered (ouch!) Black Labrador Retriever- Ellington!

Ellington loves humans- especially when they have doggies treats! He’d love a home where he could share his love and well, cookies- or biscuits or any other great dog treat! He likes to chew antlers, bones and nylabones, but not so barkpressed with compress rawhides and to play with rope toys.

Ellington is crate trained. And does well when left alone. He can use some refresher obedience training. 

Though a pawsome dog, he does have not have experience with children, so at least 10 years old would be best. Barkingly, no cat experience either.

Ellington is up to date on vaccines. He is Heartworm and Ehrlichia positive. He is on Doxycycline to cure his Ehrlichia disease and as part of the Heartworm pretreatment. Lab Rescue will pay for Heartworm treatment if done at one of our vets. Will need Distemper & Lepto boosters for between 22-29 May .

See Ellington on YouTube at: Ellington's Video
If you would like more information about Ellington or dog adoption, please contact Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc..


Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Washington Humane Society

Happy Friday! I hope you have got some great plans for the weekend!

One great way to spend your weekends is with your own dog, a companion, a friend, that you can have great times with- my friends from the Washington Humane Society have brought a cool guy by for you to meet!! This is Zorro!

A barkingly pawsome, two-year-old, 57 lbs., American Staffordshire/Terrier mix, Zorro is a cool dude waiting patiently waiting for his forever home! 

Curiosity, friendly and loves to meet new humans are his traits!  Like to run?  He does too!  With humans and animals in the People and Animals Cardio Klub (PACK). 

Zorro has really good manners never jumping on you, unless you want him to, but will quietly lean against you while you relax on an outdoor bench or on the couch. 

If you’re looking for a running buddy, a companion, or someone to play fetch with, then Zorro is your guy!

You can meet Zorro at the New York Avenue Adoption Center, 1201 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, DC, (202) 576-6664 or visit Washington Humane Society and learn about dog adoption too.

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Twenty Paws Rescue

Happy Friday- I welcome a new rescue organization to "Friday's Friend" this week. Twenty Paws Rescue located in New York and Pennsylvania!  WOOF!!

I read about one of their dogs on Google+ this week which was shared by one of my human's colleagues and got an introduction to her!  Barkingly pawsome, I would like to introduce you to her-  meet Allie!

Credit: Twenty Paws Rescue
Allie is in New Jersey and is looking for a foster or a "Forever Home" in Rhode Island, New York ,Connecticut, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania!

Miss Allie is a Labrador Retriever/Hound mix! At about 2-3 years old, 42 pounds, she is up to date on shots, spay, and microchipped with a gorgeous brindle coat mixed with white and black spots.

Allie's sweet, gentle, girl full of energy and love. She knows basic commands and is learning more every day.  A smart young lady, she is easy to train and her leash training is going well too.

Allie sleeps quietly in her crate all night and doesn't make a sound until she sees your face in the morning, then you're greeted with her happy tail going a mile a minute!  A barkingly pawsome way to start your day- WOOF!!

A fun and sometimes silly girl with “puppy like” traits, Allie will steal a sock, or jump on your lap without warning! Durable chew toys are a must for this princess they keep her happy and occupied. She will be extra happy if her toys include a helping of peanut butter!

Allie loves to be with humans !  She will lay and cuddle on the couch with you. When you decide to get up, you will have this lovely lady following you to your next destination.

At this bark, Allie needs to be in a home with no other pets. She is calm and mellow around children.

If you would like to see a video about her, please visit, Allie's Video.

If interested in fostering or adopting, please email Twenty Paws  at or If you would like more information about dog adoption or Allie, you can visit Twenty Paws Rescue

**They are having some trouble with their email, so if you don't hear from them, please follow up!  They respond to all emails!**

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dog Breeds: Boxers and Boxer Mixes

One our neighbors adopted a Boxer a few years ago- the dog is one cool guy and seems to fit in with the family very well.  This month, I am sharing with you an infographic about Boxers.  If you're considering dog adoption, I hope this will give you a good idea about the breed.

Looking for a Boxer Dog or Puppy?
Why Not Adopt!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Noah's Houndism's - Car Safety

"Noah Wearing His
Sleepypod Click-It 3 Point Safety Harness"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

Hey buddies!! You’re human should be strapping you in the backseat of the car when you go for a ride! Using a properly constructed car harness will keep you and your humans safe should you be in an accident or have to stop quick!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

"Holly and Colt"
Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
My friend the Lab Lady brought me two friends this week who are looking for their "Forever Home!" These two are bonded buddies and need to be adopted together-

A really cool thing about these two dogs is if you adopt them, you only pay one adopt fee- so it’s a two for one!!! Barkingly pawsome deal! Of course, to me, any dog is a great deal as unconditional love is priceless.  And, the love of a dog is... well pawsome! 
"Holly and Colt"
Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

I’m ruffing that these two get adopted and soon- they lost their home due to their human’s financial situation and could not care for them.  Colt and Holly are good for children 10 years old and older. I don’t know if they’ve had any experience with cats. WOOF!!!!

Colt and Holly might be a bit timid at first when meeting new people, but once they've explored a little and warmed up to you – they enjoy time with humans. WOOF!! Holly is the boss and Colt follows her lead. They are very active for their age and love to run out in the yard. The two are very happy, affectionate and loving dogs!

Colt is one cool dog- he loves to give doggie kisses! He is a 12 year old, 76 lbs Chocolate Labrador Retriever. When meeting someone, Colt will gently come up allowing you to pet him without barking. Being an outdoor dog, he loves to run and play but hasn't had much opportunity to go for walks. He knows the some basic commands: sit and kennel up!

Holly is sweetheart- a 70 lbs., 12 year old Black Labrador Retriever! She is a friendly girl and loves to give you kisses. WOOF!!! I love that!! WOOF!!! er, uh, excuse me- She needs to be adopted with Colt as they are a bonded pair who have been together since they were puppies.
"Holly and Colt"
Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

Holly is house and crate trained. She’s spent a majority of her life living in an outside pen with her buddy Colt. She is house and crate trained. 

Interested meeting Colt and Holly? Interested in dog adoption?  Contact the Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. for more information!

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

Credit: Operation Paws for Homes
WOOF!!!! Happy Friday- my friend from Operation Paws for Homes introduced me to a young sweetheart of a pup this week- you're going to love her!  Please meet Vanessa! 

This 25 lbs., 7-month old, young lady will steal your heart and love you endlessly!!!  She is full of energy and love with a non-stop wagging tail- unless she's checking out something while on a walk!!

A smart young 'un, Vanessa is pawsome at learning commands and already knows how to sit for treats and doing well with  "wait" and "come". 

Vanessa is good on a leash! She is working on her housebreaking skills and is doing well so far.  She's a young gal and will need patience and consistency! 

She is one happy dog, always happy.  Her foster says she's the happiest dog she's ever seen!

Vanessa would love to have a canine friend to play with as she is so full of energy and play. 

Vanessa is up to date on on her vaccines and is fostered in Woodbridge, VA.

If you would like more information about dog adoption or to meet Vanessa, please visit Operation Paws for Homes.

Friday's Friend: Rabbit Adoption, Washiington Humane Society

 HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! I love Fridays!  I start preparing myself to do more with my human- he comes home from working and we go do stuff together.  Spring is most fun because we can do stuff on Friday nights too since it's light out longer!  WOOF!!

I've got a friend from the Washington Humane Society for you to meet this week!
Credit: Washington Humane Society
 Woof!  Arf?? I guess I never really pawed much about it, since I'm usually chasing them in my yard- though my human tells me those are different, but rabbits would make a great pet and a pawtastic friend.

I'd like you to meet a pawsome rabbit named Thumper!  Thumper is looking for his "Forever Home!"

Thumper came to the Washington Humane Society after someone called them when they find the guy abandoned in his cage on the street!  WOOOF!!!!!!  He seems like such a sweet rabbit!

While waiting to find his new "Forever Home," Thumper is getting himself fit and trim for his new human by putting on some weight as he was really underweight when he was found.

He is a bit nervous as he's had many changes in his rabbit life lately, but he warms up quickly.

Looking for a rabbit as a pet?  Thumper may be the guy you are looking for!! He is looking for a home where he can get lots of love and be let out of his pen to hop around for a while each day!!

Want to meet Thumper?  You can do so by going to the New York Avenue Adoption Center!1201 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002 or visiting Washington Humane Society!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

4 Surprising Things about Retired Racing Greyhounds

Used by Permission: wikimedia, wikipedia/commons
While volunteering in greyhound adoption for about four years, part of my job was working meet and greets in pet stores with my dogs, Ajax and Capri.  People loved to be able to see and pet a real live racing greyhound, and they frequently asked the same questions.  Today I’d like to give you a mini-meet and greet experience by talking about the four most surprising things about greyhounds.

The number one question I get is “You need many acres of land for them to run in, right?” 

True, they can run up to 45 mph and hit that speed after only three strides.  They are the Maserati of the dog world.  Like cheetahs, greyhounds run with a double-suspension gallop.  That means that all four feet are off the ground at two points in each stride:  first when with the legs extended front and back, and second when the legs are gathered under the body. 

But the truth is that they are a Maserati with a five-ounce gas tank.  A greyhound race is a high-speed sprint that lasts for 30 seconds… and they race twice a week.  The rest of the time they do their second-favorite thing which is to lie around and sleep.  So that gives you a clue about their exercise requirements.  You don’t even need a large yard for them to run in.  Many take retirement very seriously and don’t actually care to run.  Retired racers can easily be kept happy with one twenty minute leash walk each day. 

A variation of this question is “Aren’t they high strung?” The answer is absolutely not.  Greyhounds are by nature very calm and mellow, curious and friendly.  Someone once asked me at a meet and greet if our dogs were sedated because they were sprawled all over the floor snoozing.  Setting aside the fact that I’d never sedate any animal, let alone my own babies, I did enjoy telling him “No, this is truly how they are.”  Greyhounds are about as high strung as a pond.  Wherever they are, they tend to ooze down to the lowest geographical level.  We call them 45-mph couch potatoes.

The next question I get a lot is whether they bark at all.  They certainly can and do, but they tend to be very quiet animals.  Greyhounds communicate with their people with whimpers and whines more than barks.  Personally I like that because when my dogs bark, I know it’s something really important.  Greyhounds are so quiet that we are always welcomed as large gatherings into communities like Gettysburg, Myrtle Beach and Dewey Beach.  Bystanders at these social events marvel at how you can get a hundred dogs together in a small space and there’s almost no barking. 

One vocalization that is universally loved by greyhound owners is what we call “rooing”.  A roo is kind of a high-pitched howl.  Nobody is sure what it means, but it seems to be some kind of mild complaint.  When my dogs do it at home, the message seems to be “breakfast is over, walk us already!”  It seems to be very social.  So we usually celebrate the end of every large social event by getting all of our dogs to roo en masse for a couple minutes.
Used by Permission: Flickr Creative Commons

The third thing I hear a lot at meet and greets is comments about how soft they are.  Unlike other short-haired breeds, greyhounds have exceptionally soft skin and fur.  Capri feels like satin and my boy Ajax is upholstered in the finest velvet.  It makes them a joy to touch, which is perfect because most greyhounds love to be petted.  They don’t have oily skin and very little undercoat, so they rarely have any body odor and tend not to trigger people’s allergies.  And as you can see from the photos, they come in every color of the doggy rainbow. 
The problem with having soft skin is that it tears easily which makes playing with other dogs a challenge.  To protect the dog and our wallets, we recommend that greys wear a basket muzzle when they’re confined together.  A basket muzzle is protective equipment like a hockey mask, it’s not a punishment.  And as you can see, this type of muzzle doesn’t restrict the dog’s mouth in any way so he can pant and yawn and even eat and drink if he needs to. 

The last thing that surprises people is something that I find very endearing:  greyhounds have very expressive, almost magical ears.  Most other dog breeds pin their ears back when they’re afraid or angry.  Greyhounds keep their ears folded back when they’re relaxed.  This does confuse people, and I’ve been asked many times why my dogs are sad.  No one knows for sure why the natural position for the ears is folded back, but it does serve to keep the wind out of their ears when they’re going 45 mph.  The magical part is that they have full voluntary control of those ears and can raise and lower them at will.  You can tell how interesting something is by how upright the dog’s ears are.  I find it very charming that my dogs’ ears bloom like roses.

So now you know that retired greyhounds are calm, quiet, soft and charming!  They have many more interesting characteristics as well, so the next time you see a greyhound out and about; don’t hesitate to ask his owner questions or for permission to pet him.  There’s nothing that greyhound people love more than talking about their dogs!

Sharon Conger served on the board of a Virginia greyhound adoption organization for three years before turning her efforts to galgo rescue.  Still active as an occasional volunteer for Blue Ridge Greyhound Adoption, she now serves as treasurer for Scooby North America.  Besides bookkeeping for SNA, she works fundraising booths at east coast adoption events, assists with online fundraising, and does everything she can to encourage people to adopt greyhounds of all shapes and sizes.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Noah's Houndisms

Make no mistake. Everyone has one. Male or female, you’ve got one. You can’t not. Whether you want to admit it, if you didn’t have it, you would miss it and many other things along the way that are connected to it. So whatever you may be doing, you need to stop and cherish it. Hug. Kiss. Lick (as the case may be). Realize the blessing you have- if you are reading this, you have been blessed. Honor the gift you have been given for you never know how long you will have the privilege to do it.

For though we all have one, not all of us have one to celebrate with today. While others are blessed to have one-

If you do have yours, be sure to celebrate the love of life it brought you- reach out and remember- if there are boundaries- drop them, you will regret it later if you don’t.

Reach out to them who have lost theirs, for they may hurt at this time of year, may shed a tear, while others may not.

Whatever you do- be sure to celebrate it.

PAWS TO YOU!! Happy Mother's Day to Animals and Humans!! 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

"600 Miles Home" -A Video created by Operation Paws for Homes

(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
Last November, I pawed the opportunity to view a video created by volunteers and friends of Operation Paws for Homes- one of the rescues my human and I do some photography and blogging work. They are a great group of humans which you’ll see in the video.

The video helped to educate the community about their animal shelter and got more funding for it. That I would say is a barkingly grand project!! WOOF!!!! The politicians were so moved by the documentary, they had is played on Northland Cable Channel 16 in Greenwood, S.C., which will help educate the community.

First, I'd like to paw this note from one of the volunteers:

"There are thousands of dogs in need of a second chance and a loving home around the United States, so you may be wondering “Why does Operation Paws for Homes rescue dogs who find themselves in southern, rural shelters?” The documentary, 600 Miles Home, explores the cultural landscape that dictates why Operation Paws for Homes has chosen to partner with the southern shelters and rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt out dogs from this region of the country. The documentary highlights our partnership with one small shelter in Greenwood, SC, and demonstrates how we are giving many deserving dogs a second chance at a forever home.

The shelter in Greenwood, SC is a threadbare shelter; it is underfunded, which forces the Humane Society of Greenwood to make tough decisions each day that determine which dogs will be put up for adoption, and which dogs will be put to sleep. The incredibly loving staff at the shelter faces this horrible challenge each and every day. Over the last year, Greenwood has formed new partnerships with rescue organizations in the North to create a team that works to change the future of many dogs that come through their door. The partnerships allow Greenwood to work locally on adoption programming, as well as save dogs by sending them to reliable nonprofit rescues. The result of the shelter and rescue partnerships… Hope for everyone.

We hope you enjoy watching three Operation Paws for Homes dogs – Capone, Oprah and Nirvana – as they journey from forgotten and discarded dogs to the shelter, our rescue, and finally to their forever homes. 600 Miles Home is an important film for adopters, volunteers, and anyone interested in changing the culture of animal sheltering and rescue. Remember – without Operation Paws for Homes volunteers and each wonderful adopter – this journey would not be possible. Each time someone fosters and adopts – you may not be changing the world – but you are changing the world for one dog at a time."

Here is the link to the video, I have you enjoy 600 Miles Home by Operation Paws for Homes.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to post or promote this video- it's my pawsome responsibility to share as much as I can about dog and cat rescue and adoption. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

Credit: PetConnect Rescue

WOOF!!!!! It's barkingly pawsome to hear from my friend Cat Lady of PetConnect Rescue!! She has brought me a really cool cat to introduce to you- !

I'd like you to meet Bond!  James Bond.  He always wears his tuxedo and has made it through some rough times with dignity and style!

You'll notice his ear was tipped when I got neutered and his front leg was shaved for a blood test which shows he doesn't have FIV or leukemia. The fur will grow back, but my ear will always have that handsome rugged look. 

Bond is a little guy!  As a full grown cat, he weigh 7 pounds. Healthy and has had all his shots. 

Bond loves toys, treats, and being petted. He will flop onto his back for you once he kknows he can trust you. He likes other cats, but I'm not yet sure about dogs. 

What do you think of my facial exclamation point?!

Interested in cat adoption and meeting Bond, please complete an online application at PetConnect Rescue.  One of their Adoption Coordinators will contact you.

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

My friend "The Lab Lady," except this week I should call her "The Labs Lady," as she brought by two Labrador Retrievers from Lab Rescue for me to introduce to you this week.  These friends are pawsome and  must be adopted together!

Barkingly, I want you to meet Colt and Tally!
Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

There two guys were surrendered when their owner passed away and the other one wasn't able to take care of them.  They are very happy to be out of the shelter and in a foster home while looking for the right human to take them to their "Forever Home!"

These two are nice sized, around 60 lbs., Labrador Retrievers.  Tally is a multi-colored Yellow Labrador whose coat ranges from pure white to deep butterscotch while Colt is a handsome Black Labrador Retriever!  WOOF!!! They are house trained and crate trained.  Colt and Talley eat meals very nicely and take treats gently. The pair walk on the leash pretty well though Tally definitely takes the lead, while Colt enjoys stopping and smelling the roses!!

Their experience with cats is unknown as they have never lived with them!!
These two are approved for kids 10 and up.

Though Colt and Tally are very friendly and wonderful Labrador Retrievers, their recent rough go of the changes in their lives have made them a bit excitable which should settle down once they can get into a stable environment and are getting regular exercise and attention!

Colt is a 10 year black neutered male.  He does have arthritis so he may do best in a home with limited stoped.  He is current on his vaccines and will need boosters between May 15 and  May 22, 2014. Colt tested positive for Lyme disease and is being treated with antibiotics for one month.

Tally is a 6 year old yellow spayed female, is current on her vaccines and will need boosters between  May15 and May 22, 2014.

If you would like to meet these two great Labrador Retrievers, please visit Lab Rescue!

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Washington Humane Society

I'm glad it's Friday because I get to paw about my many friends who are looking for their "Forever Home." WOOF!! And, it usually means a lot more time with my human outside playing fetch, taking very early morning walks and walks at sunset. It's great to have a dog to spend the weekend, RUFF!! and the rest of time too.

Dog adoption is a great way to add a friend to your family.  And, a great way to add fun and excitement too. WOOF!!

My friends at the Washington Humane Society introduced me to a young lady you've got it meet- WINNIE!!

Credit: Washington Humane Society
A sweet, playful, loving, and adventurous one-year-old, 43 lbs., American Staffordshire/Terrier mix, Winnie is looking for an active home with adults or dog-savvy children who will play with her and take her outside for lots of walks.

Though Winnie has had a rough past, she doesn't let that get her down or in the way of enjoying humans and being a part of the People and Animal Cardio Klub (PACK).  She is popular and has many doggie friends.

Interested in meeting Winnie and learning about dog adoption, you can do so by visiting the Georgia Avenue Adoption Center, 7319 Georgia Ave, NW, Washington, DC, 20012 or visit Washington Humane Society.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is the birthday of the greatest human who ever lived! The best!  The most pawtastic and barkingly pawsome human- MOM!!!!  Happy BIRTHDAY!!  Mom!   ............ uh, er, arf? woof?   I mean, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!  You don't look a 1/2 century + 1 year old!!!  WOOF!!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

I had a great visit this week with a friend, "The Lab Lady" from Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.  She works with the dogs, assists with dog adoption and has been introducing me to Labradors which are available for adoption. A barkingly pawsome lady- pawtastic!  WOOF!!

The Lab Lady has brought me pawsome dog for you to meet- oh, sorry, yes, I am part Black Labrador Retriever- but I do love all dogs!  The Lab Lady and I would like you to meet- Dixon-

Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
Can you see the fun in his eyes?  Looks like a great dog to enjoy the warm weather with and have a great time hanging out with his human!  My human and I love hanging out with each other- WOOF!!

A very friendly dog, Dixon, an 8-year old Black Labrador Retriever, loves to meet people- he is laid back and enjoys being pet by humans!!

He gets along with other dogs and would probably do best living with another dog since he used to live with a male dog in his previous home.

Dixon walks well on a leash is house trained, and not a bit shy as he looks right at you!  He would make a great buddy for you!

Dixon is featured on a video that I've got to share-  Meet Dixon!!

An excellent car rider. Takes treats gently and didn't beg at all when we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for lunch! (Maybe he's more of a beef guy)  WOOF!!!

Dixon is heartworm negative and up to date on his vaccines. If you would like to meet Dixon and learn about dog adoption, please visit Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.