Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dog Adoption, Cat Adoption- Friday, June 2

(C) Noah Pearson
"Friday's Friend" featuring several dogs and cats awaiting adoption returns on Friday, June 2, 2017!

What is "Friday's Friend?" My weekly post where I introduce my friends who are looking for "Forever Homes!" My friends are dogs and cats currently staying with foster parents, at a local kennel, at a local pet store or at a facility owned by rescues where they are cared for until they find the pawfect human to love.

Why? I was so blessed eight years ago when I was adopted by my humans and found a pawsome "Forever Home!" I am having a pawsomely great journey with them. Since my human is kind of old and slow, he can't have more than one big dog at a time- so I started writing about my friends in a blog post to help my friends get adopted!

I have made many human friends from Homeless Animals Rescue Team, Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League including one really huge dog who smiled down on me at a photo shoot-  Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.Operation Paws for Homes, PetConnect Rescue -my heroes as they rescued me so I could rescue my humans-  and the Prince William Humane Society who tirelessly work to rescue to rescue dogs and cats from shelters and sometimes other circumstances. I appawlaud them all!

If you are looking for a pet- a pawsome dog or cat- be sure to read our posts on Fridays! Contact information for each dog or cat is listed and any future adoption events!  BARK!!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What’s In Your Pet First Aid Kit?

First Aid Kit
Used by Permission, GraphicStock

Pet sitting can be a wonderful and gratifying way to earn money. For those who feel a special link to animals and a special affection for all sorts of pets, Pet Sitting is an obvious career choice.

There are many people who regard their pets as members of the family and who are stressed and unhappy when they have no choice but to leave their cherished animals at home alone. Knowing that a caring, professional individual is home with them making sure they are fed, entertained, and played with is a great comfort to them, and for you is a fun way to earn a living.

But of course, pet sitting isn’t just throwing the ball and scooping a litter box. You’re assuming full responsibility for these animals for a period of time. Even if you do everything right, there’s always a chance that the pets in your care might be injured, become ill, or suffer some other accident or malady.

That’s why every professional Pet Sitter must carry with them a fully stocked First Aid kit – even if the clients insist they have medical supplies on hand. Because if the dog, cat, or other animal in your care needs emergency care, there may not be time to bundle them off to the vet. Here are the basics that you should always have in your First Aid kit when Pet Sitting:
  • A First Aid for Pets book reference. Even something like “Pet First Aid for Dummies” is better than nothing. You’ll need a quick reference for symptoms to know what the best first aid response is.
  • Alternatively, a Pet First Aid App on your smartphone or tablet. There are many of these available, and these may offer a more up-to-date and comprehensive resource in the event of a problem.
  • Emergency Vet Contact Info: Don’t rely on your clients. Make sure you know where the nearest 24-hour vet is and how to get there.
  • Gauze and non-stick bandages for cuts and other wounds. Don’t use bandages intended for humans.
  • Milk of Magnesia and/or Activated Charcoal to absorb poison if the pet eats something poisonous.
  • Hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting.
  • Muzzle. Your clients may not like this, but when an animal is injured or ill they will often irrationally attack and bite. A muzzle may be necessary for you to safely administer first aid or transport the animal. Discuss this with your clients ahead of time.
  • Cold pack. In the event of burns, a chemical cold pack can be applied to the injured area after cleaning.
  • Pill Pockets. These can be purchased in any pet store. If you’re given pills to administer after emergency vet treatment, a pill pocket can be difference between getting the pet to take its medicine and having several soggy half-chewed pills on the floor.
Additionally, you should know where the carrier is kept if you are caring for small animals such as cats, and have a strategy for capturing the animal if it is panicked and hiding from you after an injury. We’ve all had the experience of trying to coax a startled cat out from under the bed – don’t waste time when the animals is bleeding or vomiting and needs immediate medical attention!

The best approach is to pack a bag with your medical supplies and always bring it with you to your pet sitting assignments. There are also pre-packed first aid kits available online which have all the necessities ready to go. It’s always better to be prepared for emergencies and not have on than vice versa – don’t take your next job until you know what’s in your Pet First Aid Kit.

First Aid Kit
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Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

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Honoring the Brave who served 
so we have our freedoms!

Thank you to all who
have given some
some who have given all!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tails Untold Pet Books - It's All About Your Pet!

(C) Tails Untold, Used by Permission

WOOF! As I learn of products I think my readers and human friends might be interested in, I paw to share them - Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books is one- First, I bark that this is not a product review. I have received no compensation or product for sharing this information. We were contacted by the owner several years ago- recently, I thought it looked like a great idea.

I barked awhile with Susan Lyman to learn more about the product and it’s beginnings-

“Thank you Noah! I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and have started several businesses. I have a love for photography, animals, and writing and I also wanted my new venture to ‘give back’. One day, thinking about my passions and wanting to create a new, and unique, business, the idea came to me,” Susan shares.

She continues, “Many years ago, I had a personalized book created for my nephew. I filled out a questionnaire (in pen and paper, as computers were not mainstream) at FAO Schwartz in New York City. In about 3 weeks, I received a hardcover book. The book had his name his age, where he lived and a little bit more personalized information about him. He loved his book and still has it to this day.”

“As I was thinking about my new business concept, I remembered giving him that book. I thought, ‘Why not do this for pet lovers, since their pets are like their kids?’ (barks, we call them mini-humans). I researched and saw there was nothing out in the marketplace like what I had envisioned. My concept was far more elaborate than anything I had seen.”

(C) Tails Untold, Used by Permission
Susan continues, “Since everyone loves their own pet's looks, personality and uniqueness, I wanted to bring their very own pet to life in a beautiful storybook. I started by writing the story. My book is about New York City, since this is where I live and love.”

“My vision for the style of illustrations I wanted, whimsical, yet sophisticated and fun, led me on a search for just the right illustrator. I was so fortunate when I found her, as she created the most beautiful, detailed illustrations.”

Susan shares, “I hired a very talented photoshop guru and an equally talented web designer and programmer. Together we created my website, where anyone, anywhere in the world, could order a book just by going online, filling out the questionnaire and uploading photos of their pet.”

After three years, from thought to concept to creation, Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books was born.”

TAILS UNTOLD® is a personalized, one-of-a-kind book, where your pet is the star and the narrator. It is a beautifully-illustrated storybook that takes your pet on an adventure in New York City’s premier locations.

Pet lovers personalize their TAILS UNTOLD® book by going online, uploading photos, and filling in information about their pet: pet’s name, breed, favorite toys and treats, nicknames, and more about their pet’s unique personality including a special memory. Their own pet’s photos are artistically placed in the stunning illustrations. The end product is a coffee-table style, hard cover book with a whimsical story about your pet’s adventures in the Big Apple.

Tails Untold® Personalized Pet Books make great gifts and wonderful memory keepsakes. It is also a gift that also gives back to the community. A portion of the proceeds goes to an animal shelter/rescue. Pet owner’s can decide who receives the donation, or Tails Untold is happy to pick a shelter or rescue on your behalf.

To create your TAILS UNTOLD® Personalized Pet adventure book, go to Tails Untold and see how easy it is to make your pet a published star!

Barkingly, a percentage of your purchase is donated to an animal rescue, shelter, or other advocacy group!

Barkingly, I have not received products, treats, toys or human money to write this- I simply was impressed with the product and wanted to share!  WOOF!

(C) Tails Untold, Used by Permission

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

(C) Allen Pearson
Mom.  I love my moms both human and dog.  Though I don't remember a whole lot about my dog mom, I know she was sweet and loving - like me, was kind - like me, considerate - like me, and never meet a black bear she didn't want to chase up tree! MOM.  I turned out so much like her she would be proud.  WOOF!!!!!!

My human mom is just pawsitively incredible.  For one thing, she puts up with Dad, day and night and hasn't killed him yet!  WOOF!!!!!  Talk about patience, love and amazing- that would be her.  BARKS! She is always so great with me.  She scratches my belly, my ears, my head. She pets me all over. She makes Dad take me for walks and do some exercises- gotta keep Dad's blubber flubber waist down, you know.  She makes sure I get the best Veterinarian care- oh, wait, she takes me to the Veterinarian...... well, barks it's for my own good - SHE can get away with it. She makes sure that I get the best toys, the best food, and the best treats.... and don't ever tell her that you think I am spoiled!

So Mom, when you were out doing your Angelic sweet work, and Dad was swimming working on this belly blubber flubber, I got on the computer and created you an awesome graphic for Mother's Day.  It says-  

Happy Mother's Day!


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Healthy from Day One

"A Loving Look!"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

You have just brought home your new four-legged bundle of joy. You have lots of questions about how to train him, where does he sleep, what to feed her, exercise, grooming, and many others. Here’s one more to add: Health care. Yes, I’m sure you have already scoped out a local veterinarian to give that very important first examination, but what I’m talking about is health care aimed at eliminating inherited chronic disease.

Eliminating, you say? Chronic disease? In my baby? Yes. Seemingly innocuous symptoms such as watery eyes, itchy ears, loose stools, dandruff, and bad breath are signposts for more serious illnesses in later years. If these early symptoms are addressed with homeopathic medicine early in life, then your companion’s later years will be much more comfortable, and they will enjoy the best health possible. Often these symptoms are taken as normal, or a momentary indisposition that the kitten or puppy will “grow out of.”

No need to worry! Simply find a good veterinary homeopath and start working with them to address these minor symptoms with medicine that goes to the root of the problem. One 10 month-old patient that comes to mind is a golden retriever who had nasal congestion at night and a tendency to eat rocks. He also had a benign mass growing on his foot. A few doses of the correct homeopathic remedy cleared up his nose, stopped his rock-eating behavior, and he went on to win his Master Hunter title at just five years old! Best of all, the growth on his foot shrank and then disappeared, all without surgery.

Another retriever was facing hip dysplasia surgery at 14 months old, but homeopathy brought back his energy, and now, after homeopathic care, he is pulling his person on his walks and carrying his tail like a flag, instead of lagging behind with his tail tucked low. No surgery needed, no life-long prescriptions of pain killers and anti-inflammatories.

It’s not just dogs...a young cat with chronic sinus infections responded dramatically to a few doses of her remedy. My client was so happy to be able to stop scrubbing her cat’s eye and nose discharge from her walls! Homeopathy. The best way to dig down deep and improve the health of your animal. Give it a try!

About the Author!
Dr. Wendy Jensen is a veterinarian who has practiced homeopathy for the past 20 years. She has loved animals ever since she can remember, and is deliriously happy that she can offer medicine that gets to the root of her patients’ illnesses. Her book, The Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy: Healing Our Companion Animals from the Inside Out is available on Amazon and describes the steps necessary to working successfully with a homeopath.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc.

WOOF!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Hope you have some pawsome plans for the weekend. Do you have a dog to spend it with? Or maybe two? Before my human retired, his favorite activities on the weekend were long walks with me! He said they helped him reduce his stress and enjoy the weekend so much more!  WOOF!  Nowadays, he works for me at home and gets to enjoy me and long walks every single day.  BARKS!!!

My friend "Lab Lady" is most busy these days as she fosters these two pawsomely handsome fellas! Moses and Jack!

"Moses and Jack"
(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. 
Moses and Jack are two pawsome 3-year-old Black Labrador Retrievers! These guys are bonded buddies and need to be adopted together as they have been together since puppyhood! 

Moses and Jack are not used to the noises of the city so they are looking for their "Forever Home" in a rural or suburban setting in a single-family home with a fence so they can play.

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
These guys wagged and kissed the humans at a recent dog adoption event and got pawsome reviews for their extremely handsome good looks and good manners- of course, they are Black Labradors you know! They are very social and lovable with the humans they know. 

Moses and Jack are very too pawsomely cool guys. In the house, they are very calm, like to nap near their humans and snuggling together.  They don't seem to be interested in toys or playing fetch. The guys get the "zoomies" and run full speed so they need a yard to run!

The guys enjoy going for walks and are easy on a leash and know their basic commands, "sit down" and "stay."

Moses and Jack are a little cautious in meeting new humans and around noisy equipment.  A proper introduction would be best!  

Moses and Jack are good with other dogs, cats and are recommended for mini-humans 10 years and older. 

Interested in meeting Moses and Jack?  If you would like to learn more about dog adoption and apply to adopt these two guys, please complete the Lab Rescue Dog Adoption Application!

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

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Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, Homeless Animals Rescue Team

(C) Homeless Animals Rescue Team
Meet my pawsome friend "Jack!"  He is around 10-years-old, declawed, is not dog, cat or mini-humans friendly.

(C) Homeless Animals Rescue Team
Jack loves attention!  He is always looking for a lap to lay on and snuggle. He isn't an old guy, he enjoys playing, fits of galloping around the house which he says humans find quite amusing.  He is quite the conversationalist too- hope you are versed in native "meow."

Jack is an pawcellent mouser too!

If you have questions about Jack and cat adoption, please contact Kim!

If you would like to apply to adopt Jack, please complete the Homeless Animals Rescue Team Dog Adoption Application.

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

WOOF! I am pawleased to catch up with my pawsome friend "Miss C" from PetConnect Rescue!  WOOF! She's brought by two pawsome characters for you to meet!

Meet Cocoa and Brownie!

"Cocoa and Brownie"
(C) PetConnect Rescue

Cocoa and Brownie have spent most of their lives in a crate as these two 9-year-old Lhasa Apso dogs lived with humans who had no time for them!  WOOF!! As you can imagine,  10+ hours confined every day waiting for their humans to give them love and attention.  arf. bark.  Finally, after 9 years, the family decided it was time to give them up. arf.  

They are now enjoying their foster home, running free and playing like crazy as they wait for a loving "Forever Home" they haven't had all these years.

The pawsome two are dog-friendly but have not been tested with cats.  They are youn's at heart, enjoy the outdoors and all the attention they can possibly get.  BARK!!

These pawsome characters prefer NOT to be crated and have access to a yard.  Barkingly, after their experience, an apartment would not be a suitable "Forever Home" for them. 

Cocoa and Brownie are in reasonable health for their age.  Brownie is diabetic and needs shots daily. She accepts them willingly and doesn't show signs of her affliction. 

Cocoa and Brownie are loving their new found freedom!

If you have questions about dog adoption, please visit the PetConnect Rescue Adoption Guide

If you would like to apply to adopt Cocoa and Brownie, please complete the PetConnect Rescue Adoption Application.  Once the application is submitted, call Carole at 240.506.1369.

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Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, Prince William Humane Society

Cat Adoption
(C) Prince William Humane Society

WOOF!! er, MEOWS!! Meet my new friend from the Prince William Humane Society. She is a purringly beautiful domestic shorthair female cat who is around 9 years old.  

Junipurr is a healthy, frendly and spayed gal who is looking for a "Forever Home!"  She isn't good with other cats or dogs so she prefers to be your one and only- cat that is!  WOOF!!!! 

If you are looking for a cat for pawsome companionship, Junipurr might be the one for you! 

Interested in meeting Junipurr?  She is waiting to meet you at the Prince William County Animal Shelter, located at 14807 Bristow Rd, Manassas, VA. 

Questions? Contact the Prince William Humane Society.

#NoTailsLeftBehind #PWHS #Petoftheweek #cat #catadoption 

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

Oh, my darlin'! Oh, my darlin'! Oh, my DARLIN' Clementyne!!! WOOF!! Couldn't help myself. This week's dog from Operation Paws for Homes is named Clementyne and all I could think of was this awesome song!!   BARKS!!!

Chihuahua Dog Adoption
(C) Operation Paws for Homes

Meet my friend Clementyne!  She is a Chihuahua mix who recently found homes for her young sons. Now, she is looking for a "Forever Home" for herself!  A sweet girl who doesn't take a whole lot of room in your home!!  BARKS!!  WOOF!

Clementyne tested positive for heartworm disease before she arrived at the rescue. Heartworm disease is transmitted to a dog through a bite from an infected mosquito producing a positive test in six months. Operation Paws for Homes will treat the dog and provide two weeks’ recovery time prior The Heartworm Society, Pet Owner Resources.
to adoption. Potential adopters will receive detailed information on the disease and their role in completing the recovery process from the Operation Paws for Homes heartworm coordinator. With monthly preventatives, the disease is completely preventable. Read about heartworm disease here:

Do you have questions about dog adoption?  Please visit the Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Guide.

If you would like to meet Clementyne and apply for adoption, please complete the Operation Paws for Homes Dog Adoption Application.

Chihuahua Dog Adoption
(C) Operation Paws for Homes

Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. 
WOOF!! Hope you had a pawsome Friday!!! My last few days have been crazy so I apawlogize for sharing about this pawsome dog later in the day than normal especially since it seems like I have been visited by "Lab Lady" quite a few times this week- all good!  WOOF!!!!!

"Lab Lady" stopped by with a new friend for you to meet- Deuce!

This guy will be a lot of pawsome fun for an active family or individual!  WOOF!!!!!  He is looking for humans who will give him plenty of exercise and lots of love! Walks will not be enough for him- he needs a yard to run and play too! -Sounds like me when I was a pup!  WOOF!

Deuce is from a rural area so he's looking for a "Forever Home" in a single-family house with a fence located in a suburban or rural area!  BARK! He is not used to the noises of city traffic and

Deuce is a happy, energetic 1-year-old pup! He loves to play which he will do if you let him.  He's the typical puppy who has not had a lot of training!  He wants to please humans but needs to play before he's ready to learn!

Deuce is crate trained and mostly house trained.  He knows basic commands of "sit," and "come."

Watch this pawsome fella on his nearly released video, Deuce Playing!

Deuce is good with other dogs, has no cat history and is recommended for mini-humans over the age of 10!

If you would like to apply to adopt Deuce, please complete the Lab Rescue Dog Adoption Application!

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. 

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. 

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Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Homeless Animals Rescue Team

(C) Homeless Animals Rescue Team
WOOF!!! This is one character you've got to meet- if you are looking for an intelligent dog with confidence to learn your rules provided you are consistent!  Meet Columbo!

(C) Homeless Animals Rescue Team
Columbo is a 3-year-old male Pointer mix who is good with other dogs and has no history with cats or mini-humans.

Columbo loves humans- so much he leans against them to share his lovin's!  He loves being petted which helps him to calm down.

He is picky who he calls his "canine friends" so a proper introduction will help him to be comfortable with most dogs!

Columbo is house and crate trained. He does pretty well going to the Veterinarian -even when the doctor pokes and prods him.

If you have questions about Columbo, please contact Brie!

Interested in applying to adopt Columbo?  Please complete the Homeless Animals Rescue Team Dog Adoption Application!

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Prince William Humane Society

(C) Prince William Humane Society

WOOF!!! My new friend, "Miss S" from the Prince William Humane Society came by this week with a barkingly beautiful 12-year-old girl named Zoe!

Zoe is friendly, healthy, spayed, housebroken and a little bit timid! She seems a little nervous when you first meet her but she does warm up to new humans.  She just needs to know she can trust humans again.

She is a sweet quiet girl who may not get along with just any dog or cat so she prefers to be your one and only- dog that is!  Paws, it's recommended she be adopted into a home with older mini-humans.

Zoe has been staying at the Prince William Animal Shelter for about a month now.  Barkingly, the shelter is a stressful environment for any pet and even more so for a timid older resident like this beautiful girl.

Interested in meeting this sweetheart?  Pawlease visit her at the Prince William County Animal Shelter, located at 14807 Bristow Road, Manassas, VA, 703-792-6465.

Questions? Contact the Prince William Humane Society.

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Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

(C) Operation Paws for Homes
(C) Operation Paws for Homes

WOOF!!!! Happy Friday!  Meet my pawsome friend Cass from Operation Paws for Homes!

Cass is a 2-year-old Retriever mix.  She has been through a lot of changes over the past few months so Operation Paws for Homes is just now learning what a pawsome dog she really is.  She will most likely need more training with her adopter.

She has done well with the handlers at Operation Paws for Homes.  She's an active gal who pawsomely loves to run around the yard with her humans.  For her, the perfect adopter will be that special human who brings out the best in her!

If you have questions about dog adoption, please review the Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Guide.

Barkingly, if you have questions about Cass and would like to apply to adopt her, please complete the Operation Paws for Homes Dog Adoption Application.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Dad!

Used by Permission, GraphicStock


In the year 1639, a pawtastic human was born.  He is a pawsome guy whose special day is today- I celebrate the birthday of my human dad-!!! WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!  I love you Dad!

Your presents from me are walking me as far as you want, scratching my ears all day, petting me all day and rubbing my belly all day and taking me railfanning down the road at our favorite spot!  We can spend the day gardening too- I just love digging holes in the backyard!!  WOOF!!!

I know all of these bring so much pleasure to you so I am pawsitively happy to give them to you!  WOOF!!! BARKS!!!!!!

Thanks for being the pawfect pawsome human Dad!

Pawlease leave birthday greetings in the comments below!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lab Rescue 2017 Dog Walk!

Used by Permission, Lab Rescue

A few weeks ago, I got to meet a volunteer, Tracy Comier, with the Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc..  She is a paw full of fun and raising funds for her participation this year in the Lab Walk 2017 so I asked her what she does for dogs.

She shared, "I currently serve as the lead adoption coordinator for the rescue. In this role, I oversee all adoption Coordinators as well as take applications for dog adoptions on a daily basis as well. I have been personally responsible for the successful adoption of hundreds of labs for the rescue."

Tracy continues, "Additionally, I am a foster for the rescue. I have welcomed and fostered over 125 labs in my home. They have all moved on to their 'forever homes.'  I 'foster failed' on foster #70 and she is now part of my permanent pack of three."

WOOF-  so cool- it takes many volunteers doing pawsome jobs to help homeless dogs find humans to love and "Forever Homes."  My humans visited me at my fosters home, another rescue, who was able to tell them all about me- !

Lab Rescue is a nonprofit organization located in the Washington D.C. area that rescues Labrador Retrievers.  Every year the Lab Rescue Retriever Club of the Potomac Rescue (LRPC) rescues and re-homes approximately 1000 labs in need.  The adoption fees for the rescue are nominal and do not cover the entire cost of rescuing a lab.  We rely on the generosity of donors and our yearly fundraising effort, the walk.

Please use the link below to make a tax-deductible donation. Everyone is welcome to join us on Sunday, May 21 at Quiet Waters park in Annapolis MD.  All dogs are welcome to partake in the day of fun.

Please use the link below:

Lab Rescue 2017 Walk - Donate

If you would like more information on the Lab Rescue Walk 2017, please visit Lab Rescue Walk 2017


Used by Permission, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
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