Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Noah's Houndisms: A Quote

Rescue[d] Dog Photography
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

"A dog is not 'almost human' 
and I know of no greater insult 
to the canine race than to describe
 it as such."

- John Holmes

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, A Forever Home

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I hope you've got some great plans for the weekend!  My human and I have plans to work in the church's garden, run a few errands, and then work in our yard.  He always looks forward to Saturdays when he can take me more places than he can during the week!

Have you or are you considering adopting a dog to hang out with? Or, be a friend to your child?  Or, just add to the family?

Meet Bobby Edward, a 5-year-old Australian Shepherd / Basset Hound Mix.  He is looking for a friend and a "Forever Home!"

Bobby is a really cool dog who lost his home when his humans lost theirs- very sad for all of them!  Woof!  

A good dog with people and other dogs. He is affectionate, house and crate trained.   He is ready for his new humans and "Forever Home."

Interested in dog adoption and meeting Bobby Edward?  Contact A Forever Home!

Friday's Friend, Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

I'm am pawed to introduce a special pup to you who is looking for his special place in this world with a pawsome human and a barkingly cool "Forever Home!"

Credit: Operation Paws for Homes
Some of you might remember the 11th hour Christmas pups save done by the pawtastic volunteers at Operation Paws for Homes- Timberlake was one of the 6!
Please meet Timberlake, a happy lovable guy ready for dog adoption!

A handsome young pup, Timberlake is what humans like to call a "Heinz 57" dog- a mix of several breeds- often the best dogs to hang out with!  WOOF!!  I should know!  He is a happy boy that likes to shows it with a big toothy grin that makes you laugh out loud!

Timberlake's family had to make a heartbreaking decision after months of working with him, exhausting training avenues and long discussions with a Veterinarian- to return him to Operation Paws for Homes to find him a new "Forever Home!"

Timberlake struggled with the daily issues of being a pup and growing with an active Toddler and developed some mild anxiety issues that could not be overcome with a baby in the house. 

So I chatted with Timberlake and learned that he has a few requests he'd like to note in looking for a new "Forever Home."  While he is a cool pup, he mentioned these points to me:

1. While he loves mini-humans, the older mini-humans (ages 10 and up) are a
     better for him and his pawsome lively personality (he loves to give kisses).
2. He would like a home with a nice back yard where he can run around and 

3. A sibling dog, cat or even a ferret is fine with him!

4. He enjoys walks, hikes and loves to be outdoors.

5. The "Forever Home" doesn't have to be a "quiet" but he prefers a more calm
 easy environment than a loud and rowdy environment!

Timberlake is almost 9 months old, is housebroken but does have some submissive peeing issues which in time and with patience can be overcome. He just needs to gain a little more confidence in himself. He likes his crate as his quiet sleeping place or his cave when the world gets to be overwhelming.

Timberlake is weighs around 25 lbs and is up to date on all his vaccines, Flea/Tick preventative as well as Heartworm Preventative. 

If you would like to meet Timberlake and learn about dog adoption, please visit Operation Paws for Homes

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

Welcome "Cat Lady" who does great work in cat adoption with PetConnect Rescue!  WOOF!  Paws to You Cat Lady!

She has brought a beautiful orange and white Tabby for me to introduce to you this week!!   This is (Penelope) Garcia!!!

Credit: PetConnect Rescue
A pawsomely sweet, and beautiful young mother, Garcia was rescued with her kittens.  

She took wonderful care of her kittens, but now she is looking for her "Forever Home!"

If you're my human, I will snuggle and purr with you a lot!  I love being petted, brushed and to curl up on a human's lap!

She has beautiful -don't tell my dog buddies I said that- long hair that is soft and silky!!  Her tail is soft and poofy which adds to her loving personality!

She has the coolest white hairs coming out of her ears which may mean she will fill out to match them!!

An around cool cat- if you're looking for a cat friend- check her out!!  

To learn about cat adoption and meet Garcia, please complete a PetConnect Rescue Online Application and an Adoption Coordinator will contact you.

Information about Cat Adoption procedures, fees, and applications may be viewed by clicking here.

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Washington Humane Society

WOOF!!! Happy Friday- I've had a busy and crazy week with friends and family visiting!  My friends at the Washington Humane Society brought me a beautiful lady for me to introduce to you- she has one of those personalities like my human mom has- never met a stranger!  Meet Josey-

Credit: Washington Humane Society
Barkingly pawsome is a even though you have never met Josey before, you will think you have when you see her contagious smile with the cutest overbite!  It will seem like she aleady loves you and has been waiting for you to take her home!  She will grab your heart!  Just take a look at that photo of her!

Josey is a 3-year-old, 47 lb., Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix is a playgroup regular so she gets out into the yard and plays with her paw friends all week. When she's isn't playing, she is hard at work learning basic obedience and new tricks!  WOOF!!!!!

Plus, she's a Hidden Gem, a staff-picked very special dog, which are so awesome their adoption fees have been waived.   

Josey would do best in an active home where she could join her human(s) jogging or running!  Once she's had her exercise, she will flop down by your feet for a good ol' fashioned belly rub and scratch behind the ears!

Interested in meeting Josey and learning about dog adoption?  You can meet her at the Washington Humane Society's New York Avenue Adoption Center at 1201 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002, (202) 576-6664 or visit Washington Humane Society

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dog Breeds: Boston Terrier and Boston Terrier Mixes

I don't think I have any Boston Terrier friends- seems like most of the dogs I meet while walking or playing our the larger breeds- several Black Labrador Retrievers, a few Goldens-  I've got to learn about this breed- 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

Credit: Lab Rescue 

My friend "Lab Lady" from Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. introduced me to a new friend this week.  WOOF!

Are you looking for an older dog?  Maybe a senior dog that has lots of love to give but isn't as active as a younger dog?

Meet Champ! A 9 year old neutered, 80 lbs. male Yellow Labrador Retriever. Champ is looking for a companion and a "Forever Home" where he can enjoy a slower, quieter life!   He likes to take things slow and steady and is a calm, cool and relaxed. He appears to have some arthritis in his legs/hips but he is moving around more and doing well after receiving some treatment for it.

Champ is good with other dogs but don't know about cats! He is approved for children aged 10 and up.

Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
Champ is up to date on his shots and is heartworm negative.

If you would like to know more about dog adoption and meet Champ, please visit Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

BIG BRUNO!!!! WOOF!!!!!!! Barkingly pawsome to paw with you again!  Seems like pawever since I got to bark with you!!   My buddy Bruno works quite a bit to help animals in need- Please meet Maddy!

Credit: PetConnect Rescue

Maddy is one HAPPY PUPPY!!!! She is a 3-year old, 60 lbs., Greyhound mix, at the PetConnect Rescue Muddy Paws Farm quietly relaxing and playing while waiting for her new "Forever Home."  WOOF!!!!!!!

Maddy does well with kids and excellent around other dogs and cats!  I'm crate trained, house broken and walk great on leash!

If you're interested in meeting Maddy or learning about dog adoption, please contact PetConnect Rescue or tmathis@petconnectrescue.org

Credit: PetConnect Rescue

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, A Forever Home

Credit: A Forever Home Rescue
HAPPY FRIDAY!!! WOOF!! I am barkingly pawed to introduce to you a friend from "A Forever Home Rescue" who looking for a special human to give her that "Forever Home!"

Please meet Barbie the Beagle who is 3 years old and has yet to meet a stranger!!

Barbie enjoys walking on a leash, or will join you on your run!  She is crate trained, house trained and she doesn't beg at the table!

Barbie loves to cuddle up with teddy bears and has know to sneak away and curl up with one every chance she gets!  A hug cuddler, she will love curling up beside you any time you let her!

An all round great Beagle- perfect for a Beagle lover or someone looking for a fun companion.

Interested in meeting Barbie the Beagle and dog adoption, please visit A Forever Home Rescue.

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

Operation Paws For Homes has been busy finding homes for dogs -they are a fun group to work with- Dad photographs and I blog.  WOOF!!! And, we both get to meet a bunch of great dogs!!  WOOOOF!!!!

This week, I got to meet a 2 year old, 15 lb Chihuahua!

Credit: Operation Paws for Homes
Cool guy, huh?!  He is good with children, cats and other dogs.  He lives with an older dog who doesn't like to play and Ruckus is good at leaving her alone.  

Rukus enjoys playing with toys, especially chew toys and a Kong filled with peanut butter is his favorite!  WOOF!! Barkingly pawsome character to have around the house- so he's looking for a loving family and a place to call home. 

He is motivated by treats, which makes training barkingly pawsy! and has already learned "sit" and "leave it".
My friend Rukus is housetrained and will sleep in his crate at night! (sleeps there at night), is altered and up to date on all shots.

Looking for a companion to give you loads of unconditional love? Rukus is the pup for you!  

Rukus is up to date on shots and vaccinations.

If you would like to meet Rukus and learn about dog adoption, please visit Operation Paws for Homes

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

Credit: PetConnect Rescue

 I caught up with my friend "Cat Lady" at PetConnect Rescue who has a really cool black and white kitty for you who was discovered by a Good Samaritan who was concerned about her safety- barkingly great!!! WOOF!!!!

I'd like to introduce a pawsome cat named Daisy!  At around 3 lbs., she is a sweet, very friendly and is around 6-7 months old.  She needs to gain a few pounds while enjoying the safety, love and food in her foster home.

She is gaining strength and put on some weight so  Daisy will soon be ready for her "Forever Home."

Dogs?  Daisy lives with one and gets along well and has not met a person she doesn't like!!

Daisy will be spayed before she is adopted.

Interested in cat adoption and meeting
Daisy?  Please visit PetConnect Rescue, complete their online application and an Adoption Coordinator will contact you. Adoption procedures, fees, and applications may be viewed by clicking here.

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, Washington Humane Society

Credit: Washington Humane Society

 HAPPY FRIDAY!! I'd like you to meet my friend Eva introduced to me by the Washington Humane Society!

A sweet, laid-back and affectionate kitty, Eva is an 8 lb. domestic short hair girl. Her hobbies including purring, making biscuits and napping!  Her great personality allows her to makes friends quickly.

Eva is looking for a Forever Home where she could be a couch potato and lounge around the house all day spending the day with you!

Interested in meeting Eva and learning about cat adoption?  You can meet Eva at our New York Avenue Adoption Center, 1201 New York Avenue, NE, Washington DC 20002, (202) 576-6664 or visit Washington Humane Society.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Dog Adoption and Volunteers

Credit: Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

"So many ways to volunteer to help dogs find their pawfect human and get a "Forever Home" - I don't even know where to start!! WOOF!!!"

Want to volunteer?  Check out the map on the "Washington D.C. Area Rescues" to locate dog and puppy rescues or cat and kitten rescues near you or one you've heard about and would like to support.  Contact the group of interest on their website and complete a volunteer application.

WOOF!! Barkingly pawsome is the volunteer link "Rescue Volunteer Sign Up" where you can find many places in your area to help dogs and cats!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, Fancy Cats Rescue

I have to admit, whether it's a dog or a cat, I have a great time meeting these guys who need humans to love and "Forever Homes" and introducing them to you- so if you are looking for a special companion- my bloggery might help!!

I met a new friend this week with Fancy Cats Rescue.  She has introduced me to a stunningly beautiful Ginger Maine Coon-  Meet Starfire!!
Credit: Fancy Cats Rescue
A sweet, young, docile and extremely affectionate cat, who loves attention and is a strong protector of her kitties!  She is energetic and full of life as she bounces around wanting to be petted and cuddled as much as possible!!

Her "Meow!" is super vocal and communicates through her voice! Starfire is one incredible cat!

And, Starfire is extremely smart, as she knows how to open door handles to get closer to her human.  

Want more information about this wonder cat or about cat adoption?  Contact Fancy Cats to learn how you can bring Starfire home!  

Credit: Fancy Cats Rescue

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

Hope you have had a barkingly grand week!! WOOF!!! Mine has been busy-along with my blogging duties, I’ve been busy caring for my human’s parents too! WOOF!!! 

My friend "The Lab Lady" came by this week with a an older friend for me to introduce to you. Remember senior dogs can be a really great friend! 

Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
Meet Colt- a 12 year old, male Chocolate Labrador Retriever. He joins us from the country to find his “Forever Home” noting he probably would not do well in a condo, apartment or a busy neighborhood.

Colt makes a great companion to humans! He is happy to be by your side and loves the time you take to pet him. He begins every day with furious tail-wagging and happy greetings to everyone, human or canine, and ends with a satisfied grunt as he settles in for the evening. Sounds barkingly familiar, I’d say! 

Colt walks well on a leash and enjoys a short walk- he will run around the backyard and likes to pick up the ball and play keep away with it. He loves to follow the scents of rabbits that happened to have hopped through the yard.

Colt lost his canine companion but is adjusting well! He must go home with another dog! He started taking a low dose of anti-seizure medicine after he had mini-seizures which has not stopped his will to run like the wind in the yard!!

His cat and little humans experience is unknown. He is approved for children ages 10 and up! Colt tested positive for Ehrlichia, a tickborne disease, and is being treated with antibiotics. He tested positive for Heartworms. Lab Rescue will pay for his treatment if done at one of their vets.

Interested in getting to know more about dog adoption or adopting Colt, please visit Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc..

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, A Forever Home Rescue

Happy Friday- after such a stormy week, I'm hoping we'll have some nice weather so I can run around with my humans all weekend long!!!

Do you have a buddy to spend the weekend with?  If not, I'd like to introduce you to a new friend, her name is Amelia and is from A Forever Home Rescue. She will be celebrating her 3rd birthday at the end of August and is hoping to find a human companion and a "Forever Home" by then!

Credit: A Forever Home Rescue
Amelia is a very sweet 11 lb Chihuahua, with the typical Chihuahua personality! She is an absolute sweet girl who loves to play and enjoy life! And what a cuddler, she will sneak into your lap before you know it!  WOOF!!

Amelia is a pretty quiet girl usually only barking a little when hearing or seeing something new. She is learning some basic commands.

Since she still gets a little nervous, she would probably do best in a house that is usually quiet. Amelia has been around little humans and other dogs.  She doesn't growl or bite at them. When things get to be too much, she lays in her crate and stays out of the chaos.

Unfortunately, Amelia spent most of the first years of life in a crate without any playtime or snuggle time!

Since she spent so much of her early life in a crate, her legs didn't quite develop properly and her knees can pop out of her sockets.  Though this doesn't happen frequently, they usually pop right back in on it's own or with some slight guidance.  Her vet says it's not painful nor would it require an operation or lead to larger issues down the road.

Also, Amelia has a slight heart-murmur, but her vet said it does not appear to be severe enough that it would need surgery, especially since Amelia is such a calm dog.

With the few health problems she's had, Amelia has learned to adapt and conquer! WOOF!!  She has a little hard time walking on hardwood floors but is getting better at it.  She is still a little skiddish around loud noises or something that startles her but she's not aggressive about it.  She calms down when her humans say "It's Okay!"

Amelia is housebroken and sleeps in her crate though her foster human leave the door open so she can come in and out as she pleases.  She sleeps the night in her crate!

If you would like to learn more about dog adoption or meet Amelia, please visit,
A Forever Home- Available Dogs!

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

WOOF!!!  OH WOW!!  My friends from Operation Paws for Homes brought a Black Labrador Retriever mix by to meet you this week!  I am amazed at how incredibly handsome he is, how talented he looks and, I mean, the epitomy of perfection -he looks like he could be my twin... er, uh, excuse me- got carried away- please meet Denver!

Credit: Operation Paws for Homes
Denver is approximately two years old. He's a house trained, little human-loving, loyal, obedient, intelligent, and a non-barker. 

Denver doesn't jump on furniture, loves baths, playing, going for walks (watch for squirrels and rabbits!) and having his belly rubbed! 

This guy is a total lover and looking to spend his life with a human by his side- could that be you?  WOOF!!

Interested in dog adoption and meeting Denver, please visit Operation Paws for Homes! 

Credit: Operation Paws for Homes

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

HELLO!!! WOOFF!!!!  CAT LADY- I would purr or Meow but my buddies would never let me live it down!

Cat Lady and I would like you to meet Tippy- who is looking for her "Forever Home!"

Credit: PetConnect Rescue
Cat Lady tells me that "Tippy is a sweet, affectionate and loves to be petted -type of cat! He is very laid back and low key, and good with little humans and large humans of all ages."

Looking for a kitty curl up with you when you're cold?  Tippy loves to be with her humans and has been a pleasure to have at her fosters house!

Tippy came to the shelter pregnant and delivered three kittens (Giselle, Midnight and Hawk). She's been a wonderful mother, but now her kittens are ready to go to new homes and she is too. If you are looking for a nice, gentle companion who won't get into any trouble -- Tippy is the girl for you!

An important note, Tippy will be spayed before adoption**

If you would information about cat adoption and to meet Tippy, please visit PetConnect Rescue.