Saturday, December 3, 2022

A Dog's Winter Coat!

(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!
"Noah in His Winter Coat"
(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!

Some humans tell my human that I am spoiled and spoiled rotten. Well, I’m not rotten for sure and I love reading my human’s mind as he always thinks “And, your point?” WOOF!!!

It’s not spoiling when your human provides you the best food for breakfast and dinner nor is it spoiling me to have the best treats or the best toys or the best dog collar and leash or the best dog beds for I am DOG. And it is impawtant to remember the hard work I do protecting the family. Daily. WOOFs!!

Nor, I guess, is it spoiling me when my human makes me wear a red plaid flannel winter coat every winter. Barkingly, he does it only when the temperatures drop to the 20s or he’s cold. Like his mom used to say, “put on a jacket, I’m cold!” WOOF! WOOF!!

It all started when I first moved to Virginia ten years ago. It was a dark and snowy night, er, day, and I’d never seen snowflakes before. It was odd to see all this white stuff falling from the sky. The next day, it was whiter than white everywhere I looked.

The morning after the storm, my human went outside so dressed up in a winter coat, gloves, scarf, and hat, I didn’t recognize him! WOOF!!!! I stayed back to protect mom. Later, I went out to supervise his shoveling of what would be the first of many storms that season. I quickly learned to love snow- it’s fun to eat, except my human stops me when we’re not on his property- fun to chase the snowflakes, snowballs, roll around in the snow, and the like.

The only problem is, it was cold. Much colder than I had ever felt before. As Mom and Dad saw me shivering, they learned my Plott Hound coat isn’t quite enough for the extremely frigid temperatures. After many ghastly atrocious coats - unbelievable, my humans finally found one at a local specialty pet shop that fit my dignified self! WOOF!!

Pay attention to how your dog reacts to the cold. He might need a winter coat too! WOOF!

(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!

Friday, December 2, 2022

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue


Chocolate Labrador Retriever Adoption
(C) 2022, Lab Rescue

Pawlease forgive the lack of graphics for this post. The software we use for our graphics quit allowing us to download our work! 

WOOFS! It's FRIDAY! BARK! BARK! BARK! Happy day it is! My pawsome friend "Lab Lady" at Lab Rescue brought by a handsome 6-year-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever named Willy. He is looking for his "Forever Home!" with humans to love who will love him too. He needs a rural or suburban townhouse or single-family home with a physical fence. 

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Adoption
(C) 2022, Lab Rescue
Willy is a pawsome house guest. He can be left alone in the house. 

Barkingly, he likes to sleep downstairs on his dog bed, on a couch, or in his crate. By day, he enjoys lying in the sunshine on the deck.

Willy likes going for walks. He especially enjoys a leisurely stroll watching cars or trucks as they pass by. Paws, watch him walk a leash with his harness like a good, calm fella, Willy Walking

He is learning new commands every day, "sit," "wait," and "down." He is very food motivated so teaching him should is fairly easy. He "waits" for his food bowl, sitting and drooling the whole time.  Barkingly, he loves attention and will set his head on your lap to remind you of the impawtance of petting him or rubbing his ears! Woofs! He is happiest getting lovin's!

Paws, Willy's foster humans haven't heard him bark since they began fostering three weeks ago! 

He loves attention and will set his head on your lap and remind you to keep petting or rubbing his ears. He lives for his meals and will sit and wait for a command to begin eating. 

To learn about adopting a Labrador Retriever from Lab Rescue pawlease visit their Adoption Guide.

Barkinglys, to meet Willy, or to pawssibly adopt him, pawlease complete the Lab Rescue Dog Adoption Application

Woofs, do you pawsitively love Labrador Retrievers but are not able to adopt? How about considering sponsoring Willy? Sponsoring Willy provides financial resources for his food, care, and Veterinary needs. Any remaining funds after his adoption will go toward other dogs at Lab Rescue. Interested? Pawlease visit Donate! Donations are tax-deductible as permitted by the IRS.

Pawlease note: "Friday's Friends!" dogs and cats profiles are based on experience by volunteers at the dog or cat’s rescue/shelter.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Adoption
(C) 2022, Lab Rescue

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

Cat Adoption
Photo: PetConnect Rescue
Creative: from The Dog's Paw!

Meows! Happy Friday! My pawsome friend "Cat Lady" from PetConnect Rescue brought by a beautiful young kitty who is looking for her "Forever Home!" with humans to love who will love her too! Meows. 

Cat Adoption
Photo: PetConnect Rescue
Creative: from The Dog's Paw!
Purringly, LeClerc is a one-eyed beauty who is around 5-months-old, is good with cats, dogs, and mini-humans alike! She is an adorable purr machine with a super soft coat and white paws! She looks like she's wearing little white mittens and socks. 

LeClerc is an absolute sweetheart who will melt your heart the moment you meet her! She loves attention and will come running to greet you! 

Cat Adoption
Photo: PetConnect Rescue
Creative: from The Dog's Paw!
Purrs, she is extremely playful so any other pets in the home will need to be willing to play too! Meows. She loves to mix it up with her fellow foster cats!

Paws, LeClerc's eye was removed due to an infection she sustained in her first few weeks of life. Meowingly, after numerous attempts to clear the infection, the Veterinarian determined that the eye could not be saved and removal was for the best. Paws, most likely she never had vision in the eye as she doesn't seem to notice that it is gone! The Veterinarian does not think she will need any additional care for the eye going forward.

LeClerc is fully vaccinated, spayed, and negative for FelV/FIV. 

Paws, to learn about adopting a cat from PetConnect Rescue, pawlease visit their Adoption Guide.

If you would like to meet LeClerc, or pawssibly adopt her, pawlease complete the PetConnect Rescue Cat Adoption Application

Meows, do you pawsitively love cats but are unable to adopt? Pawlease consider supporting LeClerc financially. Donations will assist with her care. Any extra funds will be used to assist other cats at PetConnect Rescue. Interested, pawlease donate HERE! Donations are tax-deductible as permitted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Pawlease note: "Friday's Friends!" dogs and cats profiles are based on experience by volunteers at the dog or cat’s rescue/shelter.

Cat Adoption
Photo: PetConnect Rescue
Creative: from The Dog's Paw!

(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!

(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Off the Leash Dog Cartoons by Rupert Fawcett


© 2022, Rupert Fawcett, Off The Leash Used by Permission
© 2022, Rupert Fawcett, Off The Leash Used by Permission

WOOFS! BARKS! Abby and I paw and bark paws full of thanks to Off The Leash Dog Cartoons for sharing their pawsome artistic talents with us.

Barkingly, if you are looking for a special gift for a dog lover, please visit their shop at Off The Leash - Shop! (Pawlease note, we are not affiliated with this shop and do not receive compensation or endorsement from Off the Leash.)

Merry Christmas!

(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!

Monday, November 28, 2022

Giving Tuesday, November 29, 2022 - WPER Radio

(C) 2022, WPER Radio
(C) 2022, WPER Radio

Barks! WOOFS! Giving Tuesday is tomorrow, November 29! It is an event celebrated on the last Tuesday of November. It was created to bring attention to the generosity of giving. Barkingly, the idea of the day is to encourage humans to do good.

Barkingly, a few suggestions to celebrate the day are:
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter, 
  • Organize food drives to help those in need
  • Donate to local charities and organizations 
  • Share kindness with your neighbors 
  • Volunteer virtually or share your talents
  • Give your voice to a cause that matters to you
  • Show gratitude to service providers, healthcare workers, or  other essential workers who make certain you have the services needed even at risk to their own health
  • Discover a local fundraiser community drive or coordinated event with your interests and volunteer. 
Meowingly, a few barks too, this year me, Noah, and Abby are sharing an organization that we pawsitively love to encourage you to donate to their work! WPER Radio 89.9 FM - Virginia's Home for Encouragement! 

Why WPER Radio? Our humans love to listen to it while they go throughout their day. We hear stories from them and other listeners about the encouragement they receive. Dad loves that he can listen to upbeat music with announcers who do not use profanity or inappropriate jokes or stories on-air. Dad loves listening to WPER, especially while mowing the yard since it takes nearly a day to do it. When listening, he enjoys the great music along with encouraging and inspirational stories and information about community events. It makes his day better and goes faster. Barks. 

WOOFS! MEOWS! Barks! When you are considering donating tomorrow, pawlease consider giving to WPER Radio 89.9 FM to help carry on their work. WPER is listener-supported continuing its work through donations from listeners. They do not receive support from government agencies, commercial revenue, or a large university. Pawlease consider donating. Woofs! 

(C) 2022, Giving Tuesday
(C) 2022, Giving Tuesday

(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!

Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday's Friend Returns Friday, December 2!


(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!

WOOFS! MEOWS! Barks! We hope you had a pawsomely grand Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends. Our humans went to the Skyland Restaurant in the Shenandoah National Park for their dinner and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A longtime friend, "Miss Kimmy" joined them. They feasted on ham, turkey, and steak while enjoying an incredibly beautiful view from the top of the mountain and conversation. They were blessed with a pawsome waitress who was attentive to everything. WOOFS! The three of us enjoyed a quiet day around the house after having a delightfully delicious breakfast followed by dinner at the end of the day.

Barks and Meows! How did you and your furry friend spend your Thanksgiving? Pawlease share in the comments below.

Barkingly, we are pawlanning to return to writing about our friends needing "Forever Homes!" with humans to love who will love them too, next Friday, December 2.

(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!
(C) from The Dog's Paw!


Dear God -
It's Samson, Abby, and me Noah again this year
to thank you for the many blessings you have given us.
Yes, times are hard. It seems like there are pawblems and sadness at 
every turn for almost everyone... yet you continue to being there providing love, 
comfort, and our needs like food, water, treats, and toys... okay, yes, God, 
treats and toys aren't needs but special things you give us to make life extra cool for us...
 we thank you for doing that. 
WOOFS! I am especially thankful for my new friends, Max and his human Miss M., 
Carly and her humans Mr. E. and Mrs. E., 
Buddy and Max and their humans Mr. and Mrs. K.
Thank you for the home in the country where Dad can get some quiet
and we have a backyard we can run and play all day and bark at
all sorts of wildlife especially deer...  
Woofs! Lord, we ask that you help the homeless, the ill, 
and the physically and mentally challenged in our world. 
Yesterday, we read about a homeless vet who was finally provided a home 
but he needs continual help as well as with his dog's care too. 
Please continue to bless him and provide a means for his dog's care too. 
And, our furry friends who need "Forever Homes!" 
with humans to love them who will love them, too. 
Lord, we are so thankful for the many human volunteers 
who dedicate their time and, often, their own resources to help dogs and cats
 all over this beautiful country to find humans to love them. 
Please bless them this day and every day as they do their most impawtant work.
Lord, we especially thank you for your pawnderful gift of salvation so that whoever believes 
in You, confesses it with their mouth, and follows You
will have eternal life in Heaven when they die. 
We thank you for every single blessing you have given our humans who adopted us from our rescues, brought us into their homes, and provide our needs through the blessings you give them. 


Happy Thanksgiving God! 

(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!