Wednesday, February 21, 2018

National Love Your Pet Day- Every Day- All Day

Dog Adoption
(C) Allen Pearson
WOOF! I heard on the radio last night today is "National Love Your Pet Day!" A day to celebrate the pawsomeness of your pet!

If you didn't share extra lovin's with your pet this morning before heading to work, stop on the way home and buy some special treats, an expensive toy or two and rush home to spend the entire evening giving your pet all the attention they want. Take them for that extra long walk they enjoy so much!

WOOF! Pawlease share in the comments below how you will celebrate the day!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Off The Leash Cartoons

Dog Humor

(C) Ruppert Fawcett, Off The Leash Used by Permission

I paw and bark my thanks to Off The Leash Dog Cartoons for sharing their pawsome artistic talents with us.

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Dogs Of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

Mount Vernon, George Washington's Home
"George Washington's Home, Mount Vernon"
(C) Allen Pearson
WOOF! Happy President’s Day! Hope you have a day of fun planned with your family and friends! BARK! Be certain to take your dog along! WOOF!

Paws, I thought it would be interesting to share a bit about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s dogs. While researching information for this article, I found quite a bit of detail about the dogs in their lives!

Barkingly, George Washington had many dogs while at Mount Vernon. The dogs were owned by George and Martha Washington, grandchildren, friends, and slaves who lived on the estate.

I have to pawnder what type or breed or kind of dogs George Washington would have. After all, this was way back in the good old days. I’m thinking even further back than Dads childhood days. So am guessing the dogs didn’t have the best of everything like we dogs often do today.

Mount Vernon George Washington's Home
"George Washington's Home,
 Mount Vernon"

(C) Allen Pearson
My inquisitive doggy mind determined to learn more, found that the Mount Vernon estate was host to a wide variety of pawsome dogs from nearly every group recognized by the American Kennel Club including Hounds to Non-sporting Dogs to Sporting Dogs to Terriers to Working Dogs. Washington kept a kennel for his dogs about 100 feet away from the family vault.

Barks, a pawful and more says Washington’s dogs were used dogs for hunting. He is often credited by the American Kennel Club with helping to develop the American Foxhound breed!

Barkingly, throughout the years, Washington acquired or was given a “Coach Dog,” a Spaniel, Terriers, and a Newfoundland. “Coach Dog?” The term refers to a type of dog rather than a specific breed. It could have been a Dalmatian as it often referred to as a breed of white dog with black spots. WOOF!

When Washington traveled, he left instructions for the butler to care for the dogs. WOOF!  When one of the dogs was expecting a litter of pups, Washington’s butler was in attendance! BARKS!

According to the pawsome website, barkingly, the most hilarious story of  Washington’s having dogs in the home occurred with their dog, the beloved French Hound Vulcan!  “The mischievous Vulcan ambled into the Mount Vernon kitchen on the very day Mrs. Washington had ordered a fine ham for dinner. Excited about this menu, Vulcan sunk his teeth into the savory prize and carried it cleanly away as the kitchen servants chased after him.” WOOF! Can’t say I blame him- I did that with a chicken! BARK! 
"Site of Abraham Lincoln's Boyhood Home"
(C) Joe Shlabotnik, Flickr Creative Commons

Barks! Abraham Lincoln had a dog named “Fido!” He was a yellow mixed breed who seemed to be Lincoln’s companion too. He went everywhere Lincoln went! Fido could be found waiting outside a barber while Lincoln got a trim! Or, you would often see Fido carrying packages from the market back to the house- Dad, don’t get any ideas!

Barkingly, when Lincoln was elected President, the noises of the local celebration, booming cannons, loud fireworks, ringing church bells, and the excitement of the community proved to terrify Fido and be too much for him. This caused Lincoln to make arrangements for Fido to stay with a family friend, John Roll and his family. Barkingly, the friend promised to return Fido to them when they returned from Washington.

WOOF, Fido had the run of the Lincoln household. Bark, like me at mine! When Lincoln left him with the Rolls, he specified that Fido was to be all to come into the Roll family home, even if his paws were muddy and not be scolded.  ARF! Since the Lincolns shared table scraps with Fido at mealtime, the Rolls should do the same. BARK! Fido had a favorite sofa which was taken to the Roll home too!

When Lincoln was assassinated, the Roll family brought Fido along with them to the Lincoln family home in Springfield to pay respects! Ironically, a  few years later, Fido was being his pawsome playful self with a drunk man who in a drunken rage, thrust a knife into him. Fido met the same fate as his pawsome master, Assassination!

Barks! However you celebrate President’s Day, may it be a blessed one! BARKS!

"Lincoln's Home in Springfield, Illinois"
(C) Matt Turner, Flickr Creative Commons

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Prayer Pups!

© Prayer Pups, by Jeff Smith, Used by Written Permission

His Mercy!
by Jeff Smith

"When God our Savior 
revealed His kindness
and love, He saved us,
not because of the righteous things
we had done, 
but because of His mercy.

 – Titus 3:4-5

I paw and bark my thanks to Prayer Pups and Jeffrey Smith for sharing their pawsome artistic talents with us. 

All content and characters © 2018 Jeffrey Smith. All rights reserved. Used by Permission, Prayer Pups by Jeffrey Smith

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

Dog Adoption
Photo Credit: Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League Creative: Allen Pearson

WOOF! My pawsome friend "Great Dane Dame" of the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League stopped by this week with a handsome Merle Great Dane for you to meet! Eddy!

Eddy has made pawsome strides in his foster home. He is learning to be a most pawsome dog!

Merle Great Dane
Photo Credit: Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League
Allen Pearson
Eddy is full of puppy-like behavior with the normal inquisitiveness!  He loves going to the dog park and the doggy day care. He loves playing but plays a little rough for smaller dogs! Barkingly, he can be mouthy when playing but is never aggressive! He is just one huge goofy guy who loves to run. 

Eddy is completely house and crate trained. He is learning to fetch and play ball!

Eddy is a most affectionate Dane and will shower his humans with doggy kisses and cuddle in your lap, against your legs or by your feet! He is pawsitively a family dog and loves mini-humans. Due to his size he will not be place with young mini-humans.

Eddy will make an excellent addition to an almost any home but needs an active home to burn off puppy energy will be best! He will require a large fenced yard due to his energy level.


If you would like to learn more about the processes and produres in adopting a Great Dane and pawssibly meet or adopt Eddy, pawlease visit Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League Adoption Procedures!

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

Cat Adoption
Photo Credit: PetConnect Rescue Creative: Allen Pearson

My pawsome friend "Cat Lady" brought by a most beautiful cat for you to meet!  Zada!

A petite lady with a pawsome sweet disposition and a purring motor that doesn't quit! She is a dedicated lap cat who will make a great companion for life!  MEOW!

Zada likes to follow her foster mom around the house from room-to-room patiently waiting for the next task! Meowingly, sometimes she will curl up around for foster mom's feet or on her lap!
Cat Adoption

Zada is very easy-going sweetheart of a cat who will make the transition to a "Forever Home" with her humans to love on quite smoothly!  MEOWS! She will be great for the first time cat owner though pawfectly pawsome for anyone!

Zada has met other adult cats, dog and mini-humans and takes all newcomers in stride! She may be adopted as your-one-and-only or with another companion animals!

A few notes from my friends at PetConnect Rescue: Cats adopted through PetConnect Rescue must be indoor only, and may not be declawed (unless already declawed at the time of rescue).

The first step in approving adoption applicants is to complete a Veterinarian check. Vetting of current and past pets is very importantso they will be speaking with the Veterinarians(s) listed on your application to ensure that your current and previous pet(s) are kept up to date on vaccines (including rabies), spayed or neutered and examined annually by your Veterinarian.

If you would like to learn more about cat adoption, pawlease visit the PetConnect Rescue Adoption Guide!

If you would like to meet or apply to adopt Zada, pawlease complete the PetConnect Rescue Adoption Application! Once submitted, one of their Adoption Coordinators will contact you!

Maybe you pawsitively love cats but are not able to adopt right now.  Why not sponsor Zada? Donations will help offset the costs of Zada's care. Any extra funds raised will be used to help other PetConnect Rescue animals.

If yoou would like to sponsor Zada, CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW!
Cat Adoption

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

Black Labrador Retrievers
Photo Credit: Lab Rescue Creative: Allen Pearson
WOOF! I am so pawleased to share that several of the Labrador Retriever pairs who drug “Lab Lady” from Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. gleefully and rather dapperly, got adopted. They found humans to love and their “Forever Homes!”  WOOF! WOOF!! Barkingly grand to be able to share this news with you!

This week, “Lab Lady” brought by two pairs of Labradors who are still looking for their “Forever Homes” and humans to love! These Labradors are bonded buddies who may have grown up together or met along the rescue way and became close and need to be adopted together.  The old saying, which I love to paw and bark, is very pawsomely true when said about bonded dogs, “Two are better than one!”  WOOF!

If you are looking for pawsome dogs to add to your life, two will make your human life quite pawsome!

Barkingly, these Black Labrador Retrievers are recommended for mini-humans ages 8 and older. They have no history with cats!

If you would like to learn more about these Labrador Retrievers, pawlease visit Lab-Pairs!

If you would like to meet or apply to adopt either of these pairs, pawlease complete the Lab Rescue Dog Adoption Application.