Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Presidents Day: Top-10 Presidential Pet Names

With Presidents’ Day yesterday, I want to paw with you Petplan’s top-10 list of Presidential themed names.

Using Petplan data, we found that more pets are named after past Republican presidents than Democrats—by almost double! The Commander-in-Chief commanding the most copycat names? Theodore Roosevelt, of course (that’s Teddy for short).

Here’s our top-10 Presidential pet names:

Used by Permission, Petplan Pet Insurance

Honorable mention for originality goes to Catvin Coolidge!

First Lady names are also in fashion—from Mary Todd Lincoln to Eleanor Roosevelt, pet parents love paying tribute to the women of the White House.

To learn more about Petplan Pet Insurance and it's products, visit, See How Petplan Stacks Up Against Other Insurance Providers.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, Homeless Animals Rescue Team

(C) Homeless Animals Rescue Team

WOOF!! I was pawleasantly surprised this week by a friend at Homeless Animals Rescue Team who brought by these pawsome meowingly grand twin brothers, Ash and Cinder- they were so cool!!

These two twin brothers will win your heart fast!  They are full of personality, completely stunning, and very playful!  MEOW!! BARK!  Ash and Cinder have a lot to offer.

Do you have questions about Ash and Cinder or about cat adoption?  Please contact Kim!

If you are interested in adopting Ash and Cinder, please complete the Homeless Animals Rescue Team Cat Adoption Application.

"Cinder"(C) Homeless Animals Rescue Team

Friday's Friend, Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

(C) Operation Paws for Homes
My pawsome friend "Miss Ashley" shared some pawcellent detail about Operation Paws for Homes she wants you to know about-!

"Well Noah, Thanks to our wonderful network of volunteers and supporters, Operation Paws for Homes rescued 107 dogs in January! Also in January: 88 dogs were adopted! 12 beds, 2 bags of dog jackets, 3 bags of toys, 6 bags/boxes of treats and about 400 lbs. of food were sent to underfunded shelters in NC and SC!" says "Miss Ashley!"

My friend, "Miss Joanne" brought by her friend Kalei for you to meet!

Kalei is a 40 lbs. Labrador/Terrier mix who loves snuggling, going on adventures walking or running, going on car rides, socializing with humans and other dogs, loves going everywhere with her human and watching TV!  WOOFs! BARK!

Kalei will benefit from a basic obedience course to learn basic manners and how to properly act during crate time.

Interested in meeting Kalei?  Please complete the Operation Paws for Homes Dog Adoption Application.

If you would like to learn more about dog adoption, please visit the Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Guide.

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Prince William Humane Society

(C) Prince William Humane Society

My human and I are barkingly happy to be partnering with the Prince William Humane Society in Dumfries, VA assisting them in their work of helping dogs and cats get adopted! WOOF!!  We have had the oppawtunity to photograph and write for them- it's so pawsome!  BARKS!!!  I got to go to work with my human one day and meet the pawsome humans working here.  WOOFs!

Paws, I'd like you to meet Aurora.  She has been a the Prince William County Animal Shelter since the day after Christmas looking for humans to love and a "Forever Home!"

Are you looking for a lifelong furry companion?  Aurora might be the gal for you - she have a pawsitively lovely nature and pawcellent manners.  She is good on a leash and takes her treats from humans very gently.  She isn't one for fetching though.   She will love her way into your heart!

Aurora wants to be your one and only- dog that is- so she doesn't have to share your lovin's with anyone else- can't blame her as that's what I like too!  WOOFs!!!

Pawsingly, Aurora is being sponsored by some pawsome humans so her adoption fees are waived!

If you would like to meet Aurora and learn more about dog adoption, please contact the Prince William Humane Society.  Barkingly, you can stop the Prince William County Shelter, 14807 Bristow Road, Manassas, to visit with her. Shelter hours are Tuesday through Friday 11 AM – 5 PM, Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM, and Sunday 12 – 4 PM. The shelter is closed on Mondays and all county holidays. BARKS!!

Friday's Friend, Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

Operation Paws for Homes, Hound Dog
"Lemonade Momma!"
(C) Operation Paws for Homes
My friend "Miss Ashley" from Operation Paws for Homes brought by a sweet gal for you to meet this week.  Lemonade Momma, a Hound mix is one cool lady- she raised her two litters of puppies, found them good homes and is now looking a "Forever Home!"

Lemonade Momma is house and crate trained.   She loves her toys and playing alone or with her human.  She would love to learn agility too!  She is working on obedience which includes leash walking.

Lemonade Momma loves other dogs, is good with mini-humans and no history of cats!

Interested in meeting "Lemonade Momma" and learning more about dog adoption?  Please complete the Operation Paws for Homes Dog Adoption Application,or mail: adopt@ophrescue.org.

If you would like to learn more about dog adoption, please visit the Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Guide,

Hound Dog
"Lemonade Momma!"
(C) Operation Paws for Homes

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

Black Great Dane
(C) Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League
Deuce is a 5-year-old Black Great Dane who doesn't know that he is a senior dog as he still has lots of energy and loves affection!  If he doesn't get enough attention, he will make a low growly noise or place a paw in your lap!  WOOF!!! Much like what I do to my humans! BARK!  He enjoys socializing with other animals too!

Deuce normally has this very stoic look going on in his face but he's really a huge cuddle bug.

(C) Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League
Deuce is learning to be more social with humans too and is making great strides. He recently made contact with two men for attention.  This is pawsome for him!  BARKS AND PAWS Buddy!!

A pawsome cool thing that Deuce loves to do is put his human to bed.   He will pick up one of his stuffed animals, and circle his human before going to the bedroom. His foster human followed and Deuce looked at her as if to say "Time for bed!"  She did, and he curled up next to her and that was that!  WOOOOF!!!!  How cool!!

Deuce's family are going to be pawsitively blessed by this guy.  He will definitely entertain you but most of all you will feel loved by a pawsome Great Dane!

He is good with other dogs and cats but prefers a home with no mini-humans!  BARKS!

Interested in meeting Deuce?  Please complete the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Adoption Application, call (703) 644-8009, a hotline where you can leave a message, or email coordinators@va-magdrl.org.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Dog's Paw Calendar

Barkingly pawsome is the "Dog's Paw Calendar" which I host on my website!  WOOF!!  Arf!

Dog and Cat Rescues and shelters and non-profit animal rescue charities are invited to send me press releases about your events along with any images (my human prefers jpgs) of logos and event information so we can post on the calendar. BARKS!!

We support events or fundraisers where 100% of the fund go directly to the rescue or an animal in need.

The Dog's Paw Calendar Criteria

A calendar of Washington DC area adoption, fund-raising events for animal rescue/shelters organizations and fun activity events.   

The Dog's Paw Calendar will occasionally post the upcoming weekend adoption events on Thursdays posts.

Animal rescues groups and shelters, and non-profits whose work benefits animal rescue work are invited to submit items for our calendar.  We do not support fundraisers where only a small portion of the proceeds or revenue benefits the animals or rescue.  

Please send information to  Noah  with the following details:
  • Date(s) of the event.
  • Purpose of the event (raising funds for to expand shelter, etc.)
  • Tickets required?  Cost?
  • Dogs permitted?
  • Where will the event be held?
  • Who do the proceeds benefit?