Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving 2023!


(C) 2023, from The Dog's Paw!

Woofs! Meows! Bark!
Dear God!
Today, we pause to
thank You for the
many blessings you have given us!
We thank You, God, for our humans
who adopted us and have taken care of us all these years!
Woofs, Meows, Barks, this year, 
we are pawticularly thankful for our Uncle Ed, who
came to visit us for this Thanksgiving week.
He kept Dad out of our hairs the entire week 
giving us lots of peace and quiet. 
Barks and meows,
We thank You for a pawsome home
that we get to live every single day
of our pawsome lives.
We thank you for the pawsome view of nature
that surrounds us everywhere we look. 
We're especially thankful for how happy it makes Dad
every time he goes outside.
He's pawticularly happy to take Abby and Noah 
for walks enjoying the beautiful scenery. 
We thank you, God, for the food that we receive every single day,
and for the delectably delicious treats we get too!
Abby and me are very thankful for our fenced-in backyard 
where we can run and pawlay and dig holes and pawlay fetch and chase and run the fence
after the deer and foxes pawlaying on the other side. 
Lord God, thank you for our toys too!
We love to pawlay with them all day long,
and all night, too (MEOWS)!
Meows, I am especially thankful for Mommy-cuddles. 
I love waking Mommy up very early in the mornings
jumping up on the bed to cuddle for a few hours 
before she goes to work, then, again at night
to help her fall asleep.
Woofs, me and Noah love curling up beside Dad 
every night and waking him in the morning with doggy kisses!
Paws, we are barkingly happy for the pawsome humans 
who let Abby and me pawlay every Tuesday at doggy daycare!
Barks, I am pawticularly thankful for Theresa at Mahogany Ridge
who is training me, Abby, how to handle Dad.
She is howling talented with her knowledge of dogs and humans.
And, we thank you God for all the human volunteers
who have worked diligently, barking and meowing,
to help homeless dogs and cats find their 
"Forever Home!" with humans to love who will 
love them too!  

Pawlease teach us to learn to be thankful each and every day
of our barking, or meowing, lives.
We are especially thankful for the
gift of eternal life found in Jesus Christ.
Noah, Samson, and Abby

(C) 2023, from The Dog's Paw!

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