Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Noah's Houndisms:Walking Your Dog!

"Noah Walking His Human"
(C) Allen Pearson

"Put Down the Device and Walk With Me!"

When my human gets the pleasure and honor of being seen with me in public, I expect for him to pay attention to me, not his device. WOOF!!

For one thing, what if a huge creature comes our way, and well, I might need his help. Or, if a human is allowing his dog to walk off-leash, which is illegal in our area, it could become a distraction for me or the dog could bother my human. Barkingly, it is safer for him to pay attention to what's going on around us so he can be prepared to do what he needs to do! Barks. The list can go on... 

When I walk my human, I am giving him time to bond with me. We discuss the problems of the universe and I give him all the right answers, we sniff a few places along the way to see who has been there and what's going on with who and we get pawlenty of good healthy exercise. Barkingly, I love hanging out with my human it is a pawsome time.  

Leave your device in your pocket and ignore it for the short time you are walking your dog. After all, to us dogs, the time is infinite and barkingly special and goes on forever. While for you, it may only be a few minutes, it's so much more. Find that time with your human - make them put down the device!

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