Friday, July 17, 2020

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue!

Black Labrador Retriever Dog Adoption
Photo: Lab Rescue
Creative: from The Dog's Paw!

WOOF! WOOF! My friend "Lab Lady" and her volunteers at Lab Rescue has been busy lately taking care of many pawnderful Labrador Retrievers helping them to find "Forever Homes!"  This week, she brought by a handsome fella name Archibald for you to meet!
Black Labrador Retriever Dog Adoption
Photo: Lab Rescue
Creative: from The Dog's Paw!

Archibald, a very happy 8-year-old Black Labrador Retriever, is looking for his "Forever Home!" in a rural or suburban single-family home with a fence!

Barks and paws, Archibald is adapting quite well and learning new skills in his foster home! He has become a STAIR MASTER as he rockets up and down flights!

WOOFs! Archibald is learning the indoor life is the pawsomely good life! He loves Charlie Bear Bacon and Blueberry and Beaverdam cinnamon and honey treats! He will sit for his treat and takes them gently! Barks, he loves to be petted and scratched. WOOFS! He has discovered that cuddling with his blanket on the couch doesn't compare to hitting the streets as a stray. WOOFS!

Barks, to help himself get adopted, Archibald created a Baker's Dozen of reasons to adopt-

1) I am an Olympic caliber sleeper...I sleep quietly through the night on my dog bed
 and goes right back to sleep even if you get up for any reason;

2) My cute, fluffy ears...

3) I go up and down stairs like a champ;

4) I have lived in a home before…not spooked by house sounds (printers, garbage disposal, etc.);

5) I am very comfortable on carpet; tentative on tile, laminate, etc. 
(working around this with yoga mats and runners);

6) I am not a swimmer (yet); drinks from the pool but doesn’t put his feet in 
or show any desire to swim;

7) I am easy to walk. My foster uses a harness; very interested in other dogs,

8) I don't need a lot of exercise very low maintenance; happy to hang around with us.

9) My foster ran out for some errands and I am fine by himself.

10) I am VERY quiet...rarely do I bark.

11) I know how to “sit” and does it with authority;

12) No cats (BEST squirrel eradicator if you need them out of your yard and plants).

13) Completely housebroken, no accidents at all

WOOFS! Archibald is looking for humans who will continue treating him the bestest pawssible... barks, the way dogs deserve. 

Watch Archibald at: Archibald aka Archie!

Pawlease note: Archibald is Heartworm Positive! Heartworm is highly treatable and treatment will be provided, at no cost to the adopter, at one of Lab Rescue's designated vets. Completing Heartworm treatment at the veterinarian designated by the rescue is a requirement of adoption. Interested adopters should visit our webpages at: Lab Rescue - Heartworm and Lab Rescue - Heartworm Protocol to learn the basics of Heartworm treatment.

To learn more about adopting a Labrador Retriever from Lab Rescue, pawlease visit their Adoption Guide!

If you would like to meet Archibald or apply to pawssibly adopt him, pawlease complete the Lab Rescue Dog Adoption Application.

Do you love Labrador Retrievers but are not able to adopt? How about considering sponsoring Archie? Sponsoring Archie provides financial resources for his food, care, and Veterinary needs. After his adoption, any remaining funds will help other Labrador Retrievers at Lab Rescue. Interested? Pawlease visit Sponsor!

Black Labrador Retriever Dog Adoption
Photo: Lab Rescue
Creative: from The Dog's Paw!
Black Labrador Retriever Dog Adoption
Black Labrador Retriever Dog Adoption

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