Tuesday, August 4, 2020

A Few Considerations to Adopting a Dog or Cat!

"Golden Retriever Puppy!" Photo by John Price on Unsplash
"Golden Retriever Puppy!"
Photo by John Price on Unsplash

"WOOF! Barks! I started writing "from The Dog's Paw" several years ago with the intent of sharing about adopting a dog, what to consider before adopting, size matters - you barkingly know right, the breed can matter too, how to bring a dog home, how to prepare your home, training tips, and the like along with humorous stories, dog and cat cartoons, and pawlenty of stories about my adventures as a dog to my humans.

Paws, over the next while, I will be pawing several posts for you about the many considerations to adopting a dog. WOOFS! Barks! Pawlease feel free to email me at thedog@fromthedogspaw.com if you have questions or topics you would like for me to paw or bark or woof about!" 

"MEOWS! HISS! HISS! WHAT ABOUT CATS NOAH!? There are a few things to consider before you adopt a cat too!"

"Paws! WOOF! Samson that's where you will come in... you can purr, meow, and chat about cat adoption and your friends needing 'Forever Homes!'"

"Meows! Pawcellent my sweet dog brother! You are so talented! I see you've learned a lot from me in the short time I have lived here!" 

"Aw woofs Samson! arf?? Paws to you!

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