Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Prayer Pups by Jeffrey Smith

© 2020, Prayer Pups, by Jeff Smith, Used by Written Permission
© 2020, Prayer Pups, by Jeff Smith, Used by Written Permission

Paws, I am not affiliated nor do I earn any dog treats or toys or steaks by sharing about this product.

Barks! I have been sharing the pawsomely grand comics of Prayer Pups by Jeffrey Smith for a few years. Paws, I love his work and his Christian perspectives in his cartoons which help mini-humans and adults pursue a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ and to nurture a better understanding of The Word by using the gift with which God blessed me.

Barks, I would like to share this book "Treasure Hunt" which is full of fun activities and devotions for mini-humans featuring the Prayer Pups! To learn more or purchase a copy for your mini-humans, pawlease visit Treasure Hunt by Prayer Pups! The book would make a great Christmas gift for the pawsome mini-humans, grand mini-humans, or great grand mini-humans in your life.

Paws, I bark a huge thank you to Jeffrey Smith for sharing his creative talents in Prayer Pups with us!

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