Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer!

Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash
"Thanksgiving Fall"

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear God,
As Samson and I lay at our human's feet
this Thanksgiving, 
We can think of many reasons to be thankful. 

Thank you God for You!
Thank you for your Love,
Thank you for your Son Jesus,
and the Bible!

Thank you God, 
for helping Samson and me 
find our "Forever Home!" with humans to love
who love us too!
Thank you for helping the humans
in the shelters and rescues 
that worked diligently 
helping Samson and me along the way 
to our "Forever Homes!"
Pawlease help the other homeless
all the dogs and cats find "Forever Homes!" too, 
Pawlease bless the rescue and shelter volunteers, 
who are working to help other dogs 
and cats find their "Forever Homes!,"
with a pawsomely great Thanksgiving day
with their friends and family and good food too!
Thank you God for loving us so much! 

Thank you God, 
for our humans,
they are really great to us!
Mom gives us some really great belly rubs and ear scratches,
She has bought us some great toys too,
Dad and I take walks and car rides together
in a car he bought for me instead 
of buying a sports car for himself - whatever this,
Samson enjoys watching the birds with Dad and Mom, 
and sneaking in every single cuddle and
snuggle he pawssibly can! 

Thank you God,
for our delicious food
that our humans buy us 
with their hard-earned money
so Samson and I can be healthy!

Thank you God,
for my crate, the air conditioning, the running water,
the kitchen, the with wall to wall carpeting, 
and beautiful artwork, by my human, on the walls.
A special travel crate, a home away from home.
Samson is thankful for his bedroom with it's big bed,
wall-to-wall carpeting, beautiful artwork chosen by mom, 
food, water, his toys, and
 a litterbox right where he needs it.
He is thankful for his cat tree where he can 
sit and watch the world go by
and his table in Dad's studio where he can watch the birds!

Thank you God,
 for the fresh clean water our humans give me daily
 - though I still don't understand why my Dad doesn't want me
drinking from ponds, puddles, creeks, or the ocean 
when we went last summer and
especially those really big white concrete water dishes
in his backyard- something about for the birds?

Thank you God for treats
our humans give us- 
they work hard to keep me healthy!

Thank you God,
for our Veterinarian,
Veterinary Technicians,
and Client Care humans
at Ohana Veterinary Care
even though they like to poke
and prod and stick needles and give me yucky pills!
They mean well which is what counts!

Thank you God,
for the toys our humans give us,
they keep us busy 
and help us to learn skills
we can use!

Thank you God,
for the blessings
we haven't barked and meowed
for making my life so
wonderfully blessed! 

Noah and Samson! 

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