Monday, January 11, 2021

Purchase A Dog License!

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"The Dog License!"
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WOOF! Every year I go through this and, once again, I think this is a bit discriminating! Why do I have to have a license to be a dog when cats do not have to have a license to be a cat? Barkingly, I would not never ever want to be a cat so don't get me wrong but cats should have to get licensed too.

This time of year, when you are renewing your dog's license to be a dog, take a few minutes to make sure you have kept his ID tags and microchip updated with your contact information. Has your address, email, or any phone numbers changed? Barks? If they have, this is a pawsome time to update your pet's ID tags and microchip.

Barkingly, where I live, my human has to register me with the county. I have to wear a tag on my collar to show it's been done. While I find it pawsomely annoying, as I pawed a few sentences ago, it is an impawtant thing to do. Why?

Paw, first, in most states, it is the law to license your dog. The fee to license your dog is cheaper than the fines which can be up to $250. Barkingly, in some cities and counties, it is a class IV misdemeanor.

Woofs, a license tag helps Animal Control, and even your neighbors, to help identify your dog quickly and return to you. Licensed dogs are often kept longer at shelters waiting for their humans to come get them than dogs that are not!

Barkingly, a dog license helps to prove your dog is safe! Dogs cannot be licensed without being vaccinated, paws rabies. A human finding your dog is more likely to help it find its way home, or get it some help if it is licensed.

The fees for licensing your pet assists with the expenses of running an Animal Shelter.

WOOFS! In many locations, January is often the month to submit your payment and request for a license to allow your dog to be a dog for another year. Trust me, your dog will appreciate being a dog for another year- who wants to be a cat anyway!?

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