Thursday, August 26, 2021

National Dog Appreciation Day!

(C) 2021, from The Dog's Paw!
(C) 2021, from The Dog's Paw!

WOOFS! BARKS! Happy National Dog Appreciation Day! Abby and I welcome any and all gifts you would like to send us! WOOFS! Though it is not one of those major holidays which get all of the attention it should be celebrated as such by all humans who have a dog! 

Barks? How do you celebrate? Humans should take the day off and do something special with their bestestest-ever buddy ever to have the greatest fun you can. 

Ruff, you know your dog best. Maybe you have a favorite place to visit or going hiking or maybe even a restaurant. Today is a great day to do it. Pawingly, if you are looking for a few ideas, here are some fun things to do:
  • Begin the process of adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue organization. Paws, looking for a pure breed? There are pure breed dog rescues.
  • Volunteer to walk and pawlay with a dog or clean cages or any other chores at your local shelter or dog rescue. 
  • Donate financially to a dog rescue. Many rescues operate solely through donor contributions. These donations cover transportation, medical including any necessary surgeries or procedures, food, toys, and any impawtant expenses related to rescuing dogs.
  • Donate supplies such as blankets, rags, towels, hand towels, food, toys, and treats to your local animal shelter or dog rescue. 
  • Contact the local shelter or dog rescue to learn what supplies they need most. 
  • Schedule a photography season to capture some great images of you and your dog. 
  • Write letters or emails to your political leaders asking for their support in banning puppy mills and gas chambers in your state and the sales of puppies in local pet stores.
  • If you do not have your own dog, buy treats or new toys for a friend's or neighbor's dog! Ask pawmission first!
  • Buy your dog a new toy, or several new toys, a few of those "more expensive" treats.
  • Give your dog a special day out at doggie daycare or at a dog park.
  • Take your dog on a long walk or pawssibly a long hike.
  •  Curl up with a bowl of your dog's favorite treats, their favorite pillow, and blankie, and watch a favorite movie.
  • Brush your dog or taking them to a groomer.
  • Buy your dog a fashionable new collar and leash. 
  • Have a safety check of your home making sure it is safe for your dog. Make sure family members know the emergency route to evacuating the home deciding who will be responsible for taking the dog out. 
  • Help an elderly or disabled neighbor with their dog walking and dog care. If you know a neighbor who is on a tight fixed income, offer to help with their dog's expenses. 
  • Do you have a play area in your yard? Invite some of your dog's friends over for a pawlaytime! Visit a small locally owned pet shop for some special bakery treats to celebrate. 
Pawingly, take your phone with you to take photos of your adventures with your dog celebrating National Dog Appreciation Day! Share your photos on social media using #NationalDogAppreciationDay.

If you can't celebrate today, plan to do it another day and soon. 
(C) 2021, from The Dog's Paw!

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