Saturday, April 30, 2022

Tornado Warning or Tornado Watch? Do You Know The Difference?


(C) 2022, Federal Emergency Management Agency
"Tornado Warning or Tornado Watch?"
(C) 2022, Federal Emergency Management Agency




"Barkingly, what's up, Samson? Why all the hissy fit?"

"Moews, I love the Spring weather but it's the season for tornadoes too! They scare me! I want to be sure my fellow feline, canine, and human readers know the difference between the two alerts you might hear from the National Weather Service!"

"Woof, me too. I don't like storms very much. In the years I have lived with our humans, we've had a few Tornado Warnings but pawlenty of Tornado Watches especially in the Spring. Thankfully, we have not been in a tornado. Dad usually practices a Tornado Warning with us at the beginning of the season so we know what to do."

"HISS! I know what to do! RUN! RUN! RUN!"

"BARKS! Only if you are heading to the basement, Samson!

Woofs, Samson and Abby, a TORNADO WARNING means a tornado is happening or is imminent in the warned area- that's when you head to the basement!"

"Arfs, can we look outside and see it, Noah?"

"No Abby, no time for that! Immediately head for shelter. In our case, it's the hallway at the end of the stairs in the basement. For some humans and their pets- don't forget them, it could be a hall bathroom, a closet, or an interior room with no window. Whatever room is in the innermost part of the house if you do not have a basement. Be sure to have a battery-operated radio with pawlenty of extra batteries, a flashlight, and a cell phone. Barkingly, if you live in an area prone to having tornadoes, it'd be wise to create an emergency kit for your storm shelter. In Virginia, we haven't had many tornadoes over the years Dad's been living here."  

"Hisses! Hissingly, what does a TORNADO WATCH mean, Noah?"

"A Tornado Watch means conditions are right in your area for a tornado to form. Stay tuned to your television, radio, and cell phone for further alerts, and be pawpared to take shelter should a tornado form!"

"Arf! I feel safer knowing all that Noah! Woofs!"

"Purrs, thank you, Noah!" 

(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!

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