Friday, May 6, 2022

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART)!


Cat Adoption
Photo: Homeless Animals Rescue Team
Creative: from The Dog's Paw!
Meows! I hope you are having a meowingly grand Friday and are ready for the weekend! When my human worked in an office before retirement, he always looked forward to Friday so he could spend more time with his furry children and pawsomely grand beautiful wife! 

Purrs, my friends from the Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) brought by a beautiful 11-year-old male Himalayan cat named Buddy who is looking for his "Forever Home!' with humans to love who will love him too!

Buddy is a grand guy who is not declawed, nor is his experience with dogs, cats, or mini-humans known. Unfortunately, he came to HART because his human passed away. Meows, while family members have taken him in, they feel he will be happier in a quiet home where he can be someone's one-and-only-pet-that-is! 

Hissings, Buddy is understandably a bit confused and frightened these days because of all the sudden changes in his life. Meows, he needs a cat-savvy human who can help him adjust to a new home! Purrs.

If you have questions about Buddy, pawlease contact Kim!

To learn about adopting a cat from HART, pawlease visit their Adoption Guide.

If you would like to meet Buddy, or pawssibly adopt him, pawlease complete the HART Cat Adoption Application

PURRS! Do you pawsitively love cats but aren't able to adopt? Pawlease consider supporting Buddy financially. Donations will assist with his care. Any extra funds will be used to assist other cats at Homeless Animals Rescue Team. Interested, pawlease donate HERE! Donations are tax-deductible as permitted by the Internal Revenue Service.

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