Monday, August 1, 2022

Dog Travels: A Trip to the Beach with Noah

Photo by Lenin Estrada
"Dog Enjoying the Beach"

My human keeps forgetting this most important trait about me- I am dog! I am not human but dog! Of which, I am thankful to paw the least! Since I go so many places with my human these days, since he chats with me while we are walking down a trail or a hike or in the stores and while riding in the car, yes- people look and stare- he sometimes forgets that I am dog, not a silly human. Sometimes preparations need to be made for me to go to all these places with him. Paw to his credit, he gets it right more often than not! A friend’s beach trip discussion reminded him a little more planning than usual goes into these trips. 


For one, thank goodness, dogs do not need speedos! We prefer the au naturel look when swimming whether at the beach, lake, backyard pool, or creek by the house- so we won’t embarrass you- and, ourselves for that matter.  


Before heading out, be pawsitive the beach is dog-friendly.  While many have dog hours usually before 9 a.m. and after 5 or 6 p.m., be pawsitive to check times. Barkingly, check the rules so you and Fido aren’t disappointed. Leashed? Unleashed? Carry a long leash-just in case!  


Can Fido swim? Don’t assume all dogs swim and are not afraid of water!  Some dogs are pawsitively afraid of water so be paws to read up on the nature of your dog’s breed. BARK! While there are exceptions to every rule, it’s good to have an idea of how Fido might react. If Fido seems afraid or scared at the beach, do not force the issue allow the idea to become a possible reality- barks! A dog life vest is a pawsome item to bring! 


Just as you use sunblock at the beach, be sure to bring some along for Fido.  Dogs can get sunburned and skin cancer like humans- especially young puppies and dogs with thin coats!  Contact your Veterinarian for their recommendations on dog sunblock products. 


When you arrive at the beach, scout the area for dangerous objects like glass, rocks, critters from the ocean, garbage, and coral that could hurt Fido. Items can be hidden by the sand too- so be diligent! 


Stay away from choppy or rough waters. The first time I went to a lake, the waves coming in startled me as did the jet skis and boats as I hadn’t seen them before. I can only imagine what the beach will be like!  


WOOF! Be pawsitive to pick up any and all of Fido’s moments he creates on the beach.  No one wants to step in the stuff, including you, so take along bags designated for cleaning up! You will make Fido the hit of the beach!  WOOFs!  


Water is always an important part of a dog’s life. Be paws to carry plenty of water, ice, and a collapsible water dish so when Fido gets really hot he can have clean water to drink.  My human tries to keep me from drinking from streams, lakes, creeks, and the like as it isn’t clean!   


Barkingly, when leaving the beach, wash the sand off your dog paying particular attention to his paws.  Rinse well to get off all the germs!  


WOOF! Seeing my human in his speedo is enough to make this dog want to stay in his travel crate and never leave for the entire vacation! BARK! I mean, oh my goodness- really?  WOOF!! 

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