Tuesday, February 14, 2023

A Valentine's Day Story

(C) 2023, from The Dog's Paw!
(C) 2023, from The Dog's Paw!

OH MY BARKS! She’s a barkingly pawsomely woofster of a hot, beautiful Rotty! The Rottweiler I love, Kady. And, it’s Valentine’s Day. I’ve got to get my nerve up to ask her for a date. Thing is, I need to borrow a car to take her somewhere so I gotta chat with my human to see if he will let me drive his Subaru Forester!  After all, barks, he says he bought it for me so maybe he’ll let me borrow it- my dog license was renewed last month so I should be good. Barkingly, I am always seeing dogs driving Subaru’s on TV!! WOOF!! My humans don’t always celebrate holidays on the day so gotta figure out when they are out so I can have access to their car!

I need to determine where I can take her.  If it were Spring, we’d go to a park, one where we can enjoy the quiet of nature and not be distracted with wanting to chase pesky squirrels or other varmints! WOOFs! Though that could be a fun date - barks! - I would take a picnic basket full of food and treats and all the good stuff she likes!  WOOF! Barkingly, with the cold weather I am thinking a good restaurant where our humans aren’t so we can have a romantic evening.

I’ve asked Kady, she said “yes,” My puppy heart is fluttering up a storm! Mom said I could use the Subaru Forester! I got Kady a dozen roses at the local florist!

My humans usually go to a seafood restaurant for Valentine’s Days so I will avoid that and should be good.  Anyway, we like beef and steak much better.  WOOF!!  That decided, I am all set!  WOOOF!!

The humans have left, Kady and I are going to a steakhouse for our Valentine’s celebration!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

WOOF! MEOWS! Bark! Happy Valentine's Day our favoritest humans, dog friends, and cat friends! We hope you have a blessed day with those you love!

We love you, our dear readers! Happy Valentines Day!

(C) 2023, from The Dog's Paw!

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