Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday's Friend: Rabbit Adoption, Washiington Humane Society

 HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! I love Fridays!  I start preparing myself to do more with my human- he comes home from working and we go do stuff together.  Spring is most fun because we can do stuff on Friday nights too since it's light out longer!  WOOF!!

I've got a friend from the Washington Humane Society for you to meet this week!
Credit: Washington Humane Society
 Woof!  Arf?? I guess I never really pawed much about it, since I'm usually chasing them in my yard- though my human tells me those are different, but rabbits would make a great pet and a pawtastic friend.

I'd like you to meet a pawsome rabbit named Thumper!  Thumper is looking for his "Forever Home!"

Thumper came to the Washington Humane Society after someone called them when they find the guy abandoned in his cage on the street!  WOOOF!!!!!!  He seems like such a sweet rabbit!

While waiting to find his new "Forever Home," Thumper is getting himself fit and trim for his new human by putting on some weight as he was really underweight when he was found.

He is a bit nervous as he's had many changes in his rabbit life lately, but he warms up quickly.

Looking for a rabbit as a pet?  Thumper may be the guy you are looking for!! He is looking for a home where he can get lots of love and be let out of his pen to hop around for a while each day!!

Want to meet Thumper?  You can do so by going to the New York Avenue Adoption Center!1201 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002 or visiting Washington Humane Society!

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