Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Plott Hound

Yup.  That's me.  And not without good proud reason.  WOOF!!

My human calls me "Sir Plottness" on occasion because I am a "Plott Hound."  Though it is believed that I am not a pure bred, I have quite the pawcellent qualities of the breed and pawsibly the traits of a Black Labrador Retriever.  Whichever, I am one handsome dog!  WOOF!!

"Sir Plottness" came about when Dad discovered how "stubborn" I can be.  He says its part of my breed while Mom says "like father, like son, oh, the trait is evident."  I won't go too far with that as want my morning treat.

While the "Plott Hound" makes one pawcellent pawfect dog for a family, stubbornness is one of our traits. When I get to going and sniffing, I want to sniff until I'm done sniffing and sometimes the sniffing takes us back and forth and around in circles, forward, backward, to the left, to the right, and wherever else the critter I happen to be trailing goes- I go.  Almost.  I haven't taken my human down a hill after a critter nor have I drug him half across creation on his best side, er bottom side, sorry, to chase a critter.  Dad has learned though to let me sniff it out and try to wait until I finish.

Only problem is, sometimes he ends up going in circles and has a leash around him and others humans just look and laugh- admittedly it is funny.

Pawsingly, whenever Dad gets a new camera or new equipment for it, he practices on me.  He says black dogs are more difficult, except maybe white dogs, to photograph.  So, I get photographed a lot or until I go find somewhere.  Depends on whether I've had my treat or not and if this is the first photograph of the day or the 100th.

Barking, whenever Dad tests a new software to use in his work, since I am part of his work, and he has billions of photos of me, he practices on me.

Enjoy my incredibly handsome face.  I'm sure you'll see more!

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