Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

HAPPY EASTER!! Hope you have a pawsome Easter weekend with family and friends- and, why not, consider adding another member to your family?  You could celebrate the Spring season with a new cat in your home-

My pawsome friend "Cat Lady" stopped by this week with a cool cat for you to meet!  Mia!

(C) PetConnect Rescue
Cat adoption is one of the pawleasures in a human's life and Mia is one sweetest cats to meet- easy going, laid back, and extra friendly!

Mia's favorite activities are purring loudly, getting belly rubs and playing with feathery toys.  And, she's got this really cool little chirp sound she makes to let you know how happy she is! She is one meowingly happy cat!

Mia marches in place and kneads her paws to express her gratitude for your loving and attention!

Dogs?  She does very well with the dog in her foster home!
(C) PetConnect Rescue
Mia is a pawsome cat and will make some humans very happy!

Interested in cat adoption?  Please visit PetConnect Rescue Adoption Guide for more information.

Interested in meeting this pawsome cat, Mia?  Please complete the PetConnect Rescue Adoption Application.  Once submit, one of there adoption coordinators will contact you!

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