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Top 5 Reasons Your Dog Wees in the House

Top 5 reasons your dog wees in the house. Yes you did just read that right, I’m afraid to say, and it may come as a surprise to think that your dog could still be having accidents once you have made it through puppyhood.

Once you successfully house train your puppy you automatically think to yourself, that’s it, I’ve done it, job sorted, no more little accidents to have to clean up. Well, sadly this isn’t always the case.

Picture the scene, you come home from work to find your best friend waiting for you by the door, with a puddle next to them, and with their big, brown eyes they look up at you as if to say, have I done something wrong.

The key when faced with this situation is not to tell your dog off, there is certain to be a very good reason as to why your dog has started to have accidents in the house. Telling them off will only make matters worse, you have to be like a detective, there are many reasons why it may be occurring, but you have to find the exact one and then try to solve the issue.

Top 5 reasons your dog wees in the house

1.   Over-Excitement
Your dog may be weeing in the house because of the joy at seeing you, they are happy beyond words and they sometimes have little accidents because of this happiness, when around their owners. Your dog may show certain signs of this joy by jumping, jiggling or wiggling and while doing this they could be accidentally weeing on the floor, as they are spraying urine all over the place.

2.   Fear or submissionThis usually occurs more in puppies than adult or older dogs, your puppy may not like it if someone leans over them or tries to touch them, for instance if your puppy is greeted by someone they have never seen before this may cause your puppy to be fearful, and they may have a little accident.

3.   Failed house training
If your puppy wasn’t successfully house trained this will carry on into adulthood. This is why it’s so very important to get it spot on at the puppy stage as it can be difficult to house train an adult dog. If your dog wasn’t properly taught to go to the toilet outdoors when he/she was a puppy, then they really don’t know any better.

4.   Marking their territory
Dogs mark their territory for many different reasons and once they start marking their territory inside the house it can be difficult to stop. If your dog is doing this you will notice small amounts of urine in certain areas of the house. What can happen then is, if you have other dogs in the house they too may start marking the areas as well, making the situation a whole lot worse.

Your dog may be marking because of stress or anxiety, so it’s up to you to try and find the cause of this stress and hopefully solve the problem. This should then prevent any more marking.

Marking their territory can be a big problem if not sorted out quickly, so it’s no surprise it’s one the top 5 reasons your dog wees in the house.

5.   Medical problems
Your dog may be weeing in the house because of medical problems there are many conditions that could cause this including, diabetes, bladder stones, urinary infections or kidney disease. If your dog is suffering from any of these conditions they won’t be able to control their bladder and will just wee where they are standing.

Just like us humans as we age we find it more difficult to hold our bladders, and it’s the same for dogs too, if your dog cannot get outside fast enough, this will lead to accidents around the house.

Separation anxiety could also be the root cause and basically this happens when your dog is missing you considerably. You may be out of the house or may be at work, and your dog is left alone, becoming very, very anxious because of your absence. This anxiety will cause your beloved canine much distress and this could result in your dog having accidents around the house.

The trouble is our dogs love us unconditionally and they want to be everywhere we are, and go wherever we go, but sadly this can’t always be the way. Try and find ways that will help to calm your dog down while you are away from home if you suspect separation anxiety. Some people leave the radio on, or the television, so that your dog feels as though someone is with them at home, this might greatly help your beloved pooch greatly. Others get a member of the family to drop by or even ask a neighbour to call in to check on them while they are out.

Final thoughts
There are many reasons why your dog may start to wee in the house, we’ve mentioned the top 5 reasons your dog wees in the house, there may be some other reasons too, but most of the time it stems from the ones that have been listed here.

The main thing to remember is not to tell your dog off for having accidents, it’s not their fault at all, but for now you’ll have to carry out some detective work. Your best friend wouldn’t be doing it if they didn’t have to, so keep this in mind and try and try to help them, by getting to the cause of the problem. It is however, highly likely to be one of the top 5 reasons your dog wees in the house, so check these out first.

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