Wednesday, March 13, 2019

When the Humans Are Away....

The Booth Brothers
"The Booth Brothers"
(C) The Booth Brothers

"WOOF! Paws, I can't believe they have done it to us again!"

"MEOWS! MEOW! What Noah? What's wrong? What happened?"

"WOOF! Our humans took off on another trip without taking me... with them....... I have to stay home..... guess I'm getting too old to travel with them...... woof."

"I doubt that you are too old Noah...sometimes it just doesn't work.... purrs.... just think of the possibilities.... they are endless...we can take off our fur and run around the house..... we can play the music we want instead of the long hair stuff that Dad likes so much and play like ALL THE TIME..... who listens to some guy named Beethoven or Mozart these days.... LET THE PARTY BEGIN!"

"Barks, you've got a great idea Samson....I know how to operate Dad's music system..."

"Meow, I've got the cable thing down too good buddy! We're ready to pawty! Where did they go....?"

"WOOF! Bark, they went to hear some Southern Gospel music group, the Booth Brothers! Mom loves their music! Dad says she will travel all over the world to hear them.... I think that's the group we went to hear in Shipshewana, Indiana last year!"

"Is the group with that tall skinny funny guy?"

"WOOF! Yeah! Michael Booth- I hear Mom say he's really funny!"

"Meow! I hear their music is pawsome too!!"

"Woof, I hope they have a pawsome time and are gone a long time so we can have a pawsome time pawtying!"

"Meow! Noah who do you want to order pizza from? ........ can you reach those snacks that they put on top of the refrigerator to keep us from getting them..... ????" 

"Paws, YUP, good buddy! Let the pawty begin!"

"...... we need to look at the Booth Brothers tour schedule to learn when we can send our humans away again!"

"Woof - let me know if you here them..... I wanna put my fur back on before Mom comes in!"

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