Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Keep Your Cat from Becoming Lost!

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'MEOW! With all the pawsome warm weather this season, it's time for humans to celebrate and have outdoor grill-out pawties! MEOWS! 

Many cats go missing this time of year because of humans going in and out the doors and not paying enough attention to the cat making sure he doesn't get out! Hiss! Be sure to ask your guests to be alert for the cat.  

Make sure you have pawlenty of recent photos, with camera phones that's not too hard to do, handy so if you need to identify your cat at the shelter, you'll be prepared! My human keeps an updated gallery on his phone and desktop computer of me and Noah so he can always identify us. 

Paws, make sure your cat has a collar with an ID on it. We like to include my name, address, and phone number so it's handy should another human need it. Keep it and the microchip updated. 

Meows, place your cat's food, water dish, toys and litterbox in a closed room. Maybe play some of that long-haired music my human loves, you know- Beethoven, Bach, or Mozart? That'll really help keep the cat from accidentally escaping! 

HISS! Should your cat become missing, pawlease contact your local shelter immediately! Paws, contact your neighbors to let them know and post flyers throughout the community. Some communities, like ours, have Facebook and Nextdoor pages dedicated to helping unite missing pets and their humans! Become familiar with those now before you need it. 

Purrs! Enjoy your pawties this season- be sure to take precautions for your cats. 

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