Monday, January 27, 2020

Happy 264th Birthday Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

"Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart"
Photo by Beta-J Flickr Creative Commons

"WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! Hey Samson, it looks like we have another great classical composer celebrating another birthday!"

"MEOW!? What? HISS! HISS! Is this guy dead too? Like Beethoven was last month?!"

"Yup! He would have been 264-years-old today!"

"Purrs! WOW! And, I thought you and dad were old! Why are we still celebrating his birthday.... shouldn't it have stopped where he died?! What's so great about Mozart anyway?"

"Barkingly, Mozart was one of classical music's early composers. He was a child prodigy who began playing the piano almost on the day he was born! Barks! At age 3 he was picking out chords on the harpsichord, at age 4 he was playing short pieces, and at age 5 he was composing! WOOF! Barks!"

"Purrs, ah yes, I read a few things about him recently. Unlike any other composer in history, he wrote in all musical genres of his day and excelled at each! Meows, his compositions made him seem the most universal of all composers! Yet, at the same time, his music seemed to have been written to accommodate the tastes of particular audiences!"

"WOOF! Barkingly, some of Dad's favorite music from Mozart are his symphonies, concertos, and sacred works which they could play in the church! It's funny, I've heard Dad say that although chamber music is not among his favorite classical pieces, he enjoys Mozarts'! Now you know why Dad plays so much Mozart around the studio when he is working! Also, he got to spend time in Salzburg, Austria, years ago visiting his birthplace! He's loved the music since he discovered it hundreds of years ago!"

"Meows! Purrs, well, it should be no surprise to me that I enjoy Mozart's music too since his music appealed to so many audiences! Purr..."

"Mozart's Geburtshaus"
Photo Credit: Edwin Lee, Flickr Creative Commons

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