Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wildfire Relief! Help the Koala Bears!

I'd Rather Be WIth My Dog
(C) I'd Rather Be With My Dog, Used by Permission

Barks! We are an affiliate of I'd Rather Be With My Dog and receive a small percentage of the sales. WOOF! In this case, any profits will be donated back to help the Koalas!

WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! I don't normally write about anything but dogs and cats and helping them get adopted but when I got this email from I'd Rather Be With My Dog about helping the Koala Bears in Australia during these horrible wildfires, I had to share with you the fundraising campaign with you.

Can you resist the cute faces of the Koala Bears! I know they make me want to fly to Australia and bark out all the fires and rescue these guys!

Barks, how can we help? ANYTHING you buy from the I'd Rather Be With My Dog website will directly benefit the wildlife organizations working around the clock to save the animals! WOOF! WOOF!
I'd Rather Be With My Dog
(C) I'd Rather Be With My Dog, Used by Permission

The organizations have specifically asked for soft blankets, small onesies, and sweaters with you can get from our rescue bundles. To donate a rescue pack, pawlease visit Koala Rescue Pack!

WOOF! Barkingly, I'd Rather Be With My Dog has made a special "Koala Shirt," which they will be donating 100% of the profits. BARKS! To purchase a Koala T-Shirt, pawlease visit Koala T-Shirt!

And last but not least, use the YAY15 code, it will take 15% off your order! Barking, thank you for helping the Koalas! Let's make a big impact!

Pawlease note, we have used different links than our affiliate links so we should NOT receive any profit from this campaign. All funds will benefit the Koalas. If we should receive any money, we will donate it.

Barks and Paws, MEOWS and Purrs too.

Help The Koala Bears

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