Saturday, February 29, 2020

Happy Leap Day!

Allen Pearson Photography
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"MEOWS! Noah! What is 'Leap Day' and why should we be happy about it?"

"WOOF! Barks, it's an extra day in the calendar for us to have more fun!"


"It's one of those barkingly human things which happens every four years."

"Uh oh. A human thing. That spells problems to start with. At least it's not a government-run thing or we'd really be messed up or the day would be regulated to no end!"

"WOOF! I know. I won't go there with that! Barks, it's for good reason that we have the extra day. Paws, it's complicated to bark though. The simplest explanation is the day is added to the calendar every four years as a corrective measure to the human calendar. Arf, since the Earth does not orbit the sun in exactly 365 days, the added day keeps us closely aligned. Though not as pawfect as we would like, the added day allows us to be more exact with the changes of the seasons, equinoxes, and the like. BARKS! The day was added to February since it is the only month without 30 or 31 days."

"Meows, that's interesting to know. All I know and care about is that I get an extra day to nap, lay on my table, and watch the birds at the feeders! I'll take it!"

"WOOF! I know! I'm going to get Dad to take me on a longer walk to celebrate the day! That'll be really cool!"

"Barks, how do you plan to enjoy your extra day or 'Leap Day?' Please share in the comments below!"

Leap Day

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