Sunday, February 23, 2020

National Dog Biscuit Day!

"Dog Biscuit's Await!"
Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

WOOF! WOOF! HEY HUMANS! BARK! BARK! Today is a most impawtant day! It's National Dog Biscuit Day! Every human in the universe needs to make sure their dog has the mostest bestest delish dog biscuits all day today! WOOF! And, some fresh bottled spring water to go along with it! WOOF!

Man's Best Friend deserves a few treats for good behavior, during their training, and for putting up with their humans! WOOF! I need about 3 dozen a day for putting up with my human! Hee hee!

Providing your dog the healthiest treats you can afford helps them to be healthier and happier! My favorite treats come from Wild Meadows Farms, Whisker Biscuits, and Blue Buffalo!

Barks! If you like to bake, here are a few recipes so you can make your own dog treats, Bacon-Flavored Dog BiscuitsPeanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog TreatsPeanut Butter and Banana Dog BiscuitsHomemade Dog Treats Recipe, and Diabetic Dog Treats!

If you have a favorite dog biscuit or treat recipe pawlease share in the comments section.

WOOF! I am not affiliated with any brands/products mentioned in this post!

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