Saturday, June 6, 2020

Zeppa Studios and the Art of the Dog!

"The Painting Table" (C) Zeppa Studios
"The Painting Table"
(C) Zeppa Studios

Pawlease note: I am not affiliated with Zeppa Art Studios. Nor did I receive a treat, a dog toy, belly rubs, ear scratches, or money- for which a dog has no use- to write about Zeppa Art Studios. Pawingly, I simply like the products! 

WOOFS! WOOFS! The Lab Rescue Virtual DogWalk and FunFest 2020 is tomorrow Sunday, June 7.  The event happens every year and raises funds to support the Veterinary care expenses of the Labrador Retrievers rescued. To learn more about the event, pawlease visit Lab Rescue Virtual DogWalk and FunFest 2020! The goal is to raise $200,000 and it looks like the goal is almost reached! Barks! Let's donate and donate some more and blow that goal way out of the water. The many Labrador Retrievers who have benefited and the ones who will benefit will tell you they so appreciate EVERY thing Lab Rescue does to help them find "Forever Homes!"

WOOF! With the Virtual DogWalk comes a Virtual Marketplace. If you have ever been to the event, you have pawbably enjoyed shopping the pawsome vendors with all the cool dog stuff.
"The Dog Portraits"  (C) Zeppa Studios
"The Dog Portraits"
(C) Zeppa Studios

Samson and I wanted to buy Dad a birthday present to celebrate our pawsomeness to him. So we took a stroll through the Vendor Marketplace where we found a bazillion pawlaces to look around and shop! WOOF! We had too much fun! Pawingly, Samson wanted to buy something or use the services of every vendor participating because they are all pawsome. Barks, that's not pawssible because we don't have much money! WOOF!

We decided to shop at Zeppa Studios! WOOF! Dad loves coffee mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, plates, and artwork featuring realistic creative designs of dogs and cats, preferably Labrador Retrievers and Maine Coon cats! In our shopping, we found two coffee mugs of Black Labrador Retrievers which we knew Dad would love! Barks, and he does!

WOOF! One of the cool things about Zeppa Studios is the products are handpainted by Melissa K. Zeppa (M.K.). Bark, while she doesn't label herself a specific kind of painter, like acrylic, oils, or watercolors, she uses whatever necessary to create the designs desired. Woofsters, she uses technology to place the paintings on products.

M.K. will use the artwork of your dog on products too. All you have to do is upload to her site and she will assist you with it.

Barkingly, M.K. takes commissions to paint your pet on canvas and other products. To learn more, contact her for more information.

WOOF! Zeppa Art Studios is participating in tomorrow's Virtual DogWalk and FunFest with Lab Rescue! To support her team raising funds for Lab Rescue, pawlease visit Zeppa Studios Lab Assistants!

Barkingly, now go shopping at Zeppa Art Studios and buy all the products you want knowing you will be donating to the work of Lab Rescue too! Paws, use the coupon 4LABS (15% off for shoppers and 20% to Lab Rescue) until next Sunday, June 14, 2020. WOOFS!

"In the Kiln"  (C) Zeppa Studios
"In the Kiln"
(C) Zeppa Studios

Zeppa Studios and the Art of the Dog!

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