Friday, October 30, 2020

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

Great Dane Dog Adoption
Photo: Mid-Atlantic Great Dane
Creative: from The Dog's Paw

Happy Friday! I hope you have a great weekend of fun, especially for Halloween, planned for you and your family! BARKS! My friend the "Great Dane Dame" of the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League brought by a buddy looking for a "Forever Home!" with humans to love who will love him too! Meet Deac!

Deac is a 6-year-old Harlequin Great Dane who doesn't let his age slow him down! He has high-energy for a Dane his age but has trouble with going upstairs. He just needs to take it slow. 
Great Dane Dog Adoption

Woofs, he gets along well with other dogs but will bark every time due to excitement. Barkingly, other than that, he does well on a leash. Paws, he will stay fairly close to his human whenever on a walk. 

Barks, Deac is a gentle fella with everyone he meets! Whenever he meets someone for the first time, they instantly fall in love with his sweet-loving-self! 

Paws, loud noises do not seem to bother him but he is very attentive to every noise. 

Barkingly grand, baths are not a problem for Deac as long as the water stays off his sweet head! He loves being dried off with a towel! 

WOOF! Most Danes barkingly love being next to their humans wanting all the lovin's they can get. Deac is no exception! The more you love him, the more love you'll get! 

BARKS! If you are interested in learning more about adopting a Great Dane, meeting or applying to pawssibly adopt Deac, pawlease visit the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League Adoption Guide.

Do you love Great Danes are not able to adopt? How about considering sponsoring Deac? Sponsoring Deac provides financial resources for his food, care, and Veterinary needs. Interested? Pawlease visit Sponsor!

Great Dane Dog Adoption
Photo: Mid-Atlantic Great Dane
Creative: from The Dog's Paw!

Great Dane Dog Adoption

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