Thursday, October 29, 2020

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Dog and Cat!

(C) 2020, from The Dog's Paw!
(C) from The Dog's Paw

“MEOWS! I really don’t like Halloween. It’s too scary. I don’t know what to expect!” 

“Samson, I know what you mean. Barkingly, I think this year is going to be a bit different because of the COVID stuff going on! WOOF! Barkingly, our humans know we don’t like Halloween and do several things to help us through the evening."

“Purrs, like what?”

“Barks, they usually do not answer the door so we will not see any monsters, ghosts, goblins, Frankensteins, none of those scary creatures. If they do, Dad answers the door and Mom keeps us occupied so we aren’t frightened. WOOF! Many dogs and cats will escape out of the front door when they are frightened by trick-or-treaters. Paws, you’ll notice they let me out early evening to do my business to keep tricksters from doing mean things to me. Paws, because of COVID restrictions, or whatever they are being called, there will pawssibly be less mini-humans trick or treating this year." 

“Meow, purrs, that will help me not to see a ghost or something else scary!”

"Barks, one thing for sure Samson, Dad and Mom will not be taking us out trick or treating. They never do and never will since it's not safe for us. Even if they had mini-humans to take out, they would leave us at home!"

"HISS! Meows, why? Not that I want to go, mind you, but I am curious!"

"Barkingly, on Halloween, the streets can be busy with excited mini-humans dressed up and their parents all focused on having fun. Taking us along could add to the chaos. Paws, we would just want to get into the candy and upset the little mini-humans. Or, go after some frightening looking mini-human or adult. Woofs, I'd pawssibly be barking all night!"

"Whew! Meows."

“Woof, typically, I stay in my crate. Paws, it’s kept open so if I get scared, I can go in and curl up. Barkingly, for you, since you love to hide in the basement, they will make sure you can hide there or in a bedroom, someplace that’s comfortable or happy for you. Mom will place your toys, food, and water there too.”

“Purrs, so like a safe room, right?”

“Paws, yes, it’s especially great if they plan a party! You can stay in your room and not be bothered. Oh, and, before I forget, if they have a party, some humans are messy and you might find food-stuff on the floor and even drinks within reach. Don’t eat stuff or drink anything that Mom and Dad don’t give you. Party favors, chocolate candy, hard candies, and other party type food and drinks can make you really sick, maybe even death, if you get into it!” 

“OH, MY PURRS! I didn’t know that!”  

“WOOF! While you prowl around, keep yourself and that pawsome long-haired tail away from any candles, fire pits, and lit pumpkins! Barks! You could slip or your tail knocks over the candle causing a fire. Paws, I hope humans are aware and just don’t set out candles. Barkingly, if any mini-humans play with those glow-sticks or glow-stick jewelry, don’t go near it. It can be toxic to dogs and cats.”

“MEOW! You are one smart doggy, Mr. Noah!” 

“Barks, thank you, Mr. Samson! One thing we do not have to worry about is our humans dressing us up for Halloween. Our humans do not like doing it because it could be really stressful on us and there are parts of many costumes which can come loose and we might eat them. Not good. They are always on the lookout for our good! WOOF! BARKS! 

WOOFS! With COVID restrictions this year, some areas are suggesting different ways to celebrate Halloween. If you do something different this year, and when decorating, pawlease remember to be extra-vigilant in caring for your dog or cat's safety. 

Barkingly, humans, if your dog or cat should get into something they shouldn’t, call your Veterinarian immediately. If they are closed, contact your local Animal ER Hospital or contact the Pet Poison Helpline at the 24/7 Animal Poison Control Center, (855) 764-7661." 
from The Dog's Paw

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