Monday, October 25, 2021

Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!


(C) 2021, from The Dog's Paw!
(C) 2021, from The Dog's Paw!

BARKS! WOOFS! MEOWS! Tonight at 8 p.m., probably closer to 8:15 or so, it will be twenty-five years since our humans exchanged wedding vows in 1996. Paws, we were just twinkles in their eyes back in those days but the dogs and cats they adopted throughout the years along with us have been quite blessed to be part of their lives. 

Dad grew up with large breed dogs so he originally wanted to adopt a German Shepherd when he and his lovely bride decided to grow their family. However, at the time, they were living in a condominium and didn't think it was a good idea to raise a dog that size in a small place. 

To Dad's surprise, somewhat kinda-sorta, Mom decided she wanted a cat. Not wanting to disappoint his sweetheart, he agreed. She knew of Dad's long-standing fear of cats and decided to try working within limits to getting the couple's first cat. Hence, an older quite handsome fella dutifully named, "Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in G Minor, Op. 125 in D Minor, "Choral," after Dad's favorite piece of classical music. He was called "Symphony" for short! 

Not too long after that, the couple bought their first townhouse which was well-suited for having a dog. Dad was excited. Long story short, Mom was terrified of big dogs after having been bit by one as a child. After some friends learned they could not take their beloved pet with them when they moved overseas, they went to meet him. At first meet, the dog wrapped his paws around Mom's waist burying his head in her chest, as if to say "I love you! Take me home!" Thus, their first dog was adopted, "Ruffgang Amadeus Mozart" after one of Dad's favorite classical composers.  

Meows! Purringly, several years later, another handsome beautiful Maine Coon cat was adopted which they named "Franz Joseph Haydn" because he was always "hidin'." After that, the passing of Mozart, led Mom to encourage Dad to adopt another dog which is when this rather really handsome incredibly good-looking fella named Noah, ME!, was adopted into the family.

After several years of being without a cat, due to caring for ill-parents, Mom decided it was time for another cat in the family. Meows! Mom found me, Samson, online with a rescue in Maryland. She and Dad drove two hours to visit me. I was so scared when they arrived as my entire life of three years had been turned upside down. Mom seemed like a pawsome woman, I really wasn't too sure about Dad. Paws, I got adopted by them and got the same "Samson" because of my large male Maine Coon cat size! 

Our humans loved God with all their hearts, souls, and minds. They have loved each other through life's ups and downs and difficult human events. They have traveled the universe together having the time of their lives. 

We BARK! and MEOW! a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to a pawsomely grand couple who have shared their love with six furry kids over the years. 

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