Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Noah's Houndisms! Barbeques, Smokers, and Grills Safety!

Photo by Joshua Kantarges on Unsplash
"Grilling Burgers!"
Photo by Joshua Kantarges on Unsplash

WOOFS! I love when my human grills! There is nothing like grilled or barbequed doggy bone at the end of a pawsome fall day! Woofs, filets of doggie treats, or sautéed veggies are the way to go! WOOF! 

Barks, it'd be great if he actually made those treats for me and Abby and Samson too! Barkingly, they probably aren't healthy enough for us. Paws, the chicken, hamburgers, or steak he does grill is definitely delicious for humans - maybe we'll try to sneak a bite or two. 

Woofs, when humans are grilling using propane, gas, pellets, smokers, and the like, the smell of the grilling food is a temptation to any dog that ever existed to pawssibly jump up and get into the food grilling. This could cause the dog to get burned, turn over the grill, and even start a fire! Barkingly, a turned-over grill, depending on the one used, can mean a huge spilled charcoal mess too. Or, even with propane grills like Dad uses, the stuff from the bottom of the unit may spill, creating a nasty mess or even start a fire. 

Paws, on another thought, a dog roaming around the grilling equipment could cause humans to trip and fall into the grill. Falling into a grill can lead to severe burns on your body. Or, if we are lucky, Abby and I could just cause Dad to drop the steaks he's taking to the grill, and we get a pawsome dinner! Barks, seriously not good. 

Barkings, keep your dog away from the grilling area on your deck or your yard. Dad keeps Abby inside when grilling since she is a young pup liking to get into everything.   I tend to stay inside with her though I am a senior dog and know better- it's good teaching for her! Barks.

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