Thursday, November 25, 2021

A Thanksgiving Prayer!

(C) 2021, from The Dog's Paw!

(C) 2021, from The Dog's Paw!


"Hello God,

It's me Noah, Samson, and Abby!
We pray today to praise you for all that You are to us,
You have protected us, provided for us, and loved us
for all that we are even though we haven't done anything special
to deserve all of what you have done.

Thank you for our humans,
they have taken great care of us,
providing delicious food and treats,
all the water we can drink,
and pawlenty of toys for us to play with.

BARKS! Thank you God for my new friends,
Max who lives next door and
likes to come over to play in my backyard
or run the fence and for helping me
escape from my house to go over to
play with Max and his new buddy Mojo
which Dad didn't like me doing very well
but I loved every minute!
Mojo is staying with Max until his human
gets well, I pray you will help him, God!
Carly likes to come over and run the fence too.
She's going to come over and play in my yard
one day! I can't wait! Lord, thank you for the front yards
where Carly and me get to run and play until we are
so tired all we can do is lay down catching our breath
... and then start again
of course!
Thank you for Gus and Buddy who always
like to bark loud when I walk Dad by their house!
They are the coolest Golden Retrievers I have ever met!
God, thank you for my newest friend 
who I don't know very well yet, Ruby. 
We met her on a walk one day and
she was just the nicest girl.

We are thankful for
the deer, wild turkeys, horses,
cows, pigs, donkeys, and bears that
live all around us making our lives more fun as
we hear them off in the fields, 
though we hope God that we never get up
close to big mean Mama bear! Or,
her cubs either for that matter.

God, I would like to pray
for my horse friends next door.
All of a sudden they look so strange to me!
They came outside one cold day
with these things all over them 
and sometimes on their faces. 
I didn't know what was happening so 
I barked to scare whatever it is off 
of my horse friends but it stayed. 
Pawlease help be Ok, pawlease God, 
they are my buddies too.

Lord God,
me and Noah are thankful
for our new yard to run and play!
We can run and dig and run and dig
and run and dig until we are so
tired we almost pass out!

We are very thankful for
the new home you have given our humans,
especially to Dad. Mom loves the house but
Dad is so happy to have so much yard
and to be away from the chaos of 
our previous house. 
It has been a very long time
since we've seen him so happy. 
Thank you especially for blessing him
with a beautiful view.

We are thankful for the rescues
and their volunteers
of PetConnect Rescue, Pilots N Paws,
Saving Future Feral Cats,
and Homeless Animals Rescue Team!

Thank you, God for
everything especially any stuff 
we forgot!

Barks, Purrs, Woofs,
Noah, Samson, Abby"

(C) 2021, from The Dog's Paw!

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Margie Harlow said...

Such a Beautiful prayer! I love you Abby. I so enjoyed our time at the river today and looking forward to our next adventure.