Thursday, November 18, 2021

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month!

(C) Lab Rescue

WOOFS! November is Adopt A Senior Month which brings attention to the many pawsome reasons to adopt an older pet. Paws, remember a pet may be considered senior as early as 5-or 6-years-old and older depending on breed. Barks.

This week, we learned that a friend just pawsitively loves senior dogs! We asked her to share her thoughts about senior dogs. 

"Senior dogs remind us each day of the value of a positive attitude. They may have serious medical issues, be traumatized from past abuse, or experience typical age-related aches and pains. Despite their challenges, senior pups celebrate the good things in life, taking the time to sniff the leaves (and pee-mail) on a cool fall day, lounge in a sunny bay window, or snuggle sweetly with their people. Although they may sleep much of the time, many will share short bursts of energy throughout the day with a zoomie session, happy dance, game of fetch, or a petting session with their humans. There is nothing more rewarding than having your senior dog make an effort to leave their warm bed to greet you with a smile and a wag, simply because they adore you. Don’t overlook the senior rescue dogs – they understand that life is hard and that love and joy make it all worthwhile." - Christine Oppy Woods, Lab Rescue Volunteer

Woofs! In celebration of Adopt A Senior Pet Month, this week's "Friday's Friend!" will feature senior dogs and cats who are looking for a "Forever Home!" with humans to love who will love them too! 

(C) 2021, from The Dog's Paw!

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