Saturday, December 3, 2022

A Dog's Winter Coat!

(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!
"Noah in His Winter Coat"
(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!

Some humans tell my human that I am spoiled and spoiled rotten. Well, I’m not rotten for sure and I love reading my human’s mind as he always thinks “And, your point?” WOOF!!!

It’s not spoiling when your human provides you the best food for breakfast and dinner nor is it spoiling me to have the best treats or the best toys or the best dog collar and leash or the best dog beds for I am DOG. And it is impawtant to remember the hard work I do protecting the family. Daily. WOOFs!!

Nor, I guess, is it spoiling me when my human makes me wear a red plaid flannel winter coat every winter. Barkingly, he does it only when the temperatures drop to the 20s or he’s cold. Like his mom used to say, “put on a jacket, I’m cold!” WOOF! WOOF!!

It all started when I first moved to Virginia ten years ago. It was a dark and snowy night, er, day, and I’d never seen snowflakes before. It was odd to see all this white stuff falling from the sky. The next day, it was whiter than white everywhere I looked.

The morning after the storm, my human went outside so dressed up in a winter coat, gloves, scarf, and hat, I didn’t recognize him! WOOF!!!! I stayed back to protect mom. Later, I went out to supervise his shoveling of what would be the first of many storms that season. I quickly learned to love snow- it’s fun to eat, except my human stops me when we’re not on his property- fun to chase the snowflakes, snowballs, roll around in the snow, and the like.

The only problem is, it was cold. Much colder than I had ever felt before. As Mom and Dad saw me shivering, they learned my Plott Hound coat isn’t quite enough for the extremely frigid temperatures. After many ghastly atrocious coats - unbelievable, my humans finally found one at a local specialty pet shop that fit my dignified self! WOOF!!

Pay attention to how your dog reacts to the cold. He might need a winter coat too! WOOF!

(C) 2022, from The Dog's Paw!

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