Monday, November 5, 2012

A Quick Surprise -"Pacino""Pacino!!!

My human was photographing for a dog rescue group a few Saturdays ago and came home with this wonderful story:

"I arrived at my location to photograph several Pit Bulls.  I noticed one dog must have been having a rough day because he was picking a fight with another dog.  These things happen at events like this, regardless of breed.

I went over and selected what I thought would be a good location to photograph the dogs and began photographing the dogs as the coordinator directed them my way.

I'd forgotten about the dog who was having a rough day.  Then, he came up to get his picture taken.  When he headed my way, I started clicking away to get some good shots- still not knowing he was the one!!

He got to me and took a small leap putting his paws on my shoulders.  I thought, ok, my first issue in the 40 some-odd dogs that I've photographed for rescues.  Not a problem- except since I didn't know what was behind me (a wall, concrete, a pole, who knows) so I balanced myself and prepared.

Next thing I knew, my face and neck was being "kissed" by this dog. It was funny and a nice surprise- but it got better.  He finished with my face and headed his way when the handler said, 'this guy has been having a rough day- been in a blue funk- this is the first time he has been out of his since we got him!'

This was an added benefit and a fun memory of a photo shoot intended to help dogs get a "Forever Home."

"Smiling Pacino"


Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens said...

It is so wonderful what you do to help these animals. We have two rescued cats.

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you! We enjoy it quite a bit. Thank you for the comment.