Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's Friend and Hurricane Sandy

I am so excited to introduce you to Pacino from Ambassador Pit Bulls.  If you follow my blog, you got to meet him a week ago in a story titled, A Quick Surprise! My human just loved meeting Pacino and then, he got to see him again at the "Home 4 The Holidays" event in Reston, VA last weekend.  Pacino recognized him and gave him a good slobbery kiss!!!

So, meet Pacino.  He's looking for a Forever Home.

Pacino! Gentle, sweet, loving Pacino! Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue doesn't know what happened to him before he was left in a crate at the shelter in the middle of the night, but he has scars on his face and body that say he's had a rough time.

Despite his experiences, he is an absolutely wonderful dog, calm, attentive, and wanting nothing more than to be your constant companion. If you have room for another dog in your heart and home, please consider giving this great boy a "Forever Home".

If you would more information about Pacino or how to adopt, please visit this website, Adoption Information.

Hurricane Sandy
We've all heard about Hurricane Sandy. My human went to great lengths to prepare our home, mom and me for the storm.  Dad gathered all my stuff so it'd be convenient if we had to leave.  We ended up being on the outer edges of the storm and didn't have much property damage or issues from the storm- I got to spend more time with my humans which was cool!

Not every dog or cat was quite as fortunate as I was.  Some have lost them homes, some people need food for the animals, the list is long. PetConnect Rescue got their start during the Hurricane Katrina storm several years ago.

If you are interested in helping the animals in the storm, please consider donating to PetConnect Rescue - Hurricane Sandy Donations for Cats & Dogs in Need


Thank you to Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue and PetConnect Rescue for today's information.

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