Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Gifts Festival - BaileyBeGood

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving- I know I did, it was great to see my grandparents and uncle. My uncle and Dad took me to Great Falls National Park where I got to snoop and sniff and sniff some more along these great trails. 

"Drawing Dewi"
Today, I am featuring an artist for my Christmas Gifts Festival.   I am pleased to paw to you "Drawing Mom."

My name is JM, or DrawingMom. I'm the mommy to Bailey from I've been drawing, painting and creating for as long as I can remember. Earlier this year I started focusing on drawing dogs, cats, and other furry and feathered friends. I'm a pencil painter -- I draw using colored pencils (and white acrylic for highlights). Drawing, for me, brings out a connection with each subject. I am available to bring your furry or feathered family member to life in a 5x7 (1 pet) or 8x10 size (2 pets max), just in time for the holiday season. I've drawn many dogs & cats that you may know from the blogging world.

You can see samples and more information on my website: Drawing Mom. If you'd like to order for the holidays, now is the time -- you can contact me at my website. I'd love to hear from you! :)

"Dawing Cocobean Cat"
"Drawing Fred"

"Drawing Leroy"

"Drawing Teebo"


Talking-Dogs said...

JM does lovely work. I know because I'm giving the dog daddy at our house a beautiful portrait of his heart dog, Rudy. Truly lovely and I can hardly wait to see Gary's face! Shop with confidence here, folks! You will love your custom portrait.

Allen Pearson said...

Thanks for posting this- great to get a recommendation for an artist. She does beautiful work.

Lovable Lily said...

How great that you're featuring JM and her DrawingMom website. She is an amazing artist!! She did both my doxie girls and let me tell you, the attention to detail is incredible. You just want to reach out and touch the portrait because they look so life like. Hands down, I would recommend her to draw your loved one. You won't be disappointed!!

Nothing says Christmas more than a drawing from JM.

Bassetmomma said...

JM does amazing work! Just look at that portrait of my Fred there, she captures every detail no matter how subtle. Look at Freddie's eyes, she captured them perfectly. We just love her work and are so proud to display our portrait of Freddie!

How Sam Sees It said...

JM did a beautiful drawing of our Golden, Sam. She managed to capture his personality that shows in his eyes. We've gotten so many wonderful comments on his picture. We have recently commissioned a second picture of our other Golden, Monty. We highly recommend her to draw your friends.


Carol said...

JM/Drawing Mom is amazing at what she does. She did our 2 boys, and I am so thrilled with them. Her attention to detail captured Elvis and his droopiness and Jake with his spunkiness completely. Honestly I look forward to having them done again when they are older.

The silvers and more

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you for commenting and sharing- I was impressed too as I pulled together the information she submitted for this post!

Bailey Be Good! said...

Thank you all so very much!! I appreciate the time you've taken to comment -- you are all too sweeeet! <3