Monday, April 15, 2013

Be the Change for Animals - From A Rescued Dog's View

"Noah, Pawthor of "From the Dogs Paw"
(C) Allen Pearson
Be the Change for Animals means helping a dog like me, who someone else gave up on, have a second chance to enjoy life.  Through no fault of my own, I became a stray and ended up at a “high-kill” shelter.  Those words still frighten me today! 

Thankfully, in 2009, a lady at PetConnect Rescue in Potomac, Maryland saw my name and profile on the “k---“ list.  I can’t say the word, but you know what I mean.  I was scared and terrified.  How did a great dog like me end up like that?!  I can’t explain it and words escape me. 

When she saw me, she thought I would make a great pet for someone.  She says my picture got her attention and she “just knew.” Though I probably look scared, I gave it all I had so I might not have to be, well, you know.  Thankfully, she took me.

I was still uneasy and scared as the details to get me from North Carolina to Maryland still had to be worked out.  It was too long of a ride in a car or van or even a truck.  They weren’t too sure how it would work out. 

Paws N Pilots came to my rescue.  A small plane piloted by a human who loves animals and was giving of his time to take me to Maryland.  PAWS TO YOU!!   The ride was kinda scary as I peeked out the window and saw the earth further down or away from me than it was!  And, what I thought was fog was clouds!  We made it safe.  I was skinny, scared and a bit shaken but happy to be somewhere getting a second chance.   I didn’t have to worry about the “k” word for now. 

The people from PetConnect Rescue took me in like an old friend.  I never felt so welcomed.  They got me food, water and some necessary medical attention.

It wasn’t too long before my face was up on a website of some kind so a human can look at me and possibly adopt me.  I had a few interests and some visits but no one adopted me.  The “k” came into my mind a few times but I didn’t worry because it seemed that the lady I was staying with really loved me and would keep the word away. 

"A Cat from PetConnect Rescue"
(C) Allen Pearson
In December 2009, my human found me and I found them.  It was my mom human who loved me first.  I knew she had to love me since she’s not quite as crazy as the male human is, about dogs that is.  It worked and I went home with them.   My new life started out great and is still going great- I have both humans wrapped around my paws.

I was curious about the volunteers at PetConnect Rescue and why they would do what they do when they do what they do, so I contacted “Cat Lady” who rescues the kitties and cats over the years.  She’s kept in touch with me and didn't mind telling me why she does what she does.

“Since adopting my first kitten at the age of six, 
I have always loved cats. They have been a part of my life 
since that time and I currently share my home with 3 cats 
(Brussels, Bombay & Gracie) and a foster kitten named Brook.
I started fostering kittens for Montgomery County Humane, before joining PetConnect Rescue in 2010. I knew that when I retired from working
full time that I wanted to volunteer for a group that shared 
my passion for helping animals. PetConnect Rescue strives to be
a best-in-class animal rescue organization dedicated to helping
cats and dogs in need. Our highly valued, compassionate
and dedicated volunteers are committed to rescuing adoptable
at-risk cats and dogs from high-kill shelters, placing them in loving 
foster homes, providing medical care and thoughtfully placing them
with caring adopter(s). We all love what we do!” says Cat Lady!

There you have it. Humans loving what they do and it’s being the change for animals. Thankfully, this group, it’s dogs and cats.


Jodi said...

Our Delilah came from a place similar to where you came from, if I live to be 500 years old, I'll never understand how people can toss beauties like you and my Delilah away.

I'm glad you found your forever home.

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you- My humans have told me the same thing- they can't figure out or understand why someone would toss me away or let me go- especially since I'm just so perfect! RUFF!!! Glad Delilah found you as her human! Paws to You!! Noah

Anonymous said...

Great story, thanks so much for sharing. Every dog and cat needs a forever home.

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you and you're welcome- Yes, they do. I'm pawing hard to draw attention to dogs and cats who need "Forever Homes" with my series "Friday's Friend." Be sure to check it out! Thanks for stopping by! Paws to you! Noah

Jackie Bouchard said...

Hooray for you and your pawrents finding each other. Here's hoping some day all doggies will have such happy endings to their stories.

Anonymous said...

Great story and especially relevant for Blog the Change. Noah, you're a wonderful spokesperson... er, spokesdog!

Allen Pearson said...

I'll BARKINGLY RUFF!! to that!!! Noah

Allen Pearson said...

RUFF!!! Paws to You!!!! Noah

Dogs N Pawz said...

I'm glad you found your forever home. I will never understand why humans think it is okay to desert a pet and leave them to fiend for themselves. We just adopted another dog and she is so sweet. Hard to imagine that anyone would dump her but they did :(

Allen Pearson said...

I'm glad to hear your dog found you!! Sounds like a story with a truly happy ending!! RUFF!! Paws to You! Noah